No City Is an Island- Its like 1979 at Lodge Gallery This Week on Art Nerd New York

"The Real Estate Show" Slideshow and Commentary

“The Real Estate Show” Slideshow and Commentary

Image for the original “Real Estate Show,” Courtesy of James Fuentes Gallery

“It’s worse than we could have ever imagined”, artist Peggy Lynn remarked on Friday night at the re-opening of the 1980 “The Real Estate Show.” Then, the neighborhood was a broken down hellhole filled with drug dealers and thug landlords; now it’s turning into an upscale corporate development with thug landlords. This is…

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The Historic "Real Estate Show" Returns

The Historic “Real Estate Show” Returns

Rendering of the proposed Warhol Museum as part of the SPURA/Essex Crossing development (Image courtesy of

The 1980 “Real Estate Show”, the seed which became ABC No Rio, will be making a comeback this month in four parts across the city. Part One opens tomorrow night at James Fuentes Gallery, and will include original artworks from the first show, which were hunted down…

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