About to watch Outlander 1X08 and I have so many EMOTIONS

I’m really excited that it look as though they’ve beefed up Frank’s role for the show, Tobias Menzies is fantastic and his characters deserve all the screen time they can get,

But I’m nervous (curious?? I don’t even know!) to see what Frank’s increased presence will do to the Claire/Jamie dynamic. Claire and Jamie have had so little time together, they only just learned each others’ full names, after all, it’ll be tricky to hold on to their growing chemistry with Frank front and center and


Of course, I always thought the way in which Frank was shafted in the books kinda ruined a chance at some legitimate triangle drama soooo, I’m looking forward to this? Maybe? But like, we hardly know Jamie as a character and just



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Frank is going to a bachelor party this weekend, and one of his good buddies is coming up to stay at our place in Columbus tonight because he’s going to the Bearcats/Buckeyes game tomorrow (this person has also become a good friend of mine, of course)

And I’ve let him know if he wants to hang out with his other friends down here tonight that’s 100% okay, I’ve got a lot of Korra to rewatch before book 4 comes out.

But I secretly hope he doesn’t because then we can bro out together, just the two of us.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Buckeyes game with Frank’s sister and I’m excited about that for the same reason.

Cooked up an autumn dish today - Zucchini, Franks & Rice: Garden Fresh Zucchini, Sliced Nathan’s Beef Franks, Basmati Rice, Garden Cherry Tomatoes, White Onion, Garlic, Teriyaki Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Cracked Black Pepper! 🍴 (at Niwot, Colorado)

17 Things You Need To Eat In Leeds Right Now

The meat capital of Yorkshire.

Cheese and charcuterie at Friends of Ham

Cured meats galore, a huge selection of cheeses from the super-stinky stilton to creamy Wensleydale, served with fruit cake, since you’re in Yorkshire. Best of all, there’s more craft beers to wash it all down with than you could shake a hand-crafted artisan stick at in this cool, cosy bar.

Facebook / Via Facebook: friendsofham

Chilli-cheese dog at Dogtown

Dogtown started life at street food festivals in London and is now serving dogs up north at Leeds’s Trinity Kitchen. They claim their chilli-cheese dog, ‘pork or beef frank topped with our rare-breed beef and bone-marrow chilli. Served with sour-cream and coriander in a steamed, pillowy bun’, is a world-beater, and we wouldn’t argue with them.

Facebook / Via Facebook: dogtownhotdogco

The Yorkshire Blue at Kerb Edge Burgers

Oozing local blue cheese and beef, what’s not to love? Regularly served up at Leeds’s Trinity Kitchen with Atom Beer on tap, and other spots around town that you can keep track of via Twitter.

Kerb edge

Salted caramel chocolate brownies at the Madeleine Express

The pop-up project of Young British Foodie finalist, Noisette Bakehouse, regularly serves up this rich treat at Trinity Kitchen and around Yorkshire. Find out when they’ll be on twitter.

Noisette Bakehouse / Via noisettebakehouse.com

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Today was yet another fantastic day! I got to see a Japanese baseball game! Go Fukuoka Hawks! We lost 8 - 1 but it wa still an amazing time! Although I did have to make the tough choice at the concession stand. Do I go with the chicken burger with the boiled egg center, or the beef frank with brown curry chili on top. Hmmm. choices choices. After the game we hit somewhat of a local institution. It’s a ramen shop with three menu items. Ramen, Ramen with rice, and Ramen with rice and pot stickers. I ofcourse went with option three which was, as expected, AMAZING! Japanese food is by fsr my favorite (although I quick trip to Taco Bell or Chick-fil-a really couldn’t hurt right now haha)

Women’s World Cup Final. Created this monstrosity during Mikey and Suzie’s Women’s World Cup Final Party. It consists of two beef franks, one turkey frank, two hamburger patties, two slices of american cheese, spicy brown mustard and ketchup. Not really sure what I was thinking, in fact, by this point I’m sure my good friend Sailor Jerry was making all my important decisions for me.