Hello my fellow simblrs!

I decided to break out of my box and do some bedding recolors. They’re all pretty pink, so I decided to name this set Summer. I will be creating a set for each season, but I won’t make you wait till each season to download them ;)

If there are any issues with them, please let me know. They work just fine in my game, though. 

You can download the bedding here.


TOU: Please don’t claim as your own, or upload to any pay sites.

List of CC used for the photos:

The bed frame, bedside tables, dresser, framed table art, and rug are all by the fabulous Saudade

The walls are by the awesome melbrewer367

The curtain, the flowers on the dressser , and wood flooring are all by the very talented Veranka

The hydrangea is by the gorgeous Puzmo

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"I don't care what you did." (Marvel)

Over the past few months, Steve, you and the rest of the team had been trying to easy Bucky back into modern life. After being tortured and controlled for so long, it was quite a hard task to do. For some reason, you were the only one he trusted - aside from Steve, of course. Natasha had teased you about it, saying that Bucky liked you - you just believed that it was because you were always there.

You knocked on Bucky’s door with a mug of steaming coffee. He grunted, allowing you to walk inside. He was lying on his bed, chest bare, staring up at the ceiling, “How are you feeling?” You asked him but you knew the answer.

“More nightmares.”

You placed the coffee on the bedside table and sat on the edge of his bed, leaning against his knee, “It’ll get easier.” You told him softly, “It’ll take a long time but I’ll help you get through it.”

“What if I don’t want you to help me?” He asked, eyes trained on the ceiling still.

You shrugged, “Too bad.”

He shot up then, suddenly angry, “I could hurt you, (y/n).” He stressed, “You think I’m healed; I’m not. Steve was my mission and I want to kill him. I want to kill all of you!”


“No!” He snapped, eyes brimming with tears, “I could hurt you… I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt me.” You breathed out, “I trust you.”

“Yeah, well I don’t trust myself. They trained me to kill. God, do you know how many people I- I…”

“I don’t care what you did.” You told him strongly, grabbing his metal hand as your other caressed his cheek, “I don’t care. That wasn’t you. It wasn’t really you.”


James,” You whispered, “I trust you.”

Personal Angel|| {Tason}

Smirking down at her boyfriend, Tiger placed a small kiss to his lips before jumping out of bed and onto her feet “So, grab your hoodie. We’ve got lingerie shopping to do” she chanted enthusiastically, doing a small pirrouette. In a swift movement, she grabbed her Iphone off the bedside table and tapped her foot as she waited for the black haired boy.


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Ooooooo can you one with the lyrics "i quite i quit i quit but i ain't giving you up." ive always loved that song and i cant resist. I quit by Click five :)

I feel like you requested this soo long ago but I just recently got to it, sorry but here it is. (I took the lyrics/song literally so yes)..


A bang followed by some shuffling and a groggy voice mumbling “When the fuck did that door get there?” jolted Niall from his bed. He groaned, stretching his arms and looking over at his bedside clock. The digital clock read six AM; Niall assumed he drifted to sleep waiting for Harry to celebrate their two year anniversary… yesterday. He had sat around their home all day, moving from the kitchen to the dining room and ending up in his bedroom for the whole day awaiting Harry’s arrival to celebrate. When it had reach five in the evening, Niall remembered shooting Harry a text asking when he would come over, Harry responding with a quick ‘soon.’

“Guess ‘soon’ meant into the next day,” Niall grumbled, throwing off his sheets and standing off the bed. Rubbing at his eyes, he descended down the stairs. From just the third step down, Niall could hear the sound of rummaging in the pantry and the fridge being opened and closed as if it was some sort of beat, “You’re not going to find anything to eat; you’ve already eaten it all.”

Harry’s head shot out from behind the opened fridge door, his eyes were bloodshot red and Niall couldn’t help the anger boiling in his system. Niall had gotten too used to the routine of Harry coming home with his head high in the clouds, whatever drug he had smoked or snorted taking him to a totally different world. The first time it happened would always be a day Niall would remember;

“Hey, Niall,” He heard Harry mumbling in his ear while he tried to sleep, the stench of sweat and weed was really what startled Niall awake, he shot up into a sitting position—nearly knocking heads with Harry who had been hovering over him.

“Harry? What the fucking hell are you doing?” Niall mumbled, rubbing his hands over his eyes, trying to gain full consciousness. He blinked a couple of times as Harry bursted into a fit of giggles, falling back onto his back as he laughed. “Harry!”

“Niall!” Harry shouted back, still a giggling mess, “Babe, I’m hungry. Can you make me something to eat?” Harry sat back up, his eyes meeting Niall’s the first time that morning. Niall nearly chocked—Harry’s eyes were bloodshot red, squinty, and almost watery. As he gasped from shock, the smell of marijuana welcomed him again.

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Healing The Wounds

Alright, I´m totally unsure about this now. I don´think I did it in the way I wanted to…But now I´ve written it…

Yawning Charles took his reading glasses off, shut his book and placed it on the bedside locker.  “Not sleepy, daring?” he murmured while switching out his light. “Mmhhh…one minute…,” was the incidentally answer while she eagerly turned the page of her book.

Rolling his eyes Charles sunk down into the pillow, though he bemused watched his wife imbibing the words of the bestseller in her hands. He probably hadn´t met another person in his life who devoured all sorts of books in the mass and, most of all, tempo that Camilla did. Well, maybe Bruce, her late father. But, whomever asked her for a book of whatever, she for sure had already read it.

Indulgent he smiled and his index finger slipped up and down her lower arm. Camilla took this as a sign and sighing shut her book. Why on earth the days have no more hours? She could easily fill them…

“Alright,” she muttered and laid her book and glasses on her locker as well. And as always Charles grabbed her hand immediately, but tonight even before she had switched out her light. And he hold her tight and a way she knew that his day wasn´t finished yet.

He still had something on his mind, of course he had. They had talked about it since days, since weeks actually, and though this day wasn´t easy, for them both. She admired Charles for staying so calm and self-controlled most of the time. But if they had a moment just for themselves, things looked different and she had done anything to free him from his heartaches…

He scrambled over to her bedside and his arm slipped under her body. Camilla flung her left arm around his neck and her right hand rested on his upper arm. She tried to see his eyes, but just slowly his tired gaze appeared out of the darkness.

Charles eagerly stared at her as well and sighing smiled in adoration as he could watch into her shining diamonds, full of love for him. Camilla touched his face and breathed: “I love you, darling. You have done so well.” Her thumb slipped over to his lips tenderly and back to the cheekbone.

Charles smiled a bit wider and his gaze changed even more into total confidence and gratefulness for her. He hold her tighter and stroke along her cheek: “I never had come through this without you, darling. Never.” His voice was low and determined, but also kind of desperate. Tenderly he pecked her lips, as carefully as he would kiss an invaluable treasure. In his eyes he did just right now.

Camilla embraced him more, her right hand had touched his neck and pressed his face against her. She fondled his neckline and almost inaudible breathed: “I know. But your old bag will be there for you till the end of all days.”

Charles nodded into her cheek and scrambled between her legs. Both his arms had wrapped her now and he deeply inhaled her wonderful smell that let him always feel at home.

His thoughts wandered back to this day, the day he had longed for so much. But this was also the day he scared deeply, because he was unsure what would wait for him and if it would reopen old sores. And, if he could pull himself together when he stands at the place for the first time that turned his life upside down almost thirty six years ago.

Luckily no press and no public was around as they met the people who had watched the horrible scene as the boat exploded and tried to help. And found his wounded family, and his dead uncle and cousin and their boat mate.

And luckily no press and public was around as they made their steps into Classiebawn Castle, Uncle Dickie´s summer home. Charles still felt the lump in his throat and his clenched stomach, as he breathed the air in the entrance hall. It was fuggy and in the light that fell through the windows he could see hovering the dust. And he knew it was so ridiculous, but for a moment he had a feeling Uncle Dickie would turn round the corner in the next minute.

Camilla had watched him, her eyes had changed into a light worried gaze, but she knew he just had to face it now. She linked arm with him, but said nothing for the moment. Thankfully he looked at her, gulped and nodded. He was ready, just had to be ready…

…They were left alone as they stood in Uncle Dickie´s former bedroom. Everything had changed here, it had turned into a modern home. But neither he nor Camilla were interested in it, probably hadn´t realised that it was furnished here at all.

They just stood there, in front of the huge panorama window, tightly wrapped into each other. Their gazes were focussed on the breathtaking view across the bay of Mullaghmore. The sea was smooth and the sun reflected in the light waves, it looked just beautiful and full of peace. But it felt treacherous.

Camilla could hear his heart pounding like mad against her ear that rested on his chest. He tried to hold back his jerks and the feelings which slowly came up from the ground of his heart. But his fingers had deeply clawed into his wife and his face was deep reddened.

Over and over his brain repeated the scene he had seen so often in the TV. But just right now it was like real, as if the remains of the destroyed boat still bopped up and down there in the water.  It was like if it had happened just moments ago, as if just seconds before someone told him the terrible news. He felt lost like thirty six years before, it was just that different as the only person he needed to survive was in his arms now, and not hundreds of miles away from him.

Sobbing he looked down at her, Camilla had already lifted up her head and watched him with wide eyes, full of tears. She also remembered the terrible moment as she switched on the TV with the Breaking News, and she still had the ring of the phone in her ears with Charles in the line.

But most of all her heart ached for him now, she always had hated to see him in pain. But it just had to be now, and she kissed his trembling lips. “Let it loose, darling…,” her words were almost inaudible, but for Charles is was the last step.

Eventually hot tears flooded down his face and he hung in her arms like a small child. But it weren´t so much bitter tears as in the years before, this tears seemed to wash something away. The more tears he wept, the smaller got the burden he still carried somewhere inside. It was healing, much more as he ever had imagined.

It felt as if he slowly got out of the middle of the scene, as he just was an onlooker now. It was still sad and terrible, but it didn´t bring him down any longer. Charles knew now that this place had waited for him, to bring it to an end one day…

The tears still flooded down on him, but he felt light and relieved and freed. And he felt them kissed away from soft lips in the same way like thirty six years before.  As he totally exhausted, like drowning and after a long travel, had arrived in the only place that made sense to him.

Sniffling and still sobbing he fondled her back tightly with both his hands and smiled lovingly to her. If only Uncle Dickie could see that he, Charles, was right. Right from the start, that he and Camilla were made for each other. That they were meant to be together, that there wasn´t one single second they didn´t love one another since meeting for the first time. That they made each other happy, endless happy. And, a fact Uncle Dickie really, really was wrong about: that she was the perfect consort for him, that she was born to be his princess. And his future queen…

The blanket was slipped aside and Camilla covered them again, angling for it with one hand as she hold Charles still tightly. It was rather cold here, Lough Cutra Castle was lovely, but in no way lagged against the nasty weather.

Her hands travelled up and down his back before she hold his head again: “How are you, darling?” she breathed. Charles deeply exhaled and aspirated a kiss on her cheek: “Better. Much better.” He moved lightly and his right arm slipped under her neck. His upper body lifted up, though his face was just inches away from hers.

She couldn´t see his eyes clearly, but enough to feel that he flooded over with his feelings. His feelings for her and the memories of this day.

With an enraptured smile he bent down again and kissed her. Tenderly, grateful and full of love. It prickled on her lips, and she kissed him back. “Love you, darling. So much. Forever,” she mumbled into his lips.

Charles wistful sighed and stroke her hair, while he pressed her stronger against him. Her words, her lips, her warm and soft body under him gave him so much, as always. And he really needed it just right now, it was like balm on his soul, and he kissed her more determined.

“We have to sleep now…,” Camilla mumbled, as she felt where this could lead to now. “Mmhh…” Charles answered, but his tongue already tickled along her lips. Never in this life she could resist this, and probably never wants to. Almost on its own her lips opened and half the way their tongues met. It wasn´t so much a passionate kiss, still it was deep but also full of comfort and most of all, love for one another.

Her hands rushed already through his hair as she tried anew: “Not now, darling…” but Charles had already tenderly grabbed her right breasts and caressed her. She ended her words with a soft moan that was covered again from Charles lips and tongue.

And she couldn´t do anything against her hand that wandered down between their bodies and slipped under Charles pyjama. He sharply exhaled as she grabbed his penis and gently rubbed him in the rhythm of their kiss, and a few minutes later she had freed him out of his clothes. Charles kneeled in front of her, his breath run through his open mouth and he watched into her adoring eyes and felt her hands tenderly rubbing up and down his arm. “My beautiful husband…,” she whispered and Charles had almost tears in his eyes.

Suddenly it was there again, the scenes thirty six years ago. It was the second night after Uncle Dickie´s death…and he finally was completely back in her arms. It was like this night, they stared at each other, she had told him that she loved him and his heart bumped like mad in happiness. Yes, he remembered clearly, between all his desperation and grief she had given him happiness.

It wasn´t just a stolen night as the few times before, it was different this time. It was the real start to what they had now.

Yes, now it was very clear to Charles, in this moment then Uncle Dickie had given Camilla back to him. He remembered how he stripped off her nightie as he did now. Slowly, carefully and adoring the body that meant everything to him.

And how he covered her with kisses like he did tonight, and how he was kissed back from her, how they tried to caress each part of their bodies like just in this moment. They had forgotten their blanket as they had forgotten the cold in this room.

And like the night all those years before, it wasn´t so much the passion. It was their longing to be together as close as possible, to be one with their hearts and souls….to heal his, or better, their wounds…

Her head rested on his crossed arms as he laid between her angled legs. And as he slowly entered her, he knew it was the last step for him, for them. Things had come full circle. He finally had said good-bye to Uncle Dickie, he had made his peace, and he laid in the arms of the woman he had always loved and could call his wife now.

Panting he watched her how she slowly got lost under him, how her chest heavy sunk up and down, how she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. He felt that she spread her legs wider and her feet dug deeper into his flesh, and then she embraced him tighter and pressed her face into his cheek. She didn´t moan as she reached her highest point, she just stopped breathing for a second and deeply exhaled then. And then she whispered again and again: “It´s alright, darling. Everything is fine…I love you.”

Until he deeply groaned twice, arched his head back and with a last deep shove reached his climax.

And like thirty six years ago he still was in her as they tightly embraced for a while. It was silent, they just listened to their running breath mutually.

But this night he was really at peace.

Our Greatest Glory

An alternate S9 fic, canon-divergent from 8.23. Chapter 3.

Read from chapter 1 on AO3

Jordan awakes to the sound of coughing. He pushes himself up, groaning and rubbing at his eyes.

“You ok?” he calls to Johnny, glancing over. Johnny is curled up on his side, facing away from Jordan. His coughs are powerful, shaking his whole body with wet, harsh sounds. Jordan feels a frission of worry.

“Johnny?” he says, getting up and walking quickly to Johnny’s bedside. Jordan kneels and puts a hand on Johnny’s shoulder. Johnny startles, jerking away from the touch and whirling to face Jordan.

Jordan holds up his hand, placating.

“Just me,” he says, worriedly noting how sick Johnny looks. His face is pale and drawn save two spots of color on his cheeks, eyes glazed over with fever. He’s sweating, hair matted down, but shivering, and that cough…

Johnny blinks slowly and seems to relax.

“Jordan,” he croaks. He puts a hand to his head as though dizzy. “I… don’t feel well.”

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dream apartment!!!! a small place in the city or next to the beach with a cute lil balcony that has a street/beach view. on the balcony i have a wooden table where my friends and i sit and drink red wine and eat pasta, dark green leafy plants everywhere, clay pots, a big fluffy couch and paintings on the walls. my bed is on the floor and i have big art books as bedside tables. @god pls make this happen

Pure aesthetic 😍 @god please make this true for her ✨✨

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Nine: Our muses do the deed

The young blond looked nearly equal in age to his bluenette companion, despite her being several years older than him.   They’d known each other for several years by now; hunting bounties, giving rides, sharing meals, and even playing together.  This evening, they shared an inn room together.  For a while, he laid back and stared at the ceiling, as she drummed her feet by the bedside.

Carl Clover had grown a few inches over the years, even matching Lunette’s height.  But although he remained a cute shota in stature, he had also grown in many other ways: Patience, love, and of course, lust.  With a gulp, he approached her, poking his gloved index fingers together.  “L-Lunette…may I ask you something?”

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Thaliak, the Scholar | Llymlaen, the Navigator | Byregot, the Builder :)

Thaliak, the Scholar

— What topics or subjects does your character like to learn about?

     “What to I like to learn about?” Fabre leaned against the wall of his bedroom, struggling to pull a glove over his mechanical hand. “I fear you’ve come at an inopportune time, friend. Was just about to be on my way.” With a small grunt of effort, the glove finally slid into place. Fabre held his hand out with a smile, admiring his handywork. (AHA!) “Though, I guess I can spare a moment.” His brightened mood seemed to make him more willing to comply. 

     “I like to learn.” He said matter-of-factly, shrugging as he did. “You name it, I’ll learn it. For example,” He reached for a book at his bedside table, the cover of which read What Rings You Got? Goldsmithing For Beginners. “Bet you didn’t think me the type to make anything pretty, did you?” His grin was smug as he set the book back on the table. “In all seriousness, there’s nothing in this world that isn’t worth learning. No matter your profession, your interests, your goals, every facet of life has something to teach you. “For example,” He removed the glove from his mechanical hand. “Just the other day, I had to consult a leatherworker as to the best way to go about attaching removable leather pads to the fingers of my hand here. The metal can be less than gentle, no matter how delicate the touch, you see.” To prove his point, he gave his glasses the slightest rap, startling himself with the louder than expected clink that resulted. “Ahem, sorry. I hope that answers your question? Never stop in your pursuit of knowledge. Doing so is to invite ignorance into your life.” Satisfied, he motioned to the door with his mechanical hand. The moment he did so, he sighed, throwing his arms into the air. “Gods be damned, I’ll never leave this place!” Attention now fully diverted, he once again began struggling with his glove. 

  • Llymlaen, the Navigator — What is your character’s dream vacation? Where would they go? Who or what would they bring with them?

     Fabre chuckled lightly, shaking his head at the question. “Vacation? Doesn’t that imply some sort of relaxing?” He waved his arms about dramatically. “Have you visited the wandering goobbue in Eastern Thanalan?” He asked, pressing his glasses up his nose as he did. “I identify with the poor thing, to be honest. I imagine I’ll stroll through life, collecting various bits and bobs of machinery as I go. Until one day,” He shrugged, gesturing toward the sky. “I’ll go ahead and keel over dead. Surrounded by the tech I so adore.” 

     “Ahem. Though, that little tangent likely doesn’t scratch any itch for information, does it? No, of course it doesn’t.” He nodded, running his fingers through his hair as he loved to do. “I think I’d sail.” He smiled, happy with the revelation. “Yes. Sailing. Nobody could contact me on the seas. I could fall off the edge of the world for a bit, you know? I’m a machinist, and a blacksmith. Two professions very much rooted on land, to be sure. But,” his became full of whimsy, and his eyes lost focus. “To be totally honest, I’ve always had a sort of jealousy for the pirates that call the sea home. No doubt I owe some of that to spending a good portion of my life near Limsa, but the freedom they practice is unlike anything any of us landlubbers will ever know. Just you, your crew, and the waves. What a life, eh?” He smiled, but shook his head to return himself to the present. 

     “As for who I would bring with me? Hrm…” He tapped his forehead a few times, contemplating. “I honestly don’t know. I can’t say I know anyone who is or was a pirate. Or even so much as someone who would enjoy braving the depths with me.” His expression grew morose as he realized how lonely he sounded. “I’m sure I’ll find someone some day, though.” He said with a hopeful grin, clapping twice to accentuate his confidence. “Thanks for the question, I think I learned a bit about myself today.” 

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I'm seeing the boys in August! I cried when I got my tickets! I saved my money for 2 years and worked at my dad's store every chance I got. My mom saw my hard work and got them for me for Christmas and said to save the money for my future.

OH MY GOODNESS! You deserve them for your hard work! Seeing the boys as a reward is just the best! Haha! I remember when my mum got my tickets. They went on sale at 9am, and I slept through my 8am alarm, which upset me. Haha. I worried, but my mum woke me up and she just left the confirmation ticket email on my bedside table. You could probably hear me sobbing from America. Haha! I was so happy! I’m seeing them in September, but they have a cameo appearance at the Summertime Ball in 2 weeks, so I’m seeing them there as well! xx

Kill Mayuzumi Chihiro (still a draft, forever a draft)

“Tell me, Kuroko-san, how is Akashi Seijuurou in bed?”

“I believe I’m here for state matters, Mayuzumi-san,” Kuroko Tetsuya replied without missing a beat. He approached the grey-haired male who was propped up on the king-sized bed in order to attach the mini microphone he brought for the interview. “Please raise your chin a bit.” When the older male complied, he began to attach the microphone to his collar.

But because it was quite dim in the room, the bluenet had a little difficulty in completing the task at hand. “Let me help you,” Mayuzumi said as he got a small remote control on the bedside table and pressed it, effectively turning on the lights. The older male then proceeded to fully face Kuroko, to show him the full extent of the damage done to his face.

Kuroko’s teal eyes roamed all over the older male’s face while he went on attaching the microphone, not even blinking once or showing any kind of emotion that indicated he was affected with the rather gruesome sight in front of him. Mayuzumi Chihiro’s once handsome face now resembled that of a wrinkled root crop and the grey hair that once used to be long was slowly falling off, leaving his head almost bald. The billionaire’s left eye was already long gone, the effect of him gouging it out, leaving him half-blind. His lips were gone after he sliced it off as well.

It was a sight that any ordinary human would surely cringe at but fortunately for him, or not, Kuroko Tetsuya isn’t an ordinary human.

Straightening his posture, Kuroko spoke to his own recorder. “This is Special Agent Kuroko Tetsuya, ID No. 04110415 here for the deposition of Mayuzumi Chihiro regarding the case of Akashi Seijuurou. Mayuzumi-san, could we—“

“Kuroko-san, how was it talking with Akashi Seijuurou?” Mayuzumi interrupted the bluenet, his good eye boring onto the smaller male’s form. “Was he pleasant? Sarcastic? Polite? Cold?”

Kuroko, knowing that the billionaire won’t let it go if he didn’t answer, decided to humour the older male. “Akashi-kun was polite and pleasant when he was answering my questions, Mayuzumi-san. He was also sarcastic and cold though he was very subtle at it.”

“Ah, sarcastically polite.” Mayuzumi would have snorted if he could. “That’s the Akashi Seijuurou I knew and the Akashi Seijuurou I was attracted to. Say, Kuroko-san, were you attracted to him as well?”

“Akashi-kun and I interacted in a civil manner, Mayuzumi-san,” Kuroko replied, his tone remaining emotionless as if he wasn’t affected by any of the questions thrown at him. “Let’s get back to the interview please. Can you explain what you meant when you said you have proof of his current whereabouts?”

“Oh, that.” The mangled billionaire blinked as if he just remembered something before he summoned his personal assistant. “Shintaro, bring over the package.”

The green-haired doctor, Midorima Shintaro, silently approached with a long vinyl envelope on his hand. “Here. This arrived two weeks ago,” he said as he handed Kuroko the envelope.

The bluenet immediately opened said package and saw a copy of an x-ray image of a left hand. Before he could open his mouth to ask about the package, Mayuzumi beat him to it.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” the billionaire drawled, his remaining eye boring intently onto Kuroko’s face. “It’s an x-ray photo of Akashi Seijuurou’s left hand. Apparently, he fractured his scaphoid a month ago.”

“How sure are you that this belongs to Akashi Seijuurou, Mayuzumi-san?” Kuroko asked, his eyes not leaving the x-ray photo in his hand. Seconds later, his eyes flickered in understanding.

Mayuzumi would have smiled if he could when he saw the change in Kuroko’s expression. “I wonder when you would notice it, Kuroko-san,” he murmured, amusement dripping in his voice. “One of Seijuurou’s mistakes was not having that pinky finger fixed.”

Kuroko stared at the pinky finger in question, totally ignoring the fact that Mayuzumi referred to Akashi Seijuurou in a very personal way. The bone on the pinky finger was slightly crooked to the right, a sign that it was broken once and wasn’t able to properly fix. And the bluenet knew only one person who has that kind of condition. “Where did you get this, Mayuzumi-san? Can I see the whole package?”

“I wonder,” Mayuzumi drawled as he turned to his assistant. “Shintaro, do you remember where is it?”


It Got 1 Woman Through College And Let Another Sleep Till 2:00 P.M., But That’s Just The Small Stuff

*super-serious doctor voice* Instructions for optimum enjoyment: Get out your preferred birth control method. Watch video. High-five as needed. You’re welcome.


Welcome To Bedsider*
*This post is sponsored by Bedsider. All opinions are my own*

Confession time. I’ve been at war with my period, and subsequently, my birth control for what feels like FOREVER. Yaz did nothing to help my irregular periods and instead made me gain weight. Orthotricyclen turned me into an emotional train wreck and stuck me with a 2 month long period. I loved the Nuva Ring, but since my insurance wouldn’t cover it, I had to pay out of pocket. At first, paying $30 a month wasn’t so bad, but when I moved to NY it jumped to $80 and then $90!

In 2012, on the advice of a friend, I decided to save up my pennies for the IUD. Since I was spending almost $400 on this bad boy (oh hey uninsured 20 something), I wanted to do as much research as possible before making the commitment. I read everything I could find online, but I wasn’t able to compare the IUD to previous methods I’d tried or find a more affordable way to get it. I knew I wanted the IUD, but I ended up going into my appointment worried that I could be making a really expensive mistake.

Well, I’m proud to report that 2 years later I love my IUD and couldn’t be happier with it. And even though I love it, I’m kinda pissed that I didn’t know about it sooner. I could’ve saved myself a lot of money, worry and tears if I had just gotten it years ago. Enter,, a new site and iPhone app that helps you compare birth control methods, track your period, find emergency contraceptives and even find out if you qualify for free or low-cost birth control. I WISH I’d had something like Bedsider when I was in high school, especially since I didn’t really feel comfortable talking about sex and birth control with my doctor, let alone with my mom.

Not only is the site easy to use, but it’s FREE. They even have a handy toll free number and offer text message birth control reminders. So please educate yourself about what’s available and then get armed and protected! For more info, visit or you can participate in their upcoming Reddit Birth Control Ask Me Anything on February 19th