Felicity and Al Sah-Him

Felicity knelt before Oliver, who had a sword held steady against her heart. Ra’s stood on his right and Maseo to his left, but her attention was on Oliver and only Oliver. “Kill her Al Sah-him” Ra’s ordered. Oliver did not falter, he did not question, he drew back his sword no doubt intending to bury it in her chest but her words stopped him.

“Aren’t you supposed to offer me a chance to say my last words or something? I mean in the movies the bad guy always gives the person they’re about to kill…” She could have sworn she saw Ra’s smile, but Oliver didn’t even twitch. No rolling of the eyes or his small smile when she started babbling. Nothing.

“Very well, speak your final words” Ra’s said with a wave of his hands before they returned to their neutral place linked behind his back.


“Al Sah-Him” his words were like a dagger to the heart, but she refused to give in to the fear and pain. Instead she held her head high, she hadn’t cowered all these years of working with him, she wouldn’t cower now.

“There are two things I need to tell you before you kill me. One, I forgive you. I need you to know that… When you finally free yourself from him, and you realise what you have done and what you are doing I need you to know that I don’t blame you and that I forgive. And that the last thing I would ever want is for you to live the rest of your life with that guilt on your shoulders. I forgive you Oliver Queen-“


“- and the second thing, I love you. I love you as the hood, the arrow, Oliver Queen and god-help-me as Al Sah-Him. I know it took me a while to say those three words but I felt them for so long, but I was afraid to tell you. But I’m not afraid now. I. Love. You. And I don’t regret a single moment of it.” A single tear escaped when she closed her eyes, ready for what was to come.

He heard Ra’s command, his arm raising again of its own violation. It was as if he were merely a passenger in his body as the moment built for the kill. Just as the blade swung forward his arm froze before his blade cluttered to the ground, his hands on his head as flashes of pain assaulted his mind.

With each burst of pain he saw images… no not images memories. Felicity looking at his picture taking to herself… Felicity chewing on a red pen… Felicity waiting for him in a red dress… Felicity in trouble…Felicity smiling… laughing… crying… shouting. Felicity Smoak the woman he loved, every moment, every memory flooding into his mind, consuming him, reminding him, who he was, who he is and who he wanted to be. “Felicity…” Her name like a prayer on his lips as he reached towards her. “Felicity…”

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THE LAST PAGE OF THE DOJINSHI OH MY GAWD!!! MAKOSATSU!!! Can you tell me what the makosatsu part is about? What is happening there I want to know!

Yes, I can tell you!

It’s based on this scene, with the same dialogue:

Only that Mako specifically adds: “Ryuko-chan’s boobs win [against Satsuki’s]!”

Satsuki’s reply is the same:

but it’s referring to the “Ryuko has bigger boobs” part.

Mako is unimpressed, jumps into the air and screams “IT’S NOT FOOLISHNESS! I’M GONNA PROVE THAT NOW!!!”, grabs Satsuki from behind and measures her chest (Satsuki shocked: *she got behind my back??!!*)

She also measures Ryuko’s and her own chest. She then announces via speakers: “Now I know for sure who the winner is! I will now tell you!”


I don’t know what the narrator says in the end though, no idea what ややギレ means…sorry!

飽く無き此の世界 by こんぱね

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i know this is real specific but do u know any fics where louis gets called princess? idk i just really love that for some reason


Simmer Down and Pucker Up - At times, Harry couldn’t believe how positively obedient Louis was. Such as, at the current moment, where Louis sat with his hands clasped firmly behind his back and his mouth open wide, half-lidded cerulean eyes practically begging to feel Harry’s come streak his cheeks. There was a wanting evident in his expression that Harry had etched into his memory and that delightfully haunted him each time he and Louis would interact in the public eye. Harry and Louis would lock gaze across the stage and all Harry could see is Louis on his knees, begging for his come, or underneath Harry, begging to come, and he almost wished that the world could see this side of Louis because then it would all make sense. It was the missing puzzle piece to the impressive enigma that was Louis Tomlinson and Harry was almost reluctant to be its sole keeper. Almost.

And There’s no Other Place I’d Ever Wanna Go - AU where harry finds Louis, aka his old best friend- in the park so he takes him back home with him, has a struggle at first but then Louis gives up and goes with harry. OR JUST where Louis rides harry into oblivion and Louis spaces out but rides harry hard and fast with shaky thighs and small whimpers. Coming hard oh and round two is where harry fucks him against the wall with force.

This Heart Is Heavier Than The Bills In My Pocket - Harry is 28, Louis is 18. They have office sex. That is all.

Can We Discuss How Fast You Just Got Undressed - recently engaged harry and louis establish a safe word and explore their kinks.

Don’t Kill The Magic - the one where Harry is a mafia man and Louis just wants his man.

Baby Don’t Stop Now - Model!Omega!Louis & Popstar!Alpha!Harry

Give Me What I Need - Harry and Louis meet though twitter. The week after, they meet at a bar and Harry takes Louis back to his house. Louis struggles with handling Harry’s huge cock, but he does. In the process, they may or may not fall in love.

Kink Therapy - Prompt: Where Louis and Harry don’t know each other but they both have to go to a sex kink therapy group. Harry has a problem where he’s obsessed with sticking random household products inside of people during sex because he gets off on it and Louis has a problem where he’s overly submissive. At the end of the group meeting, Harry convinces Louis to come home with him. They forget everything they learned and their kinks come out. Sub!Louis & Dark!Harry

Looks Good In Lace - “I’ve got something for you,” Harry murmured. “It’s in the bathroom,”

Daddy’s Got A Present - basically a one-shot fic in which harry fucks louis dressed as a girl, i wrote this with the best person ever sophia so yeah half credit to her, basically in a role play format and she re-wrote it, i’m just posting it on here.

Pull Up In Your Fast Car Whistlin’ My Name - “What seems to be the problem officer?” Louis asked, making sure to raise his voice a couple of octaves higher as he fiddled with the hem of his dress, revealing the hot pink, lace edge of his panties.

I’m Your Harlot, Starlet - Harry could feel the smooth slide of the leather heels against his lower back, the sharp stab of the stilettos digging into the top of his ass with the way Louis was attempting to pull him in.

Lolita -  He blinks up at Harry under his sticky, dark lashes before pulling the slick finger out his mouth and whispering “fuck me, daddy.” for the prompt; ‘could you do louis in lace with daddy kink?’

Take Me Far Away - Harry’s only slept with 2 people. And both of them were Louis.

I’ll Ride You (Like A Harley) - Or the one where Louis rides Harry on a motorcycle and afterwards gets ruined by his boyfriend in bed.

Sometimes Love Can Be Mistaken For A Crime - (Or the one where Louis has a much older boyfriend who likes to spend money on him and Louis likes to call him Daddy sometimes.)

I’ve Got You In My Space (I Won’t Let Go) - Louis loves being feminine and gets kicked out of his house after telling his little secret to his parents. He puts a post on tumblr and Harry happens to find out and offers him his place. Harry is like really fucking rich, and Louis really needs a place to stay. Things work out for both of them.

Show Time. - (or harry really wants to try something new and louis decides to give it a go.)

All My Senses Come To Life - Harry and Louis couldn’t have been more proud of each other after their charity game today. So, when they’re finally alone, they use up their adrenaline in the best way they know possible.

If I Had One Wish I Know What I’d Wish For - Louis is the new servant at the Styles’ castle, and Harry is the Prince of England. Louis is resilient to Harry’s charm, but only for a while. They end up together, and they sneak around for a while until telling everyone.

Be A Good Boy - Things aren’t spicy enough in the infamous Style residence, and no matter how hard they try its apparent to Harry there is only one way to fix this… 

Won’t You Please Your Master - Based off prompt: “Some should write a one shot about louis being Harry’s and his family maid for their house and harry always messes around with Lou like slaps his ass, stuff like that and one day everyone is gone and harry comes on to Lou and this happens a few times before they bang (visa versa)”

Call Me Daddy, I’ll Call You Mine - Louis is 14, but he’s small for his age and he gets picked on a lot. He spends his free time in a deserted park and a man starts hanging out there, too. One day they finally speak and Harry feeds him a picnic dinner and offers to be his daddy since Louis hasn’t had one in a long time. 24 hours of kinky sex acts follow.  - (Underage, non-con, & dub-con)

New Panties - Sugar daddy harry goes out and buys his sugar baby Louis new cute panties, Makes Louis model them, and then fucks him hard in to the couch.

Can You Help Me? - or where 19 year-old babysitter Harry fucks 12 year-old Louis.  - (Underage)

Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes - Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

Lets Go Somewhere Far Away, Baby - AKA harry thinks louis is perfect and louis can’t stop looking at his hands

And This Is How It Starts - The one where bad boy Harry gets Louis off in the back of their English class while listening to The1975. Ft. Nick Grimshaw as the sassy teacher.

I Won’t Do You No Harm. - Little black dress just walked into the room.

Leave This House and I’ll Burn It Down Along With Myself - “So I’m simply your guest, am I?” Louis asks, before leaning up and kissing Harry. “Nope. You’re not,” Harry mumbles into his mouth, and he tries to ignore how Louis’ body arches against his, “you’re not even my living partner. You’re the princess I captured and now I’m going to keep you here, in the forest, all for myself.”


You Only Speak The Truth, Darling - “Go fuck yourself. There. I said something. Happy?” - Or that one where they fight and Liam has enough of Louis’s mouth.

Larry & LouisxHarryxLiam

Balls Of Solid Rock - Or the one where Louis is a shy, innocent, seventeen year-old boy who has a love for oversized jumpers and lacy lingerie and Harry is his twenty six year-old adoptive parent who is proper famous and loves to watch his princess squeal through double penetration with glasses perched upon his cute, button nose.


A Pretty Mess - short shameless smut. warnings for verbal feminization and heavily-misgendered language.

After pleading guilty to federal charges of deprivation of rights, two Marion, South Carolina, police officers are due to be sentenced on Monday. Eric Walters and Franklin “Frankie” Brown are expected to each receive at least 12 months in prison after being fired two full years ago for one of the grossest stories of police misconduct you’ll ever hear.
After Eric Walters saw Melissa Davis simply walking out of a home that was listed for sale, he confronted her:

He asked her what she was doing, thinking she might have broken into the home, then shocked her with his Taser, according to court papers. After Davis fell to the ground, Walters ordered her to put her hands behind her back, then shocked her four more times before she could respond, prosecutors said.
By the time Brown responded, Walters had determined Davis did nothing wrong and was removing the Taser probes from her back. Brown noticed one of Davis’ hands had slipped from her improperly applied handcuffs and ordered everyone to move away and shocked Davis again, even though she was not trying to fight or escape, according to court papers.

Brown shocked Davis twice more, then offered to let her go if he could shoot her in the forehead one more time with his Taser, prosecutors said.

What the hell?
As you may recall, police in Fairfax County, Virginia, tasered Natasha McKenna to death while her hands and her feet were shackled.

New video has proven that police in Louisiana tasered Ervin Edwards to death and told at least three lies about what happened.

It’s essential that these men who tasered Melissa Davis be given the stiffest sentences available under the law.


This is a short horror fic. No major warnings.


Maybe Tony has a problem. Yeah, there’s definitely something wrong with him.

Because he’s standing here in front of a spitting-mad God, the alarms are blaring, someone’s banging on the door like that will help, and he’s practically naked. That sounds like a problem.

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20+ things I wish I knew before high school

1) the “friends” that lied to you and made you feel like a third wheel bc they thought you were shy, awkward and weird are the ones with self confident issues now and commend you for your confidence and come to you for approval and advice

2) The guys that laughed at you and called you fat and weird behind your back in grade 8 will compliment you at formal

3) It’s okay to be the smart nerdy one, bc in grade 12 the guys that laughed at you for getting high grades and good behavior reports are struggling to graduate

4) As much as the teacher will say you can’t do this assignment in one night, if you’ve used class time to plan what is needed theen anything is achievable in one night, whether it’s the night you get the assignment or the night before it’s due you can do it.

5) Participate and attend as many extra curriculum activities as possible. Student council, sports teams, musicals, talent show, music night anything!!! You have the best time doing them and watching them and they will become some of your most treasured memories

6) Do your homework. Trust me, if you do your homework you will get on your teachers good side and life will be much easier and in some cases teachers will have known you would have done it and won’t even bother checking your work (then sometimes you can let it slip ahah)

7) Become best friends with your teachers. This is particularly towards the end of high school. Being able to have as much support and guidance as possible is a big stress relief. They will help you get the marks you want and classes will become a lot more fun and motivation will flow naturally and trust me a lot of motivation is needed

8) if you need a break, take one. You’ll produce better work when you’re not concentrating on food or sleep and it helps with stress

9) the friends you make in grade 8 will not be the same people in grade 12. Shit happens, you become exposed to a lot f things in high school and it’s hard not to develop and grow

10) You will hear sexual things, people will swear, you will swear, you will see people drinking alcohol and doing drugs, girls dressing like sluts and people practically having sex in front of you but you need to develop your own understanding of what you want. I urge you to sit at a party sober and watch how people behave and over time how some destroy them selves, you realise saying no to these things are a lot easier then thought, however you may do as you like just think of the consequences. Also swearing and sexual innuendos are always fun just use them at the right time (cough not in front of friends parents)

11) Call a bitch out. Stand up for yourself, your friends and even another random student. Don’t let people get away with making another persons life hell, it’s not fun

12) you will fight with your friends, some you won’t even talk to for a year maybe even two, but they come back, you somehow always manage to gravitate towards each other

13) have at least 2-3 close friends outside of immediate social group so you have someone to go to when there’s to much drama

14) it’s okay to have only a few friends bc at the end of grade 12 you’ll still have all of them where as big groups usually separate.

15) Not having a boyfriend/ girlfriend is not the end of the world.

16) have respect not only towards other people but to yourself, know where you stand on issues, things and topics and don’t let other people tell you otherwise. If you don’t want to send a nude then don’t, if you do well I don’t condone it but it’s your choice. Respect peoples opinions even if they differ from yours. It doesn’t make them any less of a person

17) Besides mandatory subjects, pick subjects you enjoy and are good at it makes life a lot easier.

18) be prepared and accept change , there’s a lot of stuff happening at school that things change every other second just accept it and try make the best of it

19) school is not the only thing in life, get a job, go to parties, play sport. Sometimes you just have to get away from school and school work. It will also help prepare you for the real world something which school sort of seems to lack

20) The hardest thing you can be in high school is yourself, but it’s the most rewarding thing you can do. Let people know that you’ve worked hard to get where you are and that you are happy. The number one thing people envy the most in high school is self happiness bc it can be one of the hardest things to find if you let others make you think otherwise. The moment you accept yourself is the moment you will realise you are unstoppable.

High school can be the best 5 (or 6) years of your life, you just have to make them that. It took me 3 years to realise I was more then what people said I was, don’t let that happen to you. Whether you’re in your final year, first year or just cruising along somewhere in the middle, make high school your own, and enjoy it while you can bc you will miss it dearly.

* this is from personal experiences so please don’t expect all of this to happen also feel free to add to the list*

Sincerely a recent high school graduate who would have liked a little guidance

probably going to do a speed run liveblogging very soon of a series because i’ve just been dragging on my feet on actually doing anything so like here are a few series i’ve thought about doing and if anyone has opinions on which one to do lemme know?

  • kamen rider w
  • tokumei sentai go-busters
  • gekisou sentai carranger
  • kamen rider gaim
  • ninpuu sentai hurricanger
  • zyuden sentai kyoryuger
  • ressha sentai toqger

which one should i do?

Deltoid Back Squeeze

Kneel on the floor, and then sit all the way down so your lower legs are under your bum. Lean forward a little bit, making sure you are leaning from your torso and not just your neck. Then extend both arms so they are behind your bum, palms facing up. Make sure they are floating behind you, not touching your back.
Squeeze your arms together so the weights almost touch, and then move back to starting position.


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1 word prompt thing... "Shield"

The woman that Daryl and Aaron brought back had been acting completely normal from Sasha’s vantage point in the lookout tower…right up until the gate opened. Then, for no reason that Sasha could understand, the newcomer flipped out. Something must have triggered her, because clearly Aaron and Daryl had been thrown off guard, and the woman had produced a knife that clearly neither of them had been aware of. In the scuffle, she had impressively gotten the knife at Daryl’s throat and his arm twisted behind his back, effectively turning him into a human shield.

Against what, Sasha didn’t know. She didn’t care. There was no way she was letting this woman inside their gates now.

“Wait, wait!” Carol was on the inside of the gate, hands raised in supplication. Glenn was standing with her, reaching for the weapon at his belt, but not drawing it, not wanting to set the woman off further.

“Lower your weapons!” The woman screamed, in a voice hoarse from disuse and screechy with instability.

Her eyes didn’t move up to the tower; she didn’t know Sasha was there. In an instant, Sasha got the woman in her crosshairs, lining her up for a shot. She was moving too much, yanking Daryl this way and that, and Daryl, obviously pissed, was reluctantly moving with her. His gaze flicked up to Sasha’s tower once, and he had a slow enough reaction to the woman’s movements to try and give Sasha a clear shot.

God, it was close though…

Aaron lowered his gun as well. “Please, Madeline. We’re good people here. This isn’t necessary.”

“Yeah, calm down,” Daryl growled, not nearly as gently as Aaron.

Sasha glanced at the gate, where Carol still had her hands raised. Carol had always had this constant, unbreakable composure, Sasha thought. But she could see her friend trembling from where she was. She was terrified.

Sasha locked the woman’s head in her sights and narrowed her eyes. She wasn’t a bystander anymore. People didn’t get to hurt her family or threaten them…

She took the shot.

Blood flew in a spray, and both Madeline and Daryl hit the ground. Madeline landed in a heap, blood and brain matter pooling into the dirt around her. Her death grip around Daryl’s neck had dragged him down with her, but it was only her blood staining Daryl’s face, not his own. Aaron cried out and looked toward the tower. Sasha lowered her rifle and watched Glenn and Carol rush over to Daryl.

He sat up, looking shaken, and ran his sleeve across his face to rid it of the blood.

“Oh my God!” Carol hit her knees in front of him, throwing her arms around his shoulders and pulling him to her.

Glenn made a quick circle around the woman’s body, then gave Daryl’s shoulder a squeeze before crossing over to check on Aaron. Movement beyond the trees got Sasha’s attention, and she spotted lumbering corpses heading their way.

She let out a shrill whistle. “Walkers.”

The four of them outside the gates glanced at her, followed her gesture, and then all got to their feet, hurrying back through the gates. Glenn closed and latched them closed, and Sasha breathed a sigh of relief. She glared at the body that the walkers were stumbling toward.

Maybe she’d let them chew on that bitch a little before she put them down.

Ryan stepped out of the taxi with Polly in tow after Adam paid for the ride, hugging Adam and melting into his arms. Adam looked at him before kissing him, and Ryan returned it without a hint of hesitance. He laid his head on Adam’s chest as he hugged him again, linking his fingers together behind Adam’s back and holding onto him. “I missed you. I missed you a lot. I’m so happy you came back. Oh my god.” Polly sniffed at Adam and sat next to Ryan, holding her leash in her mouth and looking up at them curiously. “I have to take her with me everywhere. Sorry.”

DensiLand Discussions: Field of Fire (6x22)

Kensi back behind her sniper rifle. Deeks undercover - with glasses. Kensi forced into a cover of both a familiar topic, but one that certainly evokes unwelcome memories. Hang on Densers, here we go.

With such a fun, yet curious opening, I hope that wasn’t some of the best of the episode. In fact, I wish it hadn’t been “given away” in a sneak peek, but it certainly has us all talking. So based on the goals of the show - success! (As I throw a card in the air like ECO & DR did in a recent online Q&A!)

  • And Sam utters a recurring issue among the team: PTSD. The target has a 15 year old daughter? Wow. How much closer to mirroring Kensi’s past can this get? This is like her, her dad, and Jack (plus who knows what else) all rolled into one.
  • #scruffy is still 15! This is lookin’ to be a mighty fine Deeks episode. (If I wasn’t already dreading the inevitable unhappy building tension forthcoming….)
  • Wow. I’m with Granger on this one. (!) They might be geographically far from Afghanistan, but our minds can transport us back there in a second. We’ve seen what happens when a soldier is returned to the field too soon or in not being suitably prepared….
  • Mr. Rogers?! Deeks is “Mr. Rogers”?! Please tell me I’m not the only one who caught that! However, he needs a sweater….
  • Kids again?! Oh there is something VERY hinky regarding the number of times they’ve mentioned that topic. We know there are no coincidences and this one is far past being obvious. I’m getting a very unsettled feeling about this….
  • And there it is! See?! There was no way that Mr. Rogers was a “coincidence”! Boom. It is definitely not a good day in the neighborhood.
  • How on Earth did Deeks keep his cool with the taxi driver (particularly in regard to the implications about Kensi)?! Heck Kensi didn’t even threaten the guy with bodily harm. Maybe this ‘ship is mellowing her? Did everyone else melt a little when Deeks uttered “little brother”? (Of course that smile always has the same effect - on us and Kensi.)
  • More on the kids?! Ok - we get it! Is Sam giving honest foreshadowing? A couple of years? You’ll all have a couple of kids each? Ahh, welcome to season 10 - NCIS: The Family Edition. At least they already have their own Mr. Rogers.
  • We’re finally getting to the core of this episode’s character aspect with only five minutes left? Is this an effort to pile-on for the finale cliffhanger issues? I’m very confused.
  • That’s my girl. Finding a middle ground that make everything work out for all of them. But what was swirling in her mind in those moments?
  • What the heck was that ending? All the kid build-up for THAT?! And then the ever-cryptic Hetty stirs the pot with expectations and not knowing who you’ll end up with? What?!

This episode was pretty much NOTHING I expected or was anticipating in the slide toward the finale. In fact, this seems to be another one of those episodes that ties-in/connects to not a single other thing we know about the team. Where was all the expected Kensi-journey-to-the-past? It was just another case? How can that be with timing so close to the finale? And the repeated mention of kids just for that, to taunt Deeks? This is not a joking topic, especially not regarding Densi. Someone PLEASE explain this to me!

The best feeling is when someone does something nice for you behind your back, and then you find out what they’ve done from someone else. They weren’t doing it for recognition, they are doing it for you, and that puts the biggest smile on my face