Beer Runs


9 o’clock on a Saturday the regular crowd shuffles in…oh wait, sorry. Well it was Saturday night and I wanted to drink a few beers. However I found myself in unusual territory, the neighborhood of Potomac and Baynes, so I had no idea where to go for my refreshment.

My cohort led me down to the corner of Potomac and Hoyt st to a corner store named Green Farms.  From the hand painted signs to the graffiti on the signs to the wrought iron gate waiting to be shut after closing I could tell I was in for something else.

Inside Green Farms was sort of a grab bag of whatever these people could find to stock their shelves with. The aisle I went down started out with cake mix then switched to coffee then baby food then diapers, with the chunky blue cheese and salad dressing hanging out across the aisle.

Other products you could find there were various clothing items and even hair extensions if you found yourself in a bind and couldn’t make it to your favorite salon. They also had a deli with a full menu.

As for beer I got highlife pounders, which came out to $6.00 even. No tax, no deposit. I don’t think the guy really knew the price anyway. The $6.00 wasn’t so bad as it usually comes out to $5.75 after tax and deposit at most other locales. I’ll gladly pay the extra quarter for a trip to Green Farms. 

You would think a Hawaiian would want out of his suit any second he could get…but when it’s for beer, nothing stands in the way of pro surfer @freddyp808!
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Beer Runs

(editors note: No, this doesn’t have to do with the shit you take after a night of drinking.  These are stories we feel are interesting enough to share while making a beer run.)

Just for once can I make it down to my local convenient store for a sweet sweet 24oz of Molson Canadian without someone trying to bum a cigarette off me?  I DON’T SMOKE CIGS I DON’T HAVE A FAG YOU CAN BUM OFF ME.

The best part about this particular trip other than the two deuce-fours I came home with ($3.58 total) was a quote from a story some guy was telling another guy.  Other than the one guy not giving a shit what the other guy had to say as he walked away, bum #2 dropped this gem, “I’ve been in this neighborhood a longgg time.  I moved to California… but unfortunately I moved back” Ha