Lily Richmond, Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin, 1946.

Born in Missouri in 1862, Richmond came to Wisconsin as a young child with her parents, who were freed slaves. Photograph by Helene Stratman-Thomas, who recorded Richmond singing African-American spirituals for the Wisconsin Folk Music Recording Project sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Library of Congress.

listen: Lily Richmond singing "One More River."

read more: "Pleasant Ridge: A refuge for former slaves," Wisconsin Historical Society. Pleasant Ridge, a village near present-day Beetown in southwest Wisconsin, was settled by freed slaves who came to Wisconsin beginning in 1848.

via: Wisconsin Folksong Collection, 1937-1946, Wisconsin Historical Society by way of University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

i'm unkickable
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  • aepokh:even so, i will continue to complain about the goddamn cold
  • aepokh:and it's only going to get worse through the winter
  • Neomania:what are these seasons you speak of
  • Neomania:I've never heard of them
  • aepokh:the word "season" comes from "season [of a television show]" since they line up so nicely
  • * Neomania takes notes
  • aepokh:someone at the weather company was like "let's make it cold when people are inside watching television
  • aepokh:since we have to get it out the way, and then when the show ends, they can go outside and die of heat stroke"
  • aepokh:then the TV companies started making shows that went through the summer
  • aepokh:and the weather companies were like
  • aepokh:????????
  • aepokh:??????????????????????
  • aepokh:and that's why it snows in june here sometimes
  • Neomania:Meteorology: the abridged edition
  • Neomania:probably explains the weather here though
  • aepokh:the final exam is on monday at 8AM, you are allowed one note card with 8pt font
  • Neomania:basically all our TV is your TV once it gets approved by x committee of televisioning
  • Neomania:except by that point seasons no longer have any meaning and merge into one blob of discontinuity
  • aepokh:joy
  • Neomania:hence eternal summer
being a chat op at its finest
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