Hey guys I just wanted to say how sorry I was for the blog being so dead but I just got into college and I’m working 25 hours a week and it’s taking up a lot of my time: I barely even get the time to update my main blog, let alone this one.
I’m really sorry and I’ll try to do at least 2-3 kits a week to keep it updated!
Thanks a lot for your patience with us and don’t ever be scared to ask questions or requests outfits: I promise they’ll be done that same day no fault : I still check the messages quickly every day :)

Thanks again xx


anonymous asked:

Its my birthday really soon so what El essentials do you think I should ask for?x

I would say either a coat (I just made a set) as it is winter coming, 

some shoes, like either converse (low-tops she’s been wearing a lot lately, they look great) or some black leather boots or Oxfords

For bags you can ask for a tote (there’s the marine/brown one she’s been carrying around that I really like and is really cute and good to carry around all of the stuff you might need) but I personally would ask for the mulberry bag… I’m currently saving up for it ahahah 

otherwise you can ask for an H&M gift card or a topshop one, you always get good stuff from those shops :) 

I have to admit some times little mix’s style is a bit over the top … But I love their street style! This outfit is absolutely perfect and its probably why I prefer Jade’s style by far ahah 
And lord knows I love Disney prints ! I soooo want those pants ahah
Lauue x

Hair Routine by belannge featuring l’oréal paris

L’Oréal Paris , $20 / L’Oréal Paris , $15

So as you might have seen I just dip dyed my hair and even if I’ve been doing this for a while already -aproximately since Christmas - I thought I’d let you in :) I have very damaged ends - I hate the way my hair curl naturally so I use a lot of hair straightener ( CHI ) so this helps protect that and keep the color in (I dye my hair a lot don’t do that kids it’s so damaging! ) I use Vitamino Color as a shampoo, and then I apply the Absolut Repair mask on the tip of my hair ( I apply about the size of a penny, not too much so that you hair doesn’t get greasy!) and wait for 2 minutes before rinsing out! I use it as a conditioner (was told to by my hairdresser, and it really made a difference for me) but you can make a mask twice a week, but then you put a bit more, leave for two minutes before rinsing out That’s my hair routine :) and I try to wash my hair every second day or even third (unless I’m going out aha ) Lauue xx

anonymous asked:

Just got a gray shirt/dress with a thin black belt, what else should a wear with it??

I would say some black boots/shoes and a bright necklace/any jewellery :) 

and for colder days I’d suggest either bright tights or black ones :) 

lauue x

anonymous asked:

Hope you don't mind, but I'm getting a coat from Zara and my budget's £200, is there any chance you could do a few El inspired coats please? Thank you if you can x x x

I’m working with the american dollar but I tried to make sure that when you switched the currency it stayed beneath 200£ still :)