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This weekend I went to Hunter for Tap-NY, a big giant beer festival of New York breweries.

We got there Friday night, spent some time drinking beers in the hot tub, then went to bed on the early side. I thought I’d be the first one up when I got up to run, but somehow all 11 people crammed into the penthouse of the lodge woke around the same time. I got a short slow run in (very slow on the way back to the lodge because it was uphill) then we headed out to drink.

The 4 hours kind of went by in a blur. Some of my favorites were Rushing Duck Zingerbeer, Prison City Cherry Poppins, Mill House Brewing Cien Cerezas, Keegan Milk Stout with Coco Puffs, The Brewery at Bacchus’ Indiginous, Brown’s Whiskey Porter, and as usual Peekskill Simple Sour. There was so much variety that even though I avoided all IPAs/Pale Ales there were about 3x more beers that I could’ve possibly sampled.

I tried to hang out in the hot tub with everyone, but I ended up returning to the room where I fell asleep on the floor in my bathing suit. This is not code for ‘passed out,’ I purposely lay a towel down, got my blanket and a pillow and just took a nap. Later we ordered pizza and I read to everyone from the list of US presidents in order of hotness. (This list loses some credibility when, spoiler alert, it does not rank Ulysses S Grant #1.)

Sunday morning we woke up and, surprisingly, all got up and out almost an hour before we had to check out! We grabbed brunch at Phoenicia Diner, which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the Catskills. Excellent food and friendly service (which says a lot when you’re in a large hungover group of 9 people.) I made it home around 4 and left almost immediately for a 5 mile walk to Trader Joe’s because I hadn’t eaten a vegetable in a few days.

This morning I got up and made it to the gym to lift! I hated almost every picture taken of me this weekend so I’m trying to channel that into healthy choices and intense workouts instead of being sad. I’m eating a salad right now while I type this! I have a weird pain in my back/shoulder area and I’m not sure if I should stretch it or roll my lacrosse ball on it or if maybe I subluxated a rib again.

So…that’s what’s going on with me!

Grapefruit Sculpin (Ballast Point)

Brewery : Ballast Point
Beer : Grapefruit Sculpin
Style : IPA
Variance : Brewed with Grapefruit

8.5 / 10

Now this is something my colon doesn’t have to be scared of. Out of the 3 Sculpins available right now, I’d definitely have to say that this one is the best. The grapefruit works perfect like Al and Peggy Bundy, hands down the pants and all, without being overwhelming along with the hop flavor and it’s a match made in heaven. I’ve had other grapefruit IPAs and this one takes the cake as far as mashing those two flavors together in harmony. It has a nice sweet grapefruit start with the hoppy bitterness shining through towards the middle and end of the taste. Even the aroma has that delicious Florida grapefruit smell without the 80 year olds in shitty depends scent sprinkled in. This is a brew for any time of the year but if it’s warm out you just may hear angels singing while you sipped this puppy down. Hop heads and newbies rejoice because I’d recommend this brew to all levels and style lovers of beer drinkers around the world.

Written by: Steve B.

Buxton / Oedipus / Rooie Dop Ring Your Mother 1832 XXXX Mild, 9.5% abv#

This Anglo-Dutch collaboration between prob’ly my favourite UK brewery and a couple of top notch Netherlands craft breweries resurrects a mid-nineteenth century recipe from back in the days when a ‘mild’ ale meant a young or fresh ale rather than y’r typical subtly flavoured, low gravity, pub session beer of a contemporary mild. Now, this isn’t the first take on an old-school mild I’ve had, but it is my first XXXX mild (milds were rated for potency, from X to XXXX dontchaknow) and the first I’ve had to feature a good dose of American hops, so to say I’m intrigued is an understatement.

Time to get stuck in then. And wow, this stuff tastes like a gob full of citrus rind topped sticky toffee pudding! Sweet, sumptuous malts with rich, stewed stone fruit flavours and oodles of toffee lead, there’s a lovely zesty and mildly herbaceous hop presence and bitterness in the middle, leading into a lingering bittersweet finish, the hops and malts forming a wondrous union. If it reminds me of anything, it’d be a blend of fresh English and American barleywine. Aye, this is a grand thing. Full bodied, well hidden alcohol, super tasty, and just great fun. Congrats, Buxton and chums on another stunner. Cheers!

Đi nhậu, uống bia Sài Gòn, xong các bạn PG cho bốc thăm, bốc bừa ai ngờ trúng bật lửa. Mọi người bảo hên !

Hố hố… chào mừng 30.4 nhé. Em yêu bia Sài Gòn và cả Sài Gòn nữa :x