ISIS and their beheaddings.

How do you just kneel and let your head be severed from your body? I would rather fucking die fighting, kicking and screaming “fuck allah”. How do you just sit there and give them the satisfaction? I am almost more inclined to believe this shit is staged.

What the fuck, seriously.


In an unspeakable act of savagery, an American journalist, James Foley, was beheaded in a video released by Islamic State terrorists who claimed the killing was retaliation for U.S. air strikes against the group in Iraq.

Foley appears to be forced to read an anti-American statement before he is beheaded in the gruesome five-minute clip which was uploaded to YouTube. 

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"I'm back, Obama." ISIS terrorist taunts as he beheads 2nd American journalist


This kind of barbarism is difficult to understand.  American journalist Steven Sotloff was beheaded by the same British-born ISIS terrorist who beheaded James Foley.

from Daily Mail:

ISIS has released a video that shows the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff and says the murder is retaliation for the Obama administration’s continued airstrikes in Iraq.

Sotloff is the second American journalist to be killed by ISIS, and his death comes two weeks after James Foley was executed in a similar video.

In the video entitled ‘A Second Message to America,’ Sotloff appears in a orange jumpsuit before he is beheaded by an Islamic State fighter.

The executioner appears to be the same man who killed Foley – known as ‘Jihadi John’ - and tells the camera: ‘I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State.’

He also threatens to kill a Briton held hostage by the group next. The identity of the hostage is widely available online, but MailOnline is not identifying him at the request of the British government.

This afternoon British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the video, calling it ‘an absolutely disgusting and despicable act’.

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Obviously, we’re not going to be posting the video here.  I’m not going to give these animals the satisfaction of helping to spread their sick propaganda around the web.