Card for Today, for Friday, August 29th for everyone, “Move Forward With Joy & Love” - Archangel Ariel. From the Ask-Angels Oracle Cards app by Melanie Beckler. Archangel Ariel is guiding us today to keep moving forward with joy and love, and to do what makes us feel the most joy and happiness, as joy raises our vibration and keeps you in alignment and connection with the Divine, and helps release any obstacles, judgments, or struggle. So, Archangel Ariel tells us that to find our Divine life purpose, ask ourselves, what makes you feel most joyful and alive? and also asks us to choose love and joy in each moment, and to keep going forward with joy and love in our hearts and to keep the faith.” Ask Archangel Ariel and the angels for assistance with this. #angel #angels #angelcardreadings #oraclecards #archangel #archangelariel #keepmovingforward #love #joy #confidence #happiness #passion #faith #trust



Special Botanical Exhibition

A thank you to the Menindee Community.

Mon 22nd Sept – Sun 12th Oct

A collection of flowers and paintings of similar subject as that of Dr Hermann Beckler in Sept of 1860.

Menindee Visitor Information Centre, Darling River Art Gallery, 27 Yartla Street Menindee

Open daily | 10AM – 2PM


John Clarke 0428 736 630 ( menindee information centre )

Anne Lawson 0438…

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Me when someone mentions #danibeck lol #shesucks #smushno @mariskamemes @therealmariskahargitay in case you guys haven’t noticed I DONT LIKE WHEN MARISKA ISNT THE MAIN CHARACTER and I sure as hell don’t like dani beck ramming her nasty tongue down Elliott’s throat! Just saying #thatsoliviasman #bishhhhplease #hahahcrackingondanibeck MY FEELS ARE FOR BENSLER NOT BECKLER and just to make myself clear this is in no way meant to trash Connie Neilson. Just like Olivia and Mariska are two separate ppl so is dani and Connie. Mariska and Olivia are pretty much the same ppl, just different stories.mariska puts as much heart into it as Olivia does and she is just as inspiring so in a sense mariska is herself off and on the screen, just using a different alias! #idontlikedani #justsayin #danihater #ididntlikechestereither #dontgetmestarted @therealmariskahargitay @therealmariskahargitay personally if the main char change I get very DISTRAUGHT lol. Liv doesn’t need to EVER disappear again. And BTW #dontyouevatakehercommandingofficerspotawayagain lol

Card for Today, for Sunday, Sept.14th for everyone, “White Light, Chakra Activation” From the Ask-Angels Oracle Cards app by Melanie Beckler. The angels guidance for us today, is that our chakras, or energy centers within our body, need cleansing and clearing, so they ask us to work with white light in meditation, to cleanse our chakra centers. So, close your eyes and visualize white light pouring in from the Creator into your crown chakra at the top of your head, and slowly moving in and down through all of your chakras, root at the base of the spine, sacral at the navel, and then up into your solar-plexus at the stomach, then up into your heart chakra at the chest, then the throat chakra at the throat, and then the third-eye or brow chakra in the middle of the forehead, then up and through and out your crown chakra again, you can do this as many times as you like or as you feel guided. You can ask the angels, particulary Archangel Metatron to help you with clearing and cleansing your chakra centers. #angel #angels #angelcardreadings #oraclecards #angelcards #oraclecardreading #whitelight #cleanse #clearing #clearyourchakras #chakras #energycenters

Bench Power from ATX PSU Thanks to Matthew

This project was inspired by Matthew Beckler’s excellent project found here. Before getting into this project I want to quote Matthew’s warning…. “Please Note! There are several large capacitors in ATX power supplies, that will store a dangerous charge for a long time. Please let your power supply…
By: ContraptionMaker

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