Request by orgyofthelord

”Hi I saw your interactive chibi Sherlock and I absolutely love it, it’s so cute! I was wondering if you could do some kind of chibi johnlock involving bees? (…)”

This is the only thing that comes to my mind when I think about Sherlock and bees I’m sorry 


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Some years ago, I was very very depressed. I was very lost and felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. One day, I got dressed up and went out to a nature reserve by my appartment. I was meandering by the water front, stoned off my ass when I accidentally crashed a wedding party. A woman started talking to me about my back tattoo, which is a quot from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Turns out she was a Pagan priestess. We talked a bit and she told me I would find some answers if I went into the woods. So I did just that.

I wandered about in the woods, lost in thought, when I heard a buzzing sound. I looked up to find myself in a thicket of shrubs, surrounded by bees. I honestly don’t know if I’m alergic to bees, but my sister is deathy so, so there’s a strong possibility I am as well! But as I stood there, the bees didn’t care that I was there. They didn’t mind me as long as I didn’t bother them. So I stood there for a long time watching them. I’ve always had a fascination with insects, but that was the moment I fell in love with bees and learned a valuable life lesson:

If shit gets fucked up, stay calm, because panicking will only make things worse.

If I can chill with things that may kill me, I can get through pretty much anything.

At the Minnesota ren fest, there’s a lot of mead, and by consequence, a lot of drunk bees. I love drunk bees: they can’t fly straight and they’re docile as fuck! Last year, a bunch of them kept falling into my mead cup. I fished one out and let it dry off on my hand. It was just chillin when another bee landed on my hand and started licking the other bee. I like to think it was cleaning it, but it was probably more like “Omg, you taste like mead!”. Someone yelled at me for having bees on my hand, but I told them off. Eventually, the first bee dried enough to fly off and so did the second one. It was all adorable. I love drunk bees.



'Warpaint - Bees'. Everything's for something else.