Here’s a final shot of my 6″ x 6″ oil painting “Coleoptera”. She will be on the wall for purchase at the “6x6″ Auguste Clown show! There are tonnes of other amazing artists that will be showing as well is you’d like to drop by for a gander.


Feather-horned Beetle (males) - Rhipicera femorata

Though small in size (10-25 mm), the rare Feather-horned Beetles, Rhipicera femorata (Coleoptera - Rhipiceridae), native to Australia, are indeed stunning by their large, fan-shaped antennae composed by many long segments. Antennae of female are filamentous, but those of male are flabellate (bearing a cusp-shaped dense comb of side-branches towards the tip).

The flabellate antennae of males are presumably particularly sensitive to the female’s scent and function as true tracking devices helping them to reach on her. 

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Photo credit: ©Ron N. Beths (CC BY-NC 2.0) | Locality: Perth Urban Bushland, Western Australia, Australia (2013, 2014) | [Top] - [Bottom]