Curculionidae (Snout and Bark Beetles)- Rhynchophorini Sitophilus (Granary Weevils) 3.5mm

Found on  my screen door.

Range: worldwide and throughout NA.

Habitat: mostly indoors, but may infest grain in the field.

Food :They attack wheat, corn, oats, rye, barley, sorghum, buckwheat, dried beans, cashew nuts, wild bird seed, and cereal products, especially macaroni.

Life Cycle : Adults may live four to five months


Imperial Tortoise Beetle - Stolas imperialis

With only 6-12 mm in length, the Imperial Tortoise Beetle, Stolas imperialis (Coleoptera - Chrysomelidae), is truly astonishing by the intense blue color of its body and its elytral punctuation. This species, which is one of 181 that are grouped in the genus Stolas, is poorly known and only registered from Brazil.

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Photo credit: ©Sergio Monteiro | Locality: Santa Catarina, Brazil (2014)