Zorra - Craft beer / 2015. Designed by Análogo design boutique based in Guadalajara Jalisco México. 


Brewed on Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, Zorra is dedicated to bring unique tasting experiences. Our naming and branding proposal combines a strong name treated in a friendly and contemporary way. Two strong beer styles have been selected to make the brand’s first statement. A black strong Imperial Peanut Stout made with a combination of six malts and brewed with roasted peanut and a Red India Pale Ale wich uses a selected variety of hops to bring floral and herbal scents.


Sour Grapes

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to distrust the Anhueuser-Busch owned Goose Island Beer Company. A-B’s anticompetitive practices are well documented, but the fear that buyouts lead to a drop in beer quality seems to be unfounded. Goose Island’s blackberry infused Juliet is still a great wild ale. 

Juliet opens with a sour, funky scent. The body is fizzy like a blackberry soda, the thin bubbles quickly dissipate. On the palate Juliet opens with the grains and finishes with lots of acid. Grassy hay covers up the fruit flavor, but that’s to be expected after two years in the bottle. As far as lambic-style beers go, Juliet brings nearly as much complexity as the Belgian originals.

There is a lot of nitpicking I could do here – it’s not spontaneously fermented; it’s not blended from multiple vintages; it lacks the cheesy weirdness from extended wild fermentation – but I’m not sure how much that comes from my reluctance to praise Goose Island. I’ll just say Juliet is very tasty and leave it at that.