Lean steak mince bolognese with fusilli pasta for The Lovely Man. I add in plenty of extra vegetables to the bolognese sauce and then throw in some steamed mange tout peas when mixing with the pasta to add crunch and extra nutrition.

You all can have your opinions on Iggy Azalea being a racist, homophobe etc and I will not argue because I can see how that is the case.

But you cannot turn around and tell me that Azealia Banks isn’t the same. I’ve seen plenty of tweets from her being racist, transphobic and homophobic - no different from Iggy.

She fights racism with racism and that’s not how it works. Not if you’re truly fighting for equality. Racism doesn’t fix other racism and I don’t think she gets that.

A quote from Azazu Bonks:

“From police murders, to Macklemore and Igloo Australia…. They are even trying to tear down our father figure BILL COSBY”

I’m not saying she’s wrong about Bill Cosby- I’m not too familiar with his case, but I do know that if that was a white man she would fight for days at how he is a disgusting pedophiliac rapist without even waiting for the facts.

One thing I will not and cannot fault her on though is most of her Black Culture rant because she is 100% correct with it. Black Culture is still looked down upon today and I know that.

But again, calling out Iggy Azalea makes you ignorant if you can’t also call out Azealia Banks on her shit too.

"Something fun for a Monday—take a look at this Quaker advertisement from 1893 via the Boston Public Library's Flickr account.

Oats are high in protein and fiber and can be used as an inexpensive thickener in veggie burger recipes. Now if only Quaker would #DitchtheDairy and drop the milk mustache from its marketing!”

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