I have nothing against vegans, just like I have nothing against anyone that chooses a certain life choice. It is when they try to stop you eating meat and call you things like a monster. If vegans are so inlove with animals then they should know that lots of animals e.g lions, sharks, dogs, crocodiles, tigers etc… all eat meat because thats what their teeth and digestive system are made for. Just like humans how teeth and digestive system are made for both plants and meat. Even our legs look the way we do because the homosapians had too chase after their prey. So it’s totally cool if you decide to go vegan but it’s not cool when you try to enforce your ways on others.

Great Monday Evening Workout

Wrestling Practice was called off today becuse we went Mon-Sun last week with our tournament and practices. So today was a great day to seize a workout.

Pec Fly 4x10

Vertical Pec FLy 3x10

Bicep Curl 4x10(x2)

Cross Body Hammer Curl 3x10(x2)

Forward Shoulder Raises 4x10

Burnout Dips

Burnout Lower Back Raises

Reverse Curls 3x10

Tricep Extensions 3x10

Tricep Pulldown 3x10

Straight Arm Pull Down 3x10

Back Fly x10 x15 x20

and now I’m pooped!

Recovery with some Protein, some nutrition mix, and some spirulina. Wonder what I’ll have for dinner?