i will go to sleep now! job tomorrow! i love you all <33

Waifu i can’t believe you changed your url but oh my god your new url is super duper cute like you *-* and fits you perfectly, believe me my cutie! haha <3 thanks for being so protective with me and being so amazing always, i love you a million and i will always love you more :D! and you know is the truth, you can’t deny it muwahah >:D*hugs* you can’t deNNIS it..-w- *runs and hides* XDD i love you so much and i promise i will take pics okay!? *-* I LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH WAIFU *SENDS LOVE*<3333 *HUGS CAKES AND SHINGOS*<33

Have a good night Annachan and hope you’re okay and that we will be able to talk more tomorrow ;w; I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DEAR ;W;*hug you tight* BYE <33

Have a good night too Ku <33 and i’m glad everything is fine after all, see?<33*hug you*thanks for care and don’t worry, i’m fine and i will keep wearing with my things <33*hugs* GOOD NIGHT I LOVE YOU <33