Just to put things into perspective.. it’s currently 66 in the house. I’m fairly chilly and walking around with my housecoat on today. It’s June, but it’s a little cooler out today.
In the dead of winter when it is -40 or -50 outside, my mother keeps the temperature at 65. So a degree less than it is now, and I am feeling cold in June. We literally suffer all winter and catch colds so my mom doesn’t have to spend money on heat.
Also, we have air conditioning that was installed about 3 years ago, but even in +35 heat we do not turn the AC on.
Why are mom’s like this? Why?? #someoneplease #tellhertostop #beingso #frugal #imdying

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check out mine? :)

Of course love! :) 

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I actually have never seen your theme before. It’s so amazing and unique, I love it! :D The colours are great and the url is simple but extremely effective! You have a truly fabulouis blog! :) 

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Hi!! Im the previous anon and I just wanna thank you for beingso kind to your followers ^ ^ you are so generous with sharing your art techniques to help other people and you are not afraid of other ppl ""stealing"" your unique art style--- that being said,,, have a nice day!!!! ((btw the border thing worked for me so thanks again!!!))

Awwww that’s so sweet of you anon~ *hugs*

 I honestly don’t understand why some people ,when someone ask them about their brushes they go all :”I’m not gonna show them cause they’re made by me and I don’t want anyone to have them” of course everyone does what they like with their brushes LOL but that seems a bit arrogant to me TBH  and……you can “steal” someone’s style even without knowing the brushes they use…just with observing a bit their drawings they’ll be able to imitate the style….

anyways I don’t see anything “unique” about my style but I don’t have any problem if any of you want to draw in a similar way uvu… fact I’ll be quite honored like “Woah,someone likes my art so much they want to draw like me” it will be like a self esteem boner LOL 

*lesbian incest fanservice scene* HEY!! *obviously problematic predictable backstory for twins* LOOK AT HOW HYPER I AM *quirky introduction that is only relatable for otakus* AnD LOOK AT ME SISTER BEINGSO QUIET *boobs* BULLYINGS NOT OKAY!! *unoriginally beats up the bullies with OP fighting skills* ALSO *fangirls about Hanejima so her existence seems coherent and relatable* YUHEI IS SO HOTTT! XDXD

I honestly want someone in my family to get married soon just because I want to buy a dress without my family being like ‘You? wearing a dress in a normal day? What has gotten into you pfft’