Viewing Minsk through the Black-and-White Photos of @sergyshkin

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Nikita Sergushkin (@sergyshkin) is always looking for contrast and austerity in his photography. Currently living in Minsk, Belarus, he explains, “I was born in Vitebsk, in northeastern Belarus, where there is an atmosphere of calm, silence and loneliness. This inspired me to create a black-and-white feed on Instagram,” he says. Nikita often adds a person to contrast against the environment in his city portraits. “I love to explore new locations by bus or train, to find old factories, beautiful fields, and the quietness of places. The architecture of Minsk is always a challenge and inspiration for me—it is filled with places that combine elements and texture, that contrast the static nature of the city and movement of the hero.”


When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, thousands of young women served in the Red Army and partisan forces in Belarus. In the years since, they have been hailed as heroes and role models. 

Photographs by Polish photographer Agnieszka Rayss. 

I really recommend you check out the source and read their stories.

Maria Antonovna Pospielova Zaskovichi [top photo - FYEE] remembers a walk through the woods when she was in the partisan force. “I was surrounded by a pack of wolves. I had a pistol with only two bullets. I climbed onto the trunk of a felled pine tree, crossed myself, and they finally left.”


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Residents drink vodka during traditional “Koliady” rituals in the village of Pogost, outside of Minsk, Belarus on Jan. 7, 2011. Koliady is an ancient pagan holiday initially celebrated on winter solstice but since appropriated to celebrate Christmas and New Year according to the Julian calendar, and other winter holidays.

BELARUS, Krevo : A Belarus senior school pupil wears a gas mask during a fire safety drill at a school in the village of Krevo, some 100 kilometers northwest from Minsk, on December 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO / SERGEI GAPON