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Guys, it’s time to buy a Bedshelf! 


  • It’s useful, latches on to multiple types of bedposts, and keeps all your things right next to your bed for your comfort!
  • Keep your books and homework by your bed so you can go right to sleep when you finish! 
  • There are lots of tumblr people at Babson in this company.
  • If you’re about to start college, start off with this useful product by your bed! 
  • Most experts agree with the warnings to avoid sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow. There is a possible connection between radiation and brain damage. Keep the phone on the Bedshelf to help avoid brain damage! 
  • This handsome man in the video benefited from the shelf, and wants YOU to buy one. 
  • VINITA (@its-your-fucking-nightmaree) MADE THIS COMMERCIAL. (can’t forget you bby, I’m sorry)

So buy one today! We ship shelves to you at . However, move fast, they’re only available for a limited amount of time! 

Get yours today! 

Who We Are: 

We are Babson College students with a unique opportunity called Foundations of  Management and Entrepreneurship, where a group of students work together for a semester to develop a business concept, and spend the spring semester actually selling the product or service to the public.

BedShelf is a product based company comprised of 27 students from Babson. We support you while you sleep! 

Especially you future Babson students, take a look at what you’ll be doing next fall!