Yo wassup faggots,I know Im kind of late butttttt okay so this is my follow forever which means I will follow you forever unless you piss me off then I guess I’ll have to follow you never again. I love you all, your whiny text posts and your ugly edits :-) Thanks for making my dash look fab. Ok continue being gorgeous bye. 

P.S if you can’t find your icon in the edit im sorry there were to many. 

P.P.S if I forgot you please tell me tumblr sometimes fucks things up.


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HIIIIIIII SO…..okay i would like to start by saying that i love you all soosososo much and thank you for following me :) so here’s my follow forever

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ps: i am so sorry if i forgot anyone! just message me if you think you should be in this

*IMPORTANT*- I’m so sorry I posted this so late i know summer is almost ending (at least in Spain) but i had to update my mac software and they had to send me a cd and blah blah blah but here it is! finally my “summer” follow forever, love you!! :)

Excusing the shitty edit, I wanted to do this follow forever just to show how thankful I am to have discovered this amazing/horrible website, without it I wouldn’t known this incredible, funny , beautiful and absolutely (i really mean it) crazy people.
Last year I went on “hiatus” because of school, and I was really ashamed to come back, but you guys received me with your arms open and I will love you forever for that. I want to thank my beautiful followers too, thanks for reading my stupid textpost, for likin’ my selfies and for being the way you are.
Even if you don’t follow me, if you are here you can be proud of yourself because that means that you’re amazing and i love you so much, i know that this can be cheesy but is the truth! thanks again and if you’re not here, don’t worry i love you too and keep doing well!:)

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♡ Emma’s Christmas Follow Forever 

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Carly!!!!!! i can’t believe you’re 21, you act like a child :// but ayy isn’t 21 the legal drinking age there ;)))) don’t go 2 crazy w/ that. Anyways, you’re probably the nicest, cutest person i know and i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserve to have an absolutely amazing day, so i hope you do!!!!!!!!!! <333

thank you
for making my dash perfect with your posts and text posts.you are all perfect and i pinky promise i will always be here for you.and um yeah lots of you dont follow me back but it doesnt matter i love you.

{ special thanks to karolina for being here for me  i love you so much even tho we dont talk as much as we used to. i love you boo }

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~ MERRY CHRISTMAS and im really sorry if i forgot anyone♥

Here goes my follow forever Christmas edition, and I just want to thank you all for making me dash perfect. So here is to the people I call my friends on here, who I talk to often, who I would like to talk to more, or who I used to talk to and the ones who don’t even follow me. I love you, your blog is perfect and that is obviously the reason why I follow you.
Stay prefect and happy holidays.

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GODFLESH to release new album 'A World Lit Only By Fire' in October + stream new song "New Dark Ages"

GODFLESH to release new album ‘A World Lit Only By Fire’ in October + stream new song “New Dark Ages”

Justin K. Broadrick (Jesu, Pale Sketcher, Final, etc.) recently revived his pioneering industrial metal act Godflesh with the Decline and Fall EP, the band’s first new music in 13 years.

Now, on the heels of that release, Godflesh have announced a new full-length, their first since 2001’s Hymns. A World Lit Only by Fire will beJustin K. Broadrick (Jesu, Pale Sketcher, Final, etc.) recently…

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