Author: BekahRose

Rating: General

Setting: Canon

Word Count: 4k

Summary: There have been two times, where Arthur has almost discovered who Emrys is, and thankfully, he’s been too oblivious to notice, or too easily redirected. And then, there is that one time, where the truth just happens to fall into his lap.

Comment: I like the drama of this magic reveal; I don’t think I have read a story where there is someone pretending to be Emrys, so that was a good plot point. 

Merlin is Uther Pendragon’s latest acquisition. On his first night working at Club Camelot, he manages to bag what the other employees call ‘A lucrative client’. Uther’s thrilled that his hire is already bringing in the money, so imagine Merlin’s surprise when not only does his lucrative client turn out to be Uther’s son, but his soon-to-be new boss.

Quick Kink List: Sex Worker!Merlin, Light Dom/sub, Hair Pulling, Half-Dressed Sex, Oral Sex, Deep Throating, Handjob, Massage, Rimming, Begging, Fingering, Anal Sex, Face Fucking