belief in someone

But like why would you even have  contest to draw the prophet Muhammad?

Theres a difference between freedom of speech and purposefully mocking someones beliefs and inciting violence.

Obviously I do not condone the killing of the two people there and think it was wrong and sad, but why do something so offensive in the first place then be surprised when there is retaliation? Why not just respect someones religion and beliefs?



Whenever I see a post about messianic Judaism I feel like I have a mini panic attack because I feel a lot of sympathy for young people who have been raised in that and lied to about what Judaism is and it hurts me a lot when I see them being attacked for it. At the same time, I completely understand where my fellow jews are coming from in calling them out and being angry about Jews4Jesus and I feel extremely conflicted.

Then I also remember how I realized that everything my dad had ever told me was a lie. It was within the first month of having my first laptop and unlimited and unmonitored internet access. I was doing my own research, and from the moment I found out the truth, I realized I could believe whatever I wanted and I didn’t have to be confused anymore. I wonder why people would still say positive things about messianic Judaism when they could literally look up how much of a sham it is within seconds.

My hope for people (other Jews) who make positive posts about messianic Judaism is that they actually have no idea what they’re doing, and that they were somehow raised like I was.

We buy into this idea of competition. It is out there, but it comes from a myth that there is a lack. It comes from a belief that if I succeed, someone else can’t, as opposed to: ‘If I succeed, I create the opportunity for more people to succeed.’
—  Kerry Washington

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Hey, raptorific, what are your views on homosexual marriage in the USA? Do you believe that government and church should even be in the same wheelhouse? And lastly, I promise, what do you think would happen if we were given a republican president, do you think they would change the laws?

  1. I’m for it
  2. I think church and state should be entirely separate, but I also think it’s important that the constitutional protection on religious freedom should not extend to pushing one’s religious beliefs on someone else or discriminate due to one’s own religion, i.e. atheists trying to “liberate” muslim women from their hijabs or christians refusing service to gay people
  3. George W. Bush was president from the time I was 8 to the time I was 17 and he intentionally cultivated a climate of fear and paranoia paired with intense nationalism, then used that to pass the patriot act, destroy the education system, tank the economy, and start a bunch of wars under false pretenses. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine it’d be something like that. Also, in theory the president can’t change the laws, but they can make it easier or harder for the legislative branch to change laws. A republican president with a republican house would, in essence, be able to do whatever they want without being vetoed.

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What are your thoughts on feminism?

I’m pro feminism in its true meaning. I believe in equality for both the sexes (and all the genders for that matter). I’m no SJW by any means, but I stand strong behind my beliefs and will call someone out if I witness them being a bigoted little shit. 

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I don't mean to be coming off rude or anything, but may I ask about your head dress? Like, what culture and what it means to wear it? Ive only heard so much from online, but I'd like to ask you directly if that's okay.

In a nutshell:

It’s a headscarf, but the proper term for it is a hijab. A woman who wears it is often called a “hijabi”. It is not a cultural thing, but part of my beliefs as a Muslim (someone who practices and considers themselves a part of the religion of Islam, and can be any ethnicity). It’s worn by some muslim women (not all believe it is necessary) as an expression of modesty, which is a core part of the faith, and for some as a physical reminder for their spirituality.

It is a choice made by the woman herself to wear it, usually sometime after she is considered mature. It’s only worn outside the house and in front of men who aren’t blood related or married to the woman. There are a lot of other little details that can often change depending on someone’s own interpretation of the faith too. It can mean different things to different people but that’s generally the gist of it at the core.

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Hey Mama.. Just a observation on Your Steadfast, Never Swaying, Never Say Die Attitude in Our Beliefs!! I compare it to someone who changes religion for a spouse. Now IM NOT COMPARING THIS SUBJECT TO RELIGION, but if you are willing to change your beliefs for something or someone, YOU NEVER BELIEVED IN THAT SUBJECT IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU my dear have Never Backed Down for ANYONE. That tells me your beliefs are TRUELY based on Fact. Plus, why would you lie? What the Hell would YOU gain! ..dd.

I think this is safe to say this is my motto…not to say when I’m wrong on details that I won’t admit to that, but the big picture stuff…yep…no need to back down when you firmly feel you have truth on your side.

It’s sad that ppl that I used to trust and that seemed to have the same passion for the truth as I do are now running around like blathering idiots.  But hey…like you said, they must not have ever really believed if they are trusting in the trashrags shitmissives to go along with obviously badly manipulated and old pix!

  • someone:otherkin aren't real
  • me:it's my spiritual belief
  • someone:no! fiddlesticks! i can't believe ive been bested!

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Does your ex boyfriend and his ex still look at your blog?

yes they both do as well as other boys who i naïvely gave my url to. it bothers me that this is my personal space and people i don’t necessarily appreciate or want in my life continue to peruse mine. however, i have nothing to show but growth. i am incredibly blessed and happy and i stand by the belief that if someone is content with their life, they won’t look to see fault in someone else’s or try to sift through the past. i wish i had my privacy but if they’d like to spend their time reading about adventures, musings and experiences of someone they claim to dislike then to each their own. i am not ashamed that i feel whole-heartedly and i spill my thoughts here. i am honest and open. my blog is not a graveyard of past lovers - it is an archive of every person i have been and a journal of who i am and will become.

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All even numbered questions.

… Mama, why so many… Alright, fine.

2. Do others like you? Do you want others to like you?

*shrugs* I don’t care.  Most of the time, no, and those that do, I commend them. I could not care less. Emotional connections cause problems.

4. How do you know when you’re in love? (romantic or platonic)

I actually care about how someone views me.  Normally, obviously, I don’t, but when I care for someone… I worry they’ll see me for who I really am.  I mean, at the same time I do feel comfortable and better with them, but also more scared.  I suppose that’s a bit odd.

6. Do you think that killing is ever justified?

Oh, most certainly.  Those that deserve it deserve it wholeheartedly, because they have shown no mercy.

8. Should all people be treated as equal, and have the same rights?

What EXACTLY do you think I’m fighting for?

10. Is suicide ever the right choice?

… That is a loaded question.  The short answer is no, but life isn’t easy either.  And if life has turned it’s back on you, then I can see why someone would. *uncomfortable* I’m glad I didn’t and wasn’t able to ever follow through, because my life has gotten infinitely better.

12. Is it right to have an intimate relationship with somebody you don’t love?

Let me put it this way: it’s not something I would do.  But to each their own, I suppose.  Just beware the clap.

14. Have you ever doubted your own beliefs? (Spiritual, philosophical)

*slight laugh*  Ah, of course this would get laughed.  *pause*  Yes, I still do.  I’m trying to reconcile my past and accept G-d again in my life, but it’s not been easy.  I don’t know if I ever fully will again, which is hard in and of itself, but… I don’t know.  I DO know I want my children to know my history and theirs, because even if they choose to follow or believe something else, this is still a part of them.

… At the end of this, I think my spiritual beliefs will always have some element of doubt.

16. What would you consider a fate worse than death?

The one my parents and I experienced, and everything that followed until I was liberated.

18. Do you agree with capital punishment?

Depends on the crime.  But I’ve delivered many a sentence on those that do deserve it.

20. What would you like to achieve before you die?

Freedom for my kind, a safe world for my children and grandchildren, to kill Shaw.


What is FEAR?

By definition fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

To me FEAR is loving you and letting you love me.

Fear is completely letting you go and letting you in.

Fear isn’t to be alone it’s just to be with you.

Fear is to have you in my life.

Fear is waking up next to you.

Fear is for the first time in my life it’s only one.

Fear is you with someone else.

Fear is you being there for my success.

Fear is me being there for yours.

Fear is achieving my dreams and goals with you.

Fear is achieving your goals and dreams with me.

Fear is that we have something so real but we so young.

Fear is that “we all we got”.

As kids we all have silly fears but we overcome them. What we are and what we can be is scary. I’m afraid too but I want to over come my fears and I want to do so with you.

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Also Jupiter Ascending in the Mythology AU please? (I'm just really into the mythology au sorry)

  • There aren’t any gods in space. Yet.
  • The immortality is made up of belief, really. That’s what’s being distilled out of whole planets harvested: the belief. All their gods, large and small, killed, and the belief in them turned into belief that will make someone else young and strong and godlike–for a period of time, because it isn’t really belief for them, so it only lasts so long.
  • Jupiter is the girl without a country, so she doesn’t really have gods either. Her mother doesn’t pray to Russian gods anymore (the Greek pantheon has reached into Russia, especially urban centers, but was at least partially pushed out after the Revolution. However, I don’t know preChristian myth from Russia so specifics once again must fall by the wayside), and Jupiter wants so very badly to assimilate, at first. She flirts with the Greek pantheon and some New World gods, but doesn’t really have one overall that she pays allegiance to.
  • After Balem Abrasax is killed and Jupiter starts a very quiet revolution, the splices are the first to build themselves gods.
  • Very often, different gods are at odds, or gods and mortals are at odds, but once the Earth knows what’s out there, for once they are all united in bringing the House of Abrasax and others like it down.

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Basically I am all about self preservation but my best friends are not like that. They talk to so many guys and sometimes feel they can't talk to me because sometimes I do get annoyed when all our conversations are about guys. I strongly believe in saving myself for people who deserve it. And sometimes I feel like they maybe feel as if I'm hating if I try and give critique on how to go about a guy only because of what I believe 😫

Awww that’s Good, you do you boo don’t feel pressured by society do what you feel comfortable with. Hmm it’s not really my place or yours to say if it doesn’t effect us personally but I get your just trying to look out for your girls…..Just remember, I have to remind myself to, that our beliefs aren’t necessarily someone else’s so just remember that when some doesn’t always agree with you…..because that’s when you go from advice and opinon to critising and judging someone….the best thing anyone could ever do is observe, observe before you speak, usually we speak first then observe afterwards at their reactions… have a better reaction you need to observe first and you will know the right time, or the right way to say things….because sometimes with me I realised I can be quite blunt and pretty much straight to the point and honest, but you’ve got to talk to people with compassion and understanding for them to understand your opinion :) You can offer advice, but you can’t force your beliefs on to someone else, even if you think that’s the right way you have to let people make their own mistakes so they can learn :) Life is all about learning, Just don’t worry about it, don’t let it get you down it’s not your life…Just focus on you and what’s best for you :D 💖💖💖