Sally Hansen Quick Sand: Here’s one of the darker nude beige neutrals I have (as opposed to the pale, whitish looking ones), and it’s a really nice and unique one.  The shade is a medium-toned caramel color, peachy and sort of an orange-terracotta-leaning light brown—with multi-colored shimmer!  The shade is evocative of its name, both in being desert sand beige (a little pink/peach), and sparkly.  I think this is a “glass fleck” formula, as the texture looks more grainy than it feels; nevertheless, some reviewers have complained about the texture, saying it was clumpy and hard to apply.  I like quick dry formulas, and I think this is a good one. 

The color saturation is close to my old staple Wet ‘n’ Wild Private Viewing (which Quick Sand could finally replace), or somewhere between, say, NYC Fashion Safari and Sally Hansen Mudslide.  The shade is peachy in the light, but a more ruddy brown in the shade.  It’s at least two shades darker than my skin tone, but it looks naturally bare without giving me mannequin hands.  Such a sweet, creamy caramel color; this is my OPI Dulce de Leche—yay.  I’ll follow up on Quick Sand again soon.

Revlon Trade Winds (2/2): OK, it’s still a nude beige, not really khaki, but it is more olive than all of my other nudes except Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild Only in Creams.  It’s the darker, yellower (less red) and bluer OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons.  I wouldn’t call it camel, but maybe borderline ecru.

Edited to add: It looks lighter and peachier in natural sunlight.  The color also looks peachier on my nails than in the bottle, but the color looks more taupe/mustard yellow indoors.

CHANEL Jade Rose 493: My first CHANEL Vernis is a mannequin hands nude beige that leans coral-peach.  The consistency is opaque but thin and glossy, so that after two coats as pictured, there’s good coverage that still looks natural and doesn’t look like paint.  As compared to the so-called dupe by Milani which I reviewed before, they’re not really alike; Jade Rose is definitely beige, whereas the Milani is a beige-appearing coral pink.  Both have hot pink shimmer but it’s subtle in the CHANEL, barely visible.

To me, the color is like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Mein Herr but darker like NYC Fashion Safari.  There’s probably an OPI that comes close.

Here’s the obligatory white nails look of 2013 starring OPI My Vampire is Buff from the Euro Centrale collection.  A neutral ivory nude with the palest tints of warm and cool tones, it’s a beautifully balanced creamy color that I think flatters everyone.  Although I generally use this for French / American manicures, this bright yet soft French vanilla looks trendy and chic worn as a solid hue in lieu of stark white.

On my ring finger is the most precious jewel, the “Flower Ring,” handmade with love by my daughter on her rainbow loom.

I just discovered another color match for one of my favorite “nudes,” Rimmel Bare Naked.  Shown here is Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild Show Me Some Skin, a peachy pink beige with a little tan / terracotta / brown in the mix.  It might be a tiny bit darker than the Rimmel.  It’s a gorgeous sandy beige on my tanned hands, and opaque whereas the Rimmel is shimmery. 

I like nudes like this—not total “mannequin hands” but close enough to it that it actually looks more natural.

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I love this nail polish with a passion!  The color is OPI Germany Collection Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, a creamy opaque grayish nude beige.  Yellow-based with a fair ivory tone, it’s arguably more flattering on me than the warm peachy nude that’s often recommended for my skin tone.  It’s just light enough a hue that it doesn’t give me “mannequin hands,” and instead an elegant “cool nude” look.

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