Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator (by mudsonknot)

  • Ray :Mind your buisness , I love star she my baby and yall are just fans .
  • Ray :MB Loves our fans ! I love you guys you mean everything to me . Yall are all beautiful okay ?
  • TM:Yass Ray Ray ! I was on your side the whole time boo boo ! * glueing poster together * .
Quantified Self Picking Up Steam & Changing Behavior

The quantified self is something I keep tabs on, namely what our connected devices are doing to create behavior change in people and organizations. There has been a great deal of suspicion around whether the gentle buzzes, beeps, vibrations, and lights on our wrists are doing anything substantial to improve our overall health and wellbeing, especially over a prolonged period of time but according to a new study, nearly 2 in 3 adults used an online tool, app, or wearable device to monitor or improve their health in some way in the past month. More via the Roper Reports US Fall 2014 study. 

You need a Roper subscription to access the study but this chart is a good glimpse at what they measured/tracked. 

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Thanks to some bizarre complications between Soundcloud and Tumblr, I’ve had to post the two tracks that I reference below up top as Flash and not HTML5. They’re both from Titus Jones’ new (free) album, After Shock.

I think the reason I like mashup tracks as much as I do relates to my obsession with efficiency. It’s really hard to listen to multiple songs at the same time and enjoy it (…duh…) but that’s exactly what a great mashup does.

Good mashups will also mess with your head, especially with repeated listening, re-wiring your brain to reflect new associations formed by hearing Ludacris or Eminem rapping over the beat from the Power Rangers theme. Play the first track, Fuckin’ Power Rangers and give it 30 seconds to warm up and drop.

Of course, listening to this track will not make you think of Power Rangers every time you hear Eminem for all of eternity, but your brain is “dumb” in the sense that it will auto-associate that which is experienced simultaneously, which poses an interesting situation for those in the music business and interested in intellectual property. 

I’ve been curious to know for a while now what the effects of a good mashup are on the perception of artists/bands/songs featured in it. Not sure if anyone’s ever published something about it. For example, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac for one reason or another has managed to enjoy prominent placement in a bunch of remixes and mashup tracks over the past few years, but I have a strong hunch that you won’t find Don’t Stop in the Top 25 Most Played of those who listened.

Let’s fast-forward to some present day artists for a better example of what I mean. In the second track, Close to Blowin’ in the Deep, you’ll hear Ke$sha, Adele, Madonna, Rihanna, Alex Clare, and 3OH!3 all together in a way you probably never expected.

As far as I know, none of those artists were involved with the production of this track, but how, if at all, can listening to this track change the way listeners perceive those very artists? I don’t know if it’s a question best answered immediately after one listen. Whatever the answer may be, I’d like to believe that the better the final mashed up track is, the more everyone involved - DJs, original artists, and consumers consumers - wins.

Morning Changelog 2015-01-26

Morning Changelog 2015-01-26

New Today On Civcraft

  • Updated Mustercull config, this should make the non-capping cull procedures a lot more effective and hopefully make mustercull act more like its supposed to (passive culling of smaller numbers instead of the harsh cap behvaior)

  • Recent changes to Hoppers are probably the final ones, by fine tuning the settings a bit it is now possible to make working sorters despite the optimizations, infact for a given number of items I am told existing sorters should still work.

  • It seems that nerfing spawner mob AI has had no or a negative effect, turning it back on, could I get feedback on the new smaller activation range?

  • Increased Bulk Chunks to 25, default is 10, previous value is 5, I am hopping to lower some of that player connection overhead.

  • Updated FactoryMod NetherFactories should now operate correctly with Citadel groups, thakns to space_fountain for the fix.

  • Bastion maturity time will be changed from 12 to 48 hours on 1/28/15, this should provide sufficient warning to all parties.

  • Tweaked Chunk garbage collection from per 600 ticks to per 1024

New Today on Civtest

  • No Changes For Today

Bugs And Development Focus

  • I would like to better profile whats going on during server restart, ideally every mod that does database stuff on startup should have a begin and end message aka [Citadel] Culling deleted groups then [Citadel] Finished culling deleted groups, right now every mod has the first, but not the second, makes it difficult to see whats taking time to finish before opening the server.

  • As I linked yesterday there are several compelling reasons to change the way Citadel works with 3.0, furthermore unless we want to break convention all group management commands should be under the /nl prefix while reinforcement commands only should be under /ct, while we can have commands like /ctcreate map to /nlcreate I would really prefer if it also notified the user with somthing like “This command is deprecated, please use /nlcreate” also syntax help should detect the 2.0 syntax and give out “The way Groups operates has changed the new syntax is as follows”, other than that I think Citadel 3.0 is ready to go online whenever Rourke thinks its time. Perhaps one last run agains the production database to be sure, the testing event went well and pleanty of bugs where found, so it might be a bit while those are patched up.

  • /u/seemywolfeyes made this thread to help going over the 1.8 changes, it does a good job at least listing all the things we need to worry about. Enchantment changes are not going to be very welcome, the lower demand for xp will in general be a problem, we will need to look into what must be done to fix that. I think we can just let the Ocean Monuments generate, if we can modify bastions to use lore based blocks, provide a conversion factory, and then just have regular sponges be just that, regular sponges. Not sure if there are any ocean chunks young enough though, I wonder if there is a quick way to find out.

  • Remind Dr_Jerk to upload the 1.0 maps to mega. Also reminder to put the wiki page and image archive download links in the wiki. Additional reminder regarding persistent tester flair. You know what, I need a Civcraft specific todo list. >

ttk2’s Hobo’s ttk2’s Thinking Corner

  • Thoughts on multiplying drops from all mobs in general?

  • I created a thread in the dev group to discuss the problems with sharding Civcraft, there are a lot of communications issues for various plugins where things happening in other shards can affect the current shard, those are going to be the hardest to handle. We might end up with a master/slave arch on the affected plugins where changes are reported to the master which notifies affected slaves. But that’s just speculation.

  • The Citadel 3.0 database update currently will require about 9.5 hours, Rourke is working on ways to optimize the process because nearly 10 hours of consecutive downtime is unacceptible.

  • The water falling trick needs to have some values modified according the /u/Rourke750, pining him to aks what those changes should be

  • Changelogs contain more content than they have for a long time, yet responses are down :(

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