from left to right

weird duck, silly goose, beatifull swan


something I doodled after a skype call

littleamazingartist also already colored it for me (btw she is the silly goose in the middle xD)

the swan is played by headlongequestria :3

and I am the weird duck xD

colored version you can find here:

A Plaid Confused

It was one of those dark cloudless nights, The air was frigid and cold, not even the stars came out to play. Rae grumbled as she shivered cursing that she allowed the gang to pester and persuade her into having pints when she could be warm snuggled up in bed with the latest steamy romance she found tucked away in the dusty charity shop. 

Rae flapped her hands and tucked them under her arms. You think that with this much fat, it would eventually keep me warm. Rae was outside The Swan it was 2 am, Tiff, the barmaid had thrown the gang out telling them to go find beds or a rave she was too old to keep up with them. Rae grumbled as she heard Tiff rattle around inside. She could have at least let us wait inside while the boys went off to find taxis. It was too cold to walk and they were all too pissed to drive, Rae threw a glance over her shoulder Chloe and Izzy were huddled together in the doorway. Chloe in her big pink furry monstrosity and Izzy bundled in up in so much coloured wool it was hard to tell where she ended and the scarf began. Izzy was leaning against Chloe’s shoulder their heads rested on one another and their eyes drooping. ‘Fuck sake where’re the lads, these two will freeze if they fall asleep’.  Rae was tapping her foot impatiently in an effort to shake some blood into her frost bitten extremities.

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Random AU thought: Harem AU

Agatha as an evil Heterodyne with a literal harem. There’s that annoying Wulfenbach hero who isn’t really part of her harem, but the Castle has standing orders to put him there if it catches him. There’s the Sturmvoraus prince who she sort of captured while cleaning up some of her mother’s old allies and decided to keep. There’s that guy she picked up from a circus.

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Imagine Khadgar singing Tik Tok by Kesha

Wake up in the mornin’ feeling like I’m cursed
Grabbing Maarad and Liadrin, cause I fear the worst
We bide our time till the Iron Horde pauses the attack
Cause once we jump through that portal, we might not be coming back. 

I’m talking Warlords on our heels, heels
Using up all of our shields, shields
Commanders making deals, deals

Gonna flood the entire Tannan foundry
We’re stuck in a bit of a quandary
Shit, I think we’ve hit the boundary. 

Heal quick, Mana up, 
Kargath is hot on our trail
We still owe him one,
I’ll freeze him while you run
Tik tok, spells worn off
I need to stop and rest, please
Whoa-oh oh oh
Whoa-oh oh oh