Hey to all the Pulp Babes and poetry lovers! My name is Essine, and I’m the new Pulp Zine poetry editor. As my first job as new editor, I wanted to restart one of my fave things about the zine: Late Night Poetry Club. This collection of poem from staff and guests based on a monthly theme is going to be AMAZING, and I’m so excited for everyone to read the totally incredible submissions! This month’s theme is Leaving– I chose it for a bunch of reasons, BUT, one of the main ones is that September represents a lot of different kinds of “leaving” to me. Whether it’s the retreat of summer, leaving behind an old school or grade or age, September is filled with a lot of beginnings. Leaving isn’t always physical either, though– it can be mental, imaginary, small, gigantic. It can cause growth, and sometimes destroy it. Nearing the end of September, when my first dose of leaving has just begun, I think it fits perfectly. – xoxo, Essine

Late Night Poetry Club: LeavingThe Pulp Zine

anonymous said:

Do you have anything on writing good first lines?


Here are a few things I would suggest staying away from:

  • Dialogue*
  • A character waking up
  • The “morning routine”
  • An alarm clock
  • An extremely long first sentence

*Dialogue is generally bad as a first line because there is no context. Your readers don’t know who is talking or what is happening. An example of a good first line of dialogue is from Charlotte’s Web:

"Where’s Papa going with that ax?"

It’s such a short line, but it already gives us three characters (Papa, the speaker/child of Papa, and a third character) and a simple situation. The rest of the sentence reveals that the speaker is Fern and that she is speaking to her mother. It’s easy to follow and it sets up the beginning.

writing tip #819:

struggling to write those first words? there’s a ‘start’ button on your keyboard for a reason. hit it repeatedly thrice a second while visualising your protagonist’s face and pushing your forehead against the screen for nineteen minutes, and the perfect opening will appear on the word processor of your choice

Erhm AU II Closed RP


Michael paced back and forth in his apartment, anxiously awaiting Mason’s arrival. The other had called, sobbing, telling the hunter that his fiancé had left him, begging him to allow him to visit. The eighteen year old had, of course, said yes. He was unsure what to do or how to react, and scared that the male Verger would decide to drive off a cliff or something on the way there