Rolling Rock


Brewer: Anheuser-Busch

Type: Pale Lager

ABV: 4.5

Color: White Beer

Review:  What in god’s name did Busch do to Rolling Rock? This lean green drinking machine used to actually be the premium beer it claims to be on it’s logo. But somewhere along the line when it was picked up by Anheuser-Busch it became just another light beer.

The beer poured with a short head that quickly dissipated. This to me is often a bad sign, when the head dies before I can snap the picture of the post. Its smell isn’t anything special or unique much like its taste. It has a clean crisp mouthfeel and it doesn’t have strong taste, making it good for a hot day. There’s a metallic hint to it which I’m not a fan of but it’s not in your face, and barely in your mouth. 

Truth be told, it’s not terrible, it’s just not premium. It’s definitely drinkable. A plus is you can down it all night and not feel full or sick. If you’re going to a party and see yourself chugging or playing games this is a decent option. Just don’t expect much. It’s just another beer now. This is why I didn’t vote for Busch. (POLITICS!)


The ABC Beer Review Score

I always found the Beer Advocate score convoluted.



It might as well be 4.71598723

They also try to explain the score in more detail:


Good, kind of good, sort of good.

What makes you try a beer, good or very good? or both? or none?

The standard deviation is easier to understand.


For my Belgian Beer Reviews I use the ABC scale.

A » I love it

B » Not great not bad

C » I don’t like it

It’s easier.

An extreme scale would be only 2 points. A and B.

A I like it. B I don’t like it.

It’s possible that B’s grow on you. Give them a chance.

Use the ABC scale!

Due to a mislabeled shelf Craig got a 4-pack of Delirium Tremens at World Market for 5.99. He was going to just put it back, but the check out gal lowered the price for him. #beerscore

Guinness Draught


Brewer: Guinness Storehouse

Type: Irish Dry Stout

ABV: 4.2

Color: Dark Leather (SRM 50.51) 

Review: One of the big boys. Guinness. Everyone has heard of it… I think its what children are breastfed in Ireland. You read that right. Go ahead and read it again just to make sure and…yup you got it right the first time. Guinness’ head is fantastic when you pull of the perfect pour. If you haven’t heard of the perfect pour… this guy explains it with quite some passion. When we tried Guinness together there were a lot of comparisons to iced coffee, especially when we realized the dry-bitter after taste after its initial carmel-malty start. As fantastic as this classic is you unfortunately can’t drink it all night. After one or two you feel like you just ate a filling meal. Still starting the night off with one of these is a great call. If you can’t handle such a filling dark beer we’d recommend mixing it with a Smithwicks or a Harp to make a delicious black and tan. It will be a bit easier for your stomach to handle more of and you’ll look pretty boss.



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Brewer: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Type: Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6

Color: Fool’s Gold

Review: The flagship of the Sierra Nevada brewing company. Fun fact, Sierra Nevada is Spanish for “Snow-Covering Mountain Range.” See? We know things about stuff (wikipedia told us.) It was so refreshing the smell a beer that didn’t make us light candle afterwards. It had a pine and caramel smell to it. A small white head is the precursor to its smooth mouth feel. 

This “Snow-Covering Mountain Range” Pale Ale might be classical prepared, but it tastes like an IPA. There are hints of fruity citrus but it isn’t overly powerful. It reminds us of gummy bears… I swear we are over 21. You might not taste all of that but you will taste its bitter dry after taste. The after taste makes this beer one you should relax with and enjoy. Perhaps with friends…or a steak…. or a friendly steak. 


Heineken Lager


Brewer: Heineken International

Type: Pale Lager

ABV: 5.0

Color: Clear Mellow Yellow

Review:  After all the great craft beers I’ve tried recently this one is like sex in a canoe, f**king close to water. Now I’m not saying this is as flavorless as most american light beers but it was a disappointment when I sat down to review it.

Back when I was in college I would have Heineken during my weekly poker night at Baja Bean. They were only $2 a bottle and I couldn’t pass it up. That being said the memory outdid reality for this Holland beer.

The pour came, and keep in mind this review is coming from the mini keg, with some head that disolved quickly making me rush the above photo. It’s scent was a very subtle hint of bitterness which foreshadowed the taste. It goes down smooth with a crispness but there’s no rush of flavor. You can enjoy this beer but I doubt it’s any decent drinker’s favorite. I’m guessing its just the go to for any college kid who doesn’t want to drink the same light beers everyone else ordered. Or maybe people just want to meet Jennifer Anniston. 


Blue Moon Harvest Moon



Brewer: Blue Moon Brewing Company

Type: Pumpkin Ale

ABV: 5.7%

Color: Autumn Leaf (SRM 28.5)

Review: This weekend Fall started to make its presence known in our neck of the woods so we busted out the Harvest Moon. This beer is available from September through November and by no coincidence that’s the perfect time of year to enjoy it. This strong-headed autumn ale is an excellent beer to enjoy outside during the day. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it inside your apartment. We just imagine its pumpkin pie smell and its mix of spice and sweetness at an outdoor gathering on a chilly afternoon. Sorry if we’ve gotten too specific on how we want you to enjoy your beer, we just seem to discuss the best setting for each beer while we review them and we really all connected with this one. The flavor is great and would pair well with a beef dish or a seasonal soup. We hope you find the time to give this beer a try with friends while enjoying an autumn afternoon.



Magic Hat #9


Brewer: Magic Hat Brewing Company

Type: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.1

Color: Violent Amber (SRM 9.0) 

Review: This beer treated us very well. We quite frankly enjoyed it on many levels. For starters it’s beautiful looking, a vivid amber color with good head. It smelt similar to a fruity shampoo. The taste was fantastic. It describes itself as a “Not Quite So Pale Ale”, and that’s pretty accurate. It has a very crisp taste with great retention that accompanies the fruity smell but not as strong as an IPA. The after taste is dry and hardly harsh or overwhelming but instead refreshing. We found ourselves enjoying this beer through all the senses (uhh yeah.. it even made a cool noise when we poured it.) This isn’t a beer for a drinking game like Beer Pong or Flip Cup. You don’t want to chug this beer even though it goes down very smoothly. It’s a good beer to enjoy and take your time with so games like Asshole and Kings would work. The ideal place for this beer is a pub with friendly company or a shindig with some buddies. Oh and did we mention the fortune cookie style message on the bottom of every cap? I mean it’s nothing you’ll quote later but hey points for effort.



Daisy Cutter


Brewer: Half Acre

Type: Pale Ale

ABV: 5.2

Color: Deep Copper

Review:  Wow. This beer took me by surprise. Move out of the way Magic Hat #9… Daisy Cutter steals the show when it comes to American Pale Ales. Top Score. Here’s why.

The scent when poured was flowery with hints of citris… all too appropriate given the name. The head was large and lingered before dissipating into a thin white line. It had a medium mouth feel with a crisp feel on the tongue. Went down very smooth with a flavorful hit of bitterness at the end. The taste was a great balance of bright citrus hops with hints of malt in the background.

When this beer came in a tallboy I felt I was cheating myself. Let the record state that I think cans ruin a good beer and that bottle and draft are the only way to go…I’d like to hear the opposing argument. I stand by that statement, but this Chicago brewed beer powered through and jumped up onto my list of favorites. 


Fat Tire


Brewer: New Belgium

Type: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.2

Color: Crayola Orange

Review:  There is no coincidence that this beer was reviewed this week. Zach is leaving for Chicago and will be carrying on Beercasm in “Chi-City.” While it’s exciting to go some place with plenty of new beers and bars to review Zach knows he will miss VCU, Richmond and most of all the people who make it what it is. So with that we are reviewing one of his favorite beers. Fat Tire. The only one that can rival Guinness over the Irishman’s heart… and liver.

Fat Tire is simply fantastic. It can be drank in just about any circumstance that it needs to be called upon. You can drink it from an ale glass with an air of sophistication or from a 22oz bottle like a hobo. You might look like a homeless man but you’ll feel like a king when the beer hits your lips. The beer pours a full long lasting head and it smells like what Yankee Candle would turn in to their “Pub Scent.” 

This ale is a strong in the way that it hits you twice. Kind of like Ndamukong Suh. When you first taste it hits your tongue like a light IPA and follows up with a consistent after taste. Through and through the experience is a great one. It’s not too light, not too heavy, it’s flavor isn’t too strong or weak, you can enjoy it in the bar or at a lodge in the woods. For all of this, it’s versatility, it’s appeal, it’s overall zeal, we salute Fat Tire with our first perfect score. 

Magic Hat Humble Patience


Brewer: Magic Hat Brewing Company

Type: Irish-Style Red

ABV: 4.6

Color: Cola Soda (SRM 34.0)

Review: Seeing how we had the Halloween season Magic Hat variety pack… we figured why not review another one right out of the case? This beer reminded us of a dessert. It smells like a raspberry chocolate cake that accompanies its sweet taste rather well. The beer is surprisingly light given its dark complexion, and although its taste is full and refreshing… it lacks staying power. Its not necessarily a criticism but the taste hits you at first but doesn’t stick around until your next sip. This beer isn’t meant for a party or games. It’s best as an after dinner drink or when relaxing with a few friends. Its definitely worth a try next time your at a chill bar or pub.