today bad:

-woke up 10min before first class
-did not go ? whoops

today good:
-pest man came to fix bug problem!!
-printed so many notes 
-almost done with all study notes!!
-got extension on paper so its not due right before exams now 
-got a really good coffee
-cleaned my desk off 
-not tired

today BEST: 

How I am where I am.

My exams are starting next week and I want to take a minute to reflect on how I got here.

Last year at 27 deciding to leave my job in the events industry to go to university was the best decision I had ever made. I strongly believe that more people my age and older should do this if they can. It’s amazing if at 18 you know what you want to do with your life…but I didn’t.

After finishing college I was (and still am) very passionate about the film industry, so without knowing exactly what I wanted to do long term, I enrolled onto a university film degree. I made it all the way to my third year (I even finished writing my dissertation) before dropping out just before my exams. I partied too hard at the time and I couldn’t bring myself to finish the degree. I knew that I was going to fail but I didn’t want to see it happen.

Once I had left university I applied for every type of job going. I was very lucky and landed my first full time job as an Events Assistant. Since then I worked my way up in the events industry but despite each new job and event, I just wasn’t happy. So I stopped and thought about what I really wanted to do, the answer was simple for me. I wanted to have a job that allowed me to work anywhere in the world. The next thing I had to think about was how I could get that job. It was my mum and a couple of friends in London that had been encouraging me to teach myself Java Script the year before and it was my mum again that asked me why I didn’t go back to university to do a full time degree in computing. When I thought about it, I realised how perfect the idea was. I hadn’t carried on with my Java Script course as I let life get in the way. I’ve always been a social butterfly and prioritised time with friends and family over a free on-line course. But going back to university would give me the time I would need to commit to it and the career prospects are endless. I could become a software developer for Warner Bros if I wanted to and still keep a part of my heart in the film industry. I filled out my university application the next day and I haven’t looked back.

Now I can finally say that I’m doing something where I feel challenged every single day and I’m working towards a future that I feel passionate and excited about.

the fact that i’m done has started to sink in and i have several days to get everything i need to get done finished before i go back to alberta for the summer, i applied for several more jobs online last night when i was feeling super stressed about jobs and my exam, and now that the anxiety from my exam has passed

it’s done, i definitely passed that course cause i had a good enough grade in it before the exam anyway and the exam wasn’t worth that much of my final mark

i have time, i have the day planned tomorrow to go back to campus and visit the academic counseling office and sort out some things for next year and return my text books and a couple other errands and it will be okay so i can relax

all i have to do for the rest of the day is start packing my room up to go home

but i have coca cola and a cam rip of the age of ultron so that’s taking priority right now, because i have earned it, because i have made it halfway through a degree, even if i failed a couple courses first year, even if i fell for my best friend and got rejected by her along the way, even if things were messy and weird at certain points

i am here, i have made it for two years, i have loved and befriended and looked after and studied and been thought of and considered and cared for and prayed for, i have not stopped accomplishing and i am not about to stop any time soon 

bootycall-withdrawal asked:

Zo my lovely perfect friend pls promise me you will do no more writing until you're feeling better and at least try and talk to your parents about how you're feeling and if they're no help remember that in the uk if the doctors agree that you're competent enough to make decisions then you don't need parental consent to go to the doctors and be put on prescriptions etc just so you know I love you lots please get better soon <3 <3

I’ll try not to friend, I’m trying to speak to my parents and stuff but me and expressing feelings = really hard. Ik I can get prescriptions and stuff now I’m 16 which is cool, I think I just need to get something sorted before my exams really do start otherwise Idk what I’ll do <3

It’s currently 6:00 AM exactly.

I woke up at 5:30 to get in at least 5 hours of studying this morning before my exam. I spent some time organizing my Fall semester schedule (I register for classes today at 8 AM), and I’ve decided I’m going to choose my last gen ed based on the fact that I ~officially want to minor in Psych~

At this point, most people I know have suggested to me that I go into the psychology field sooo why not

Two weeks on T

I wasn’t gonna do this often but things keep changing so here goes:

  • My voice dropped at 11 days on t. Because I used to force my voice down to near this level anyway a lot of people don’t notice at first, but it’s lower when I speak naturally now and it’s so great. I’m so lucky that this happened just before my german oral exam because my voice used to make those 100% worse
  • My pee smell has changed
  • I’ve found that I handle my weed better than I used to. Same amount of the same stuff and I still feel good, but I’m more in control, and I like it 
  • I’ve officially outgrown my slim fit button downs and I’ve so almost grown into a regular fit t shirt 
  • I’m attributing it mostly to my voice changing, but I generally feel really happy and a lot more confident now
  • I’ve started to notice my appetite increase, so I’m watching that like anything

This is the thing tho when the doc is specialist in something of course he or she will be great in it but before exams, like we are now before peds, there IS A LOT we should know. And we will not know everything thats for sure….

They should realize that finally