Microfarm life is pretty amazing. It’s completely sucked up all my remaining “non-existent” free time. But it’s worth it. We’ve been in the house for almost a month now and it feels like home already. This afternoon I’m having Dude from Oceanside Ale Works. Haven’t had a beer in a while so of course this tastes delicious. But I can definitely see why this one was a gold medal winner at the SD International Beer Festival. Cheers.

Erin’s Basically Cheating Baked Chicken in Guinness Recipe

This tastes great and does not actually involve a lot of work or concentration, to the extent that I left the house twice while I was making it. I think you know it’s a pretty easy recipe when you realise you can wander out and get coffee halfway through.

I almost called this recipe ‘Hitler Dish Chicken’ because I texted my flatmate to ask if we had a hotpot dish and my phone corrected 'Hotpot’ to 'Hitler.’ Thanks, Edith.

You will need

-Some chicken. I used four thigh pieces. I think you can probably use as little as two or as many as six without fucking things up. Also breast and leg probably works exactly the same.

-1tsp rosemary, 1tsp mixed herbs. Bay leaves would be nice if you have some, too.

-¾ bulb of garlic, peeled.

-Two carrots, cut up into smallish chunks.

-12oz of Guinness or similar dark ale. I suspect Guinness is pretty skank in the scheme of things, so feel free to use a nicer dark ale, if you are unlike me and have taste.

Salt & pepper to taste.

-Bacon or pancetta, in little cubes. You could probably drape bacon over the chicken if you didn’t want to bother to chop it. My pancetta came cubed because Waitrose is a sinful den of temptation. And pancetta.

To make the chickens:

-Stick oven on at somewhere around 180-200oc depending on the ferocity of your oven.

-Get a large pot or casserole dish.

-Put the chickens in the dish and put some salt and pepper on them. Try to aim at the chickens, although most of it will fall off.

-Throw the carrots, pancetta, and garlic in on top.

-Sprinkle the herbs on top, again, trying to aim at the chickens.

-Pour the Guinness in AROUND the chickens, as if you pour it on top it will wash all your herbs and salt and things off and you might as well not have bothered.

-Wang the whole thing in the oven.

-Wait fifteen minutes and then pull them out and flip the chickens over.

-Wait fifteen more minutes and flip again. This time you can try spooning some of the sauce over the chickens. Do not burn your wrist while doing this. I burned my wrist.

-Wait fifteen more minutes, flip and baste again. This time, your chickens will be pretty much done probably. You can either leave them in another 10 or so minutes or just turn the oven off and let it sit in there while you faff about yelling at your potatoes which are meant to be for mash but you forgot to turn the heat on under the saucepan so they are still little raw cubes.

-Oh yeah, you should have put the potatoes, if you intended to mash them, on about 15-20 minutes ago, probably around about the time you were burning your wrist trying to collect sauce into a spoon and shouting at your oven like Gordon Ramsey.

-Pretend you’re in Ratatouille and make your chickens into a pretty pile on top of the potatoes on your plate, decorated with carrots, pancetta, sauce, etc.

-Put in your face.


Throw Back Thursday!

We all start somewhere!

It was 2003. This was one of my first professional jobs. My first few jobs were mostly for Def Jam. When not drawing cartoon chickens, I was working at St. Marks Sounds, standing on a wooden box, checking bags. 

I was told the photo compositor rallied to get my work removed from the cover; I don’t have this record, so I am not sure if they even used any of the work. I wouldn’t be mad at that. 

Beer BBQ Chicken

I started a new job so we’ve been surviving on fast food or sandwiches rather than cooking most nights, so I haven’t posted many meal ideas.

But I saw this in Family Circle magazine in a school waiting room, and it looks like something to try making this weekend…I have always loved beer chicken.

1 tsp. Oil
4 lbs chicken pieces; breast, thighs, or legs
2 onions, cut in wedges
1 cup dark beer or ale
1 ½ cup BBQ sauce

Heat oil medium- high in a large skillet. Brown chicken on both sides. Place in slow cooker. Add onions.

Combine beer and BBQ sauce and pour over chicken and onions.

Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 7-8.