A while back, about when the second Boxtrolls trailer was released, I drew a little sketch of Eggs saying “HAIL SATAN” as a response to a message some conservative mom had left on the Boxtroll’s YouTube saying the film was “perverse and satanic” because it acknowledged gay couples existed and dared to treat it as a non-issue. The sketch is too cruddy and off-model for me to want to finish, but I still got a chuckle out of the idea because I am the worst kind of person.
So here’s Eggs acting inappropriately and out of character. You wanted perverse and satanic, by Jove, you got it.
i just reused a previous work since I’m too lazy to make something terrible

I’ve been feeling gross because I’m not taking care of myself again and I’ve been working practically nonstop on this one pic of mine, so I took a break and drew some vent art.
Ha ha, get it? Like emotional vent art except it’s a real vent? Like for ventilation? It’s a pun, see? Ha ha! I’ll escort myself out.