becky does stuff for ts

As I hit 1000 followers, I am doing a solo tumblr awards (as voted by you guys), so here we go!

  • mbf this assbutt (I will check)
  • only reblogs count (likes will not count you!)
  • must be a fandom blog
  • reblog until October 1st - winners released on October 9th or something
  • MUST REACH 40+ NOTES or I’ll cry
  • one winner for each category and maybe runners up depending on the number of notes
  • Misha Collins Award - Best Overall
  • Jensen Ackles Award - Best Icon
  • Martin Freeman Award - Best Theme
  • Karen Gillan Award - Best Sidebar
  • Dean Winchester Award - Best Edits/Graphics/Etc.
  • Sammy Winchester Award - Best Supernatural
  • The Doctor Award - Best Doctor Who
  • James Kirk Award - Best Star Trek
  • Sherlock Holmes Award - Best Sherlock
  • Hannibal Lecter Award - Best Multifandom
  • Felicia Day Award - Nicest Blogger
  • Gabriel Award - Funniest Blogger
  • Donna Noble Award - Personal Favourite 
  • +follow (winners + runners up)
  • place on the winners page (everyone who wins)
  • promos whenever you wish (winners)
  • place on my sidebar (personal favourite + best overall)
  • LOTS OF PIE AND COOKIES AND MY UNDYING LOVE (anyone who lovingly bothers to enter)
  • I’ll be your personal stalker friend (winners)

Okay go go go, please!