Because my Jay is Dipper today, and I only got really into Gravity Falls recently so I didn’t have time to make a cosplay, I am recycling Tim to be Gravity Hornets/Marble Falls.

sanpchat asked:

did you cosplay at tora-con because I miiiight have seen you

I did!! On Saturday I was Corazon and Sunday (a lil more laid back lol) I was wearing a Dressrosa Law jacket and hat. I was kinda all over the place lol (signings, vendors, the family feud panel and the uncensored va’s) 

Were you dressed too?!?!

aolady asked:

Reblogged the Tora-meow because... Tora anima in global! Cardes-sama will be happy IYKWIM ♥

Uwaa lucky;w;
Pfft loli bae is back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*dresses uo tora in more cute clothes yasss*

thespringtime-oftheirlives asked:

☆ - Tyson and Lane for all my girls~

Tyson about Seung:

Tyson feels like he can relax with Seung and take it easy. Whenever he wants to calm down and catch his breath, Seung is his ideal company. Woman is dear friend for Tyson and he would do a lot for her and keep her safe. He admires Seung’s passion and thinks she’s stronger than people believe.

Tyson about Tora:

Tyson likes to hang with Tora but he couldn’t be around her all the time. Tora is his buddy but he doesn’t consider Tora as his friend. Tyson loves freaking out Tora because Tyson likes teasing people and Tora gets frightened so easily, Tyson enjoys her reactions - mostly.

Tyson about Hyori:

Hyori needs to be protected. Tyson tends to take role of a big brother whenever Hyori is around. He never pranks her or scares her. He rarely even teases her. She is one of those women Tyson has NEVER looked or even thought her in any other than friendly way. He couldn’t bring himself to watch ‘sexy pictures’ of Hyori without feeling bad/guilty.

Lane about Seung:

Seung is okay but Lane doesn’t have any special thoughts or feels about her. He appreciates how humble she is despite all the popularity and publicity.

Lane about Tora:

Lane thinks Tora is attractive and if Tora wasn’t taken and if Lane didn’t have his own policy not making out with friends, he would definitely want to have sex with her. Lane thinks and feels that Tora is fun to have around. Tora doesn’t take things too seriously and gets even Lane’s weirdest ideas… Or even if she doesn’t get it, she doesn’t really ask. Lane thinks Tora is one of the coolest chicks he’s ever met.

Lane about Hyori:

To Lane Hyori is almost perfect. Hugest soft spot in his heart is for Hyori. Lane is more gentle to Hyori than to others but he is still Lane and tries to confront Hyori of her insecurities and shyness. He wishes Hyori gets everything she needs and wants from life, to him Hyori is one of those rare persons who have definitely deserved it.