Темное пиво “Бедный Тони”. 

В оформлении этикетки обыгрывается название. Порванная этикетка по-сиротски перевязана веревочкой.

01 February 2015

Beer Benefits

Beer gets a bad press, but that may be set to change. The world’s third-most popular beverage, after water and tea, could have a redeeming health benefit. Scientists have found that the hops used to flavour beer might protect brain cells from damage, potentially slowing the development of disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Recently, a study showed that a compound found only in hops called xanthohumol may guard brain cells against oxidative damage, which can contribute to neurodegenerative illnesses. A separate study suggests xanthohumol even improves memory. In traditional Chinese medicine, hops have been used to treat a variety of ailments for centuries. Cheers!

Written by Nick Kennedy

Image by François Louis Jaques on Wikimedia Commons
Originally published under a Creative Commons Licence (BY 4.0)
Research published in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, January 2015

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Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game

Magnetic tipped darts in case you’ve played this game for too long and mistake your friends for the board.

  • Materials: glass, metal, plastic
  • Pieces: 1 dart board, 4 plastic darts w/ magnetic tip, 4 shot glasses
  • Game board with glass shot glasses instructions included
  • Care instructions: Hand wash with warm water and mild dish detergent