Hello, hi, I have something to say,

Beautiful is a fact.

Ugly is an opinion.

Attractive is an opinion.

Everything good is beautiful. Everything and everyone is made good. Everyone and everything is beautiful.

You are beautiful…..don’t tell me I’m wrong….because it’s a fact.

Some might say the first picture of me is ugly.

But that is only an opinion. And opinions can change.

I can use makeup to enhance my features to appear more attractive in people’s opinions.

Media wants you to think that doing all this will enhance your beauty.

But it does not enhance your beauty, it enhances your attractiveness.

You enhance your beauty when you are nice, fair, and kind.

Beauty is one of the most important things about you.

Attractive is not, because it is not you, it’s is only a person’s opinion of you.

And if people have the opinion that you are ugly, well then they are the ones lacking beauty.

Because beautiful people would not be fooled by how attractive you are, but see right through to your beauty.

Aim to be a beautiful person, not an attractive person.

Ok, that is all :)