Mikkeller Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter ,  6.0% abv

When it comes to presentation few do it better than Mikkeller. Those quirky names and wonderful Keith Shore labels have created a branding identity that’s both unmistakable and only limited in possibilities by Mr Shore’s imagination, much like the absurdly inventive beer inside. Take the one above, lurking within that gorgeously liveried bottle we have a porter brewed with yuzu, wheat, and lactose. My ThunderCats onesie is gettin’ rather drool dampened. Time to get stuck in.

'Tis rather sweet and citrusy up front, yuzu, orange, and lemon zest aplenty. Gorgeously roasty whole bean coffee and toasted cacao nib flavours follow with burned caramel and liquorice undertones developing, the bitter coffee and a decent dose of earthy hops help tame that early sweetness before a touch of tart citrus makes an appearance for the finish.

Honestly, I’d have bought this for the label alone, but it turns out the beer is (unsurprisingly, this is Mikkeller) bloody delicious and as close to a liquid Terry’s Chocolate Orange Dark as I could wish. Albeit one dunked in espresso. Fantastic stuff. Cheers!