before watchmen


Jim Lee ~ some of his “Before Watchmen” Variants

-I have to thank Dan Didio and Jim Lee for finally handing me this on a silver platter. Every comic book fan I know grew up on Jim Lee’s art. He influenced every artist that came after him. I am not discrediting his accomplishments.
Seriously, to Jim I say “Bravo!”

My gripe is, and always has been a simple one:
Jim can’t draw a quiet scene. He cannot do it. Every book he has ever drawn, all the characters look like they’re just itching to put on tights and slug it out. Not all comics are like that. Watchmen was NOT like that. At all. Look at the characters he drew, and then think about the time you read the book. It doesn’t work. They don’t look like that, and they don’t act like that. It just doesn’t work. That is not character design, that is not inking, and that is not the color. Jim Lee cannot draw a calm, quiet scene. And he doesn’t do well unless it’s a big action fest. It sells like hot cakes, I will give him that. But personally, I do not go looking to read something he drew, unless I know and like the writer’s other work.