Bell’s, Two Hearted Ale 7.0% abv

I’ve wanted to try this highly thought of Centennial single hopped IPA from Michigan’s Bell’s Brewery for some time. Unfortunately their wares don’t make it to this side of the pond so I was reduced to daydreaming about the multitude of potential deliciousness I’d never get to sample, then one day the totally awesome lisaseifer and lesseifer sent me a selection of their stuff via high speed carrier goose and woohoo! Two Hearted was finally mine!

It really didn’t disappoint. Bold and resinous with orange led citrus flavours, the grapefruit following close behind, hints of peach, mango, whole pine boughs, and a lovely, strong biscuity malt backbone that provides sweetness in the middle and a great balance before a dry finish with a relatively low bitterness. It’s well carbed, light/medium bodied, and a pleasure to swill around y’mouth. 

So yeah I really enjoyed it, even at 14 years or so since its release it managed to stand out from the hilariously overcrowded IPA crowd to deliver an immensely satisfying gob full or three. I’ll miss it. Cheers!