Now that The New Directions have won their regional competition, it’s time for a new semester to begin. Everyone is going back to where they belong to continue or start their lives again. Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel are heading back to NYADA and Blaine Anderson is heading to NYU. Jesse St. James is even preparing to make his big stage debut on Broadway. Everyone has so much going for them and have plans for their future. For the whole gang, this is an opportunity to once again find themselves in the big city. Will relationships last? Or will new ones form? What does the future hold? Well it’s time to find out.

Most Wanted:

  • Kitty Wilde
  • Sam Evans
  • Lacey St. James 
  • Kristian St. James
  • Ryder Lynn
  • Sebastian Rodriguez

The Endgame Roleplay is a canon RP up until the episode 06x11, We Built This Glee Club.