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17-Year-Old Daughter of Beheaded Hostage Has a Message for Jihadi John

David Cawthorne Haines was brutally beheaded by ISIS militant Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi) in September. The Obama administration was busted when the identity of “Jihadi John” was revealed. The infamous beheader and Islamic State spokesman was not the uneducated, underprivileged,…

Samurai executioner, beheading was the most common form of capital punishment in Japan. The criminal kneeled on a mat placed in front of a rectangular pit about 2 or 3 feet deep. He was usually blindfolded and stretched his head over the pit, the executioner whisked off the wretched man’s head at one blow. He was a well known practitioner with a very tolerable income. He received some 7 ichiboos (about $2.30) per head, and had taken off as many as 350 heads in a 12 months.


Egypt retaliates with air strikes after ISIS marches 21 Coptic Christians along a lonely Libyan beach and beheads them en masse for their faith, turning the sea red with their blood

Islamic State militants carried out the shocking beheading of 21 orange jumpsuit-clad Coptic Christians on the Libyan shores of the Mediterranean Sea, just a few hundred miles from Europe. The brutal executions led to Egypt responding with at least seven airstrikes in Derna in the east of the country, which has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism since Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011.




 A juxtaposition between the recent ISIS beheadings and unjustified police killings. I was amazed by the similarities of the two topics and how no one seems to be picking up on how equal the severity of both can potentially be. I’m not necessarily equating the two because they both have their own factors that set them apart, I’m just saying that if you were to make a venn diagram of the two, the middle might be more packed than you would think. It will get a lot worse before it gets better. Stay aware. 

Shot on 35mm b&w film by Dustin Dacier.

RIP to the countless innocent people killed each day regardless of by who’s hand, my deepest condolences go out to all the families affected.

Do not remain silent about this. Do not remain silent about the death of these innocent 21 Egyptian Coptics. No one deserves this. Please do not remain silent. Just like you don’t remain silent over all the Americans killed by ISIS. Do not remain silent about this.

Kenji Goto

Was a good guy who loved people and believed in peace

His last message was ‘No matter what happens to me, I will always love the people of Syria’

I feel like he had a lot of love to give, and it made me realise how stupid everyone is to hate. I have heard a lot of people say they don’t care about how others see them, but what defines you is exactly that. The amount of people you move and you touch, I believe that is the way forward to leaving a mark on Earth.

Kenji was selfless, and because of what he did he’ll always be remembered as brave, when he went to Syria to try and rescue a friend (Haruna Yukawa) knowing that he could die.

His mother said ‘Kenji has left us on a journey,’ - ‘It is my only hope that we can carry on with Kenji’s mission to save the children from War and Poverty.’

I feel like beheadings and public executions were laughable when we were learning about them in history, but right now is when it’s happening. People in the future will look back and wonder how we were so inhumane, when humanity created these punishments for themselves in the name of religion.

Why do some people follow a God that asks them to kill? There should be the law and that should be enough. EDIT I didn’t say WHY DOES EVERY MUSLIM FOLLOW A GOD WHO ASKS THEM TO KILL. I specifically said some because I was talking about ISIS. My question mark was there so people could answer whatever I was talking about - Why can some people follow something they believe is so true? Even to the point where if they believe their god wants them to kill, then they can kill. That was my question D: