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Soon Enough We'll Die

Title: Soon Enough We’ll Die

Original Imagine: here

Warnings: None that I can think of

Word Count: 2645 words (another long one)

Summary: Imagine Dean coming home to the Bunker after a difficult hunt and crawling into bed with you because he doesn’t want to face the night alone.

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AN: The song I used as inspiration for this one shot is ‘We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow’ by Soko. I thought that it really set the mood for this one, guys! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I really love how the first part came out, just lettin you guys know! c: 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or the song used as inspiration… or this gif

Soon Enough We’ll Die


It had been a long couple of days. It seemed like every fifteen minutes Sam or Dean would call and ask her to find something in the numerous books in the library or on the internet. The Winchester brothers were out on a case and she had chosen to stay at the bunker, making her their personal nerd for the time being. Not that she minded researching things for them, but staying up until four in the morning and then getting called again two hours later to find things that sucked the life out of women hadn’t been a very good start to her day.

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Title: Distracting

Author: livelaughloveboo

Original Imagine: Right Here

Warnings: Maybe a little bit of swearing…

Word Count: 1323 words

Summary: Imagine Dean getting distracted by your butt while trying to explain a case to you.

AN: you can also find this story on  as well. I was listening to Little numbers by Boy while writing this. It’s a cute song and it helped me get into the fluffy zone :) 


It’s not like he meant to. But he did. And he had no regrets about it either.

She was walking around, trying to find her book in the bunker without disrupting the mountain of research around the place. The brothers had just picked up another case and the library was a mess. Sam had gone to get food for the three of them a while back, so it was just her and him in the Bunker.

Dean looked up from his laptop for a second and watched her run around the room, looking under the furniture and through the books shelves in search for her own reading material. She was kneeling down and feeling around under the coffee table at that point. It was so distracting that he couldn’t get anything productive done.

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Kiss Me

AN: Since the last one that I did seemed to be so popular - thanks guys by the way - I decided to write another one :) You can listen to Kiss Me by The Fray while reading since that was the inspiration for this fic (You may want to replay it a couple times since it is a lengthy story).

Disclaimer: I still don’t own Supernatural

Kiss Me

She was alone in the library of the underground bunker, researching unnatural things that could cause a house-wife to all-of-a-sudden snap and murder her family. When she looked at her watch, she noticed that it was the ungodly hour of four A.M. Last time she checked, it was midnight - and the dynamic duo were still with her.

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