Summer is here and it brings good and also some bad news. But the good ones are better and bigger, for sure! 

I get a kind of a job (thanks to that, I’m learning a lot of practical things, like managing my time), and I just opened a new collective exhibition at the wonderful Holiday Hydros Hotel! I’m so glad they liked my work enough to exposing it in their restaurant and floors, not once, but twice! But this time, the deadline ends at August, so it will only be there this month. I encourage you to go and take a look if you have a chance! :) 

And yes, the drawing that illustrate this post, “Frambuesas”, is part of that expo! (As a curious note, I’ll tell you that is inspired by a dish of their restaurant, mixed with the influence that the fashion’s imaginery has had always on me).

I’ll be updating the rest of the new pieces today, as well as my web and my online shops, so please, look forward to it! ♥