Macintosh Plus

The Macintosh Plus was introduced on the 16th of January 1986 as the new third generation of the original Macintosh from two years earlier.

It was a considerable upgrade with 1MB RAM as standard with the ability to upgrade to 4MB and added SCSI for the first time.

It retained its original Macintosh case including the famous Mac team signatures on the inside. The Macintosh plus was the last to have the beige colour with its change to platinum in 1987.

The Signs' Best Colors
  • Aries:red/burgundy
  • Taurus:green/beige
  • Gemini:bright yellow/bright blue
  • Cancer:purple/ dark blue
  • Leo:gold/yellow
  • Virgo:white/light green
  • Libra:lavender/light blue
  • Scorpio:black/ royal blue
  • Sagittarius:orange/purple
  • Capricorn:dark green/brown
  • Aquarius:dark blue/white
  • Pisces:sea green/blue