“Bisexual and transgender people ARE NOT allowed in LGBT spaces unless they’re in a HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP!”

how many bees do u have up ur asshole like I’m just curious

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I saw this one post about a Tuesday being on the 22nd, and then it turns out the next one is on February 22nd, 2022 on a "2's day" (haha get it??). And all I could think of was Sollux just "*vibratiNG INTENSIFIES*" cause twos, and I laughed really hard and thought of you and your Sollux, and I thought you should know about that.



“these hoes don’t treat you like i treat you/ like my contacts i can see right through/ don’t they know me and you is stuck like glue?!/ QUEEN BITCH means number 1 and 2!”

the notorious B.I.G. ft. lil’ kim - “would you die for me?” [x]

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Do you have any suggestions for Bee and Puppycat type shows? I just finished watching it for the millionth time and need something to watch while I wait for the next episode


Bee & Puppycat is actually heavily inspired by old anime and various slice-of-life type cartoons, so you might definitely enjoy some of those. Here are a few similar titles:

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I feel so strongly over the fact that all of the bees who collected pollen in "the bee movie" were male or at least perceived as male. Like??? Worker bees at female and male bees (drones) do nothing but fuck the queen and have no stinger. They probably walk out on the morning after too.

fuckbees, like their human fuckboy counterparts, exist in numbers that put the entire worldwide bee population to shame.

lol but seriously tho, my comparing the two is hardly fair. for example, male bees are meant to be that way and what they do is necessary for the survival of the bee species as a whole and so are actually very important, whereas human fuckboys just choose to be assholes and are completely unnecessary and unimportant. so anyway, please be gentle with the bees; it’s not their fault that they don’t live up to our human standards.

tbh that is pretty fucked up tho how they made all of the pollen jocks (as i believe they were called) male bees now that u mention it. petition for a remake that does it all the right way. and send whoever made that stupid decision an angry letter for me