So it’s no surprise at the office that DAREDEVIL is my favorite character and series of all the Marvel titles out there today. 

So I was really happy when my editor asked me to revamp the logo for the ALL-NEW NOW DD title. First off, I didn’t want to stray from the original shape because I wanted readers to say “Hey!, this is still the same great DD book I’ve been reading all along with a fresh new look to it”. I LOVE Mark Waid’s and Chris Samnee’s run. It has so much bounce and energy to it, so I had to indicate that in the logo by giving it a new text treatment. I also dropped in some devil horns as well to give it that cartoonish feel. 

Then I was EXTREMELY pleased to be asked to make the 50th Anniversary Badge for DD. I thought to myself, “The traditional anniversary badges usually just have the number of years and a character’s logo next to it”, so I wanted to do something special for the red horned hero. I was thinking to myself, “What’s a catchy phrase?” Right away I thought of 50 YEARS WITHOUT FEAR! it’s a nice little twist to the tag line and is totally what Matt Murdock is all about, especially with all the stuff he’s had to deal with all these years. I mocked three types just in case, but we all sided with the first one right away. 

So there you have it, a little inside scoop into Behind the Design ;)

***Just a side note, but I have to say it. Aren’t those Samnee covers GORGEOUS!!?

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Behind The Design - Rachel Bilson

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Artist Interview #3


Meet Vydika Rao, a designer on Concept Nation and the creator of our quirky brand logo.

We sat down with this intriguing girl to learn that Vydika and her art are far beyond ordinary.

A student from Nasr School, Hyderabad, she says, “school honestly taught me nothing. I was a vague student and I didn’t fit in anywhere.” But her escape route was art. Art seemed to be the only passion where Vydika could find comfort in. “I didn’t stumble upon it. It was with me all along and my relationship with art just evolved over a period of time.” – To something beautiful we might add! 

We think the best artists have the most unique inspiration sources. When asked to describe the style she uses while creating art pieces, Vydika says with a soft smile, “I don’t think there is a strategy to art but if you’re talking about a process, I think every artist has a process of their own where he derives his piece of work. Mine feels like it comes out of no where and drops right into my head and then suddenly I find the need to put it on paper.” Vydika takes inspiration from works of graphic designers Paul Rand, Steffan Sagmeister and the famous architect Frank Gehry. “They are few people who brought about an itch to pay more attention to detail and art.” If graphic design wouldn’t have worked out, Vydika says she would have taken up interior design. “I like doing up spaces and I just couldn’t picture myself doing anything besides art.” We know we’re glad you did!

Check out some of Ms Rao’s work here and read further to know more about this designer.

Foodie by Vydika Rao


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