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Can you give the pros and cons of an INTJ and ISFP relationship?


  • Both will respect their personal spaces
  • Both are private persons difficult to get to know, but they can open up around others they like
  • Both are intorverts and may even have similar likes
  • They complement the other’s weaknesses
  • Actually they have the same functions but in different order so they can connect in some way or another


  • ISFPs getting too emotional or needy, and INTJs not knowing how to respond to it
  • INTJs being to critical or judgmental and accidentally offending ISFPs

  • ISFPs talking things on the surface and not going deeper into conversations, which will bore the INTJ because they love going deeper into them. ISFPs could also get bored by too much deepness.

the following statements:

  • “don’t judge people for being judgmental”
  • “don’t be intolerant of intolerance”
  • “don’t fight hate with hate”

are logical fallacies - they create a false equivalence: by using parallel language, the statements equate intolerance with the condemnation of intolerance

the act of being racist, misogynist, or cruel is called “intolerance” being “judgmental” or “hate” and so is the act of criticizing or condemning these actions, creating a false sense that they are the same. even if you want to criticize how activists go about tackling intolerance, there is no logical reason to equate the two–this is simply a matter of language and is thus illogical

saying a statement like the above is like saying “don’t bully the bully” when someone stands up to their bully for being cruel to them. standing up against wrongdoing is not the same as committing wrongdoing, but the phrasing makes it seem that way

bad habits the signs need to drop

aries: being too competitive
capricorn: letting others push you around
scorpio: forgiving people too easily
gemini: interrupting people 
sagittarius: not thinking before you say something potentially hurtful
leo: not letting other people be in control ever
libra: complaining about things but also not attempting to change them
taurus: staying up so late damn
virgo: being overly judgmental
aquarius: leaving school projects to the last minute
pisces: putting other people before themselves always
cancer: opening up to anyone who will listen

Being Judgemental

Being judgmental is a tricky thing. No one likes to be judged or thought poorly of but sometimes our experience informs us on what we can expect about a person. There is a fine line between being judgmental and being observant. Either way our reaction will let others know who we are.

We have all been judgemental of someone or something in our lives. We make calls based on our gut all the time. You have to learn to love vigorously to overcome your initial impressions of someone.

To anyone I have made snap judgments about before I got to know you I am truly sorry. It’s a good time to ask forgiveness.

Day 82 of my #100happydays: Seeing Bruce Jenner’s courageous interview, sharing with the world what it means to be authentic to yourself, and to live your truth. Being discriminatory and judgmental is gross-who are we to tell anyone else who and what they can be? LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Be kind, be true, and be you always.

Being Judgmental

Being judgmental is a habit that I developed without thinking about it. I’ve never harbored bad intentions towards others, or desired to see them in a negative light, but over time my sensitivity to the ‘bad things’ happening around me, and my fears of being vulnerable, have developed into a state of anxiously judging everything in my world (including myself). This is something that I am guessing a great deal of empaths might struggle with (even if they’re not currently conscious of it). I am going to attempt to explain the difference between judgment and awareness.

When you’re an empath, you may be more prone to analyzing others, and yourself, than the average person. Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed by the pain we feel when others make choices that are harmful and negative, that we start to focus an incredible amount of attention on these negative behaviors. We may let these judgments keep us from loving, forgiving, and accepting others, and ourselves. We may push others away from us by calling them out on these so-called mistakes (thinking that we want to help them and that we can see the solution clearly). If your loved ones have been kind enough to point out to you that you are sometimes “too judgmental,” then it is time to stop being defensive and start paying attention to how you are directing your thoughts.

There is a difference between having spiritual awareness, and being judgmental. Being judgmental stems from our fears- our insecurities, our past experiences, and the challenges that our soul would like to overcome. ((If you would like to know how to begin recognizing your fears, I would recommend watching the AskTeal video, “What is Shadow Work? How do I do Shadow Work?”)) Fear comes from within us, from the mind, and can be erased with mindful practice. Awareness, on the other hand, comes from the spirit, from the Source. It is devoid of fear and full of peaceful, empowered knowing. We can achieve a state of loving awareness by consciously practicing our connection to Source/God/Love and releasing our fears, which impede our happiness as well as our gifts.

Judgy Muslims suck :(

I think the Muslim community is the most judgmental, sexist, internally-mysoginistic group of people on the planet. Wow. Really. It’s disgusting. I’ve been following the debate on the mipsterz thing nonstop the past two days, and I really am disgusted with all of the judging, attacking, hypocrisy, self-righteous holier-than-thouness, and shaming. And like, that’s not even what the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and the other prophets said or taught Muslims to be like. That’s not what God says in the Quran either. Whatever happened to giving people excuses and assuming the best intentions in their heart??? Whatever happened to tolerance, open mindedness, creativity and flexibility (which we all loooove to brag about as part of the success of Islamic civilizations in the past and our “golden age”?) Where are we as a community? So damn behind and still stuck in a backwards mentality imo. Dang. It’s really sad. It’s really making my heart hurt. Idk how to even explain this feeling right now. I’m just so disappointed. :(

Dear Friend,

It’s been a really rough week. Tomorrow starts a new week but I am ready for this week to be over already. I plan to drown my sorrows and frustrations and emotions in alcohol on Friday and dance the night away. I’m a bad example. Don’t follow in my footsteps. 

                                                                                          Love Always,

PS. Don’t send me a message saying alcohol isn’t the answer. I got this once and it pissed me off. I rarely do this and I somehow manage to get through each day in whatever way I can. Leave your judgment elsewhere cause it’s not welcome in my inbox.

I think that people who play kickball competitively are the kids who peaked in middle school.

My feelings after joining and playing in a kickball league. Good thing there’s a lot of booze at the tailgates.

I don’t think this sport is for me.

People that are all “oh, astrology symbols are of the devil” are fucking stupid. Just because you don’t believe in the power of the stars doesn’t mean other people can’t. You saying that something is stupid doesn’t automatically make it stupid to the rest of the world. Seriously, if you don’t like something, then just don’t look at it or pay attention to it. Otherwise, if you like it, then immerse yourself in it. That’s one of the blessings of the internet: if you don’t want to see it, then you can avoid it (except porn on Tumblr. I just look up freaking pokemon and get pokeporn… but that’s an entirely different post). People that are like “you’re into ____, you’re going to hell” really piss me off. That’s one reason why I quit being a Christian. Some people that claim that title just give it a horrible name.

heirloom tomato + sundried tomato soup (+ some thoughts on kindness + judgment)

heirloom tomato + sundried tomato soup (+ some thoughts on kindness + judgment)

I was going to talk about this soup, and I am, but I’m distracted. I’ll get to the soup, I promise. But first, this:

Have you ever met someone whose voice grated? Or maybe you don’t meet them at all. Maybe it’s someone who stands in front of you while you’re ordering coffee, or perhaps it might be the best friend of a woman you admire, and you end up asking yourself: how could shebe friends with

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Driving to work today I almost hit a young man. It wasn’t my fault, I had the right of way. I was driving down a street when the man had parked his car on the side of the street I was driving on and just got out of it and quickly ran across the street, forcing me to hit the brakes. He didn’t even look in my direction, but I guess he was preoccupied with making sure his pants didn’t fall down.…

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I was walking up Broadway yesterday, headed to the green market in Union Square from a shopping trip to SOHO. Reaching 4th Street I heard the sound of drumming, form one of those guys who use discarded plaster compound buckets as drums. But there was more than a bucket- a sound similar to cymbals, and the hard sound of the guy beating on the concrete…

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Face Smudge

Recently a lady came through my lane at work and she had a smudge on her face. In Pennsylvania Dutch terms, we call that “schmutz.” Schmutz is a term I use for things like mayonnaise and ketchup, but it can also be used to describe a grease smudge. When you have a small cut, I might say to you, “Put some schmutz on it,” referring to ointment. Nonetheless, this lady had schmutz of some sort on her…

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Being Judgmental

I am a little ashamed of myself right now.  I am looking at a bunch of blogs that have to do with BPD and I am finding a lot of them to be very negative and willful.  I have found myself starting to look down on these blogs because they contain very little positivity.  I am a little ashamed because I was like those people once.  So why the hell am I not being more compassionate?  There was a time I hated my life (hell, I still hate it from time to time), why should I look down on people who are having a hard time?  I keep telling myself that maybe they are not as ahead in their journey as I am, but a part of me is a little annoyed with them for “just whining” and not doing anything.  I WAS JUST LIKE THEM MONTHS AGO!!!  Why the hell am I not more compassionate?  Maybe I’m coming from the position of “if I can do it, you can too."  But that isn’t necessarily true.  We are all different people.  We all have different ways of dealing with things.  And to be quite frank, it feels like my journey to where I am was easy, but it was REALLY HARD.  It was painful! 

I really wish I was more compassionate toward these people.  But a lot of people on these blogs just post things like "I hate my therapist” or “I hate my life” or whatever.  I just want to scream and say, “Stop being a victim!!!"  It just really disturbs me, because if I was in the head space those girls were in and someone was talking to me like that, I would think I was the worst person in the world and that I was a complete failure.  I guess I just want to tell them that it IS possible to get better.  It is NOT hopeless.  But then, we are all different people in different environments and situations who deal with things in different ways.  I guess I’m being judgmental with myself for being so judgmental.  STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!!

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Judgmental Christians - Daily Three #8 (by Mcjin)

The fact that a lot of people say being gay is a choice disgusts me. Like, yeah I totally want most of my family to be disgusted by me and have so many people tell me I’m going to hell. The first person I had a crush on was a girl and I was like 4 years old, so there’s that. And what’s also bad is that almost every single person I know tells me bisexuality is not real or it’s selfish or it’s a phase. I came out to everyone when I was 13 years old and I’m almost 20 years old so I’m pretty sure it’s not a phase at all. When will the world stop being so judgmental and hateful? Fucking hell.