Pietro Imagine: Please Let Me Help You

Ever since you were a young child, you had the power to understand and control others emotions, thoughts and dreams. When you were younger all you could do was make people laugh or smile or sometimes if you tried hard enough cry, but now thanks to the help of the Avengers you could go as far as take memories from someone’s mind and erase them permanently.

This came in handy because if somebody had had a nightmare, about the past, present, about their fears, about anything you could calm them down in a heartbeat. The only downside to your ability was that the powers would never work on yourself.  

Normally, you would find yourself in Pietro’s room holding his hand as he had yet another nightmare of his sister getting hurt. Pietro was so protective over his sister that he would have daily nightmares due to his past and his need to keep her safe; he was driving himself crazy. But tonight it was your turn to have a nightmare, it was a rare occasion for you to have nightmares, but recently they were happening more and more and it was the same dream, all the others Avengers dying.

The Avengers were your family, both your parents had left you in an orphanage in a different country after they discovered your power, and until you found the Avengers you felt utterly abandoned, so the idea of them getting hurt, twisted up your insides and made you want to sob.

Bolting up right you kicked the covers off you and crossed you legs before placing your head into your hands and panting. This was the 5th time now, and it still hurt like the first. Closing your eyes you began to sob almost silently, it was hard to hold back the choking tears that were falling but you needed to stop before someone heard you.

After about 2 minutes you began to breathe slowly, the tears beginning to slow and you started to calm down. This was until a lamp beside you flickered on. Looking back you saw Pietro who looked concerned and clearly was upset at the sight of you crying.

“Y/n?” he whispered sitting down onto the soft duvet, wrapping his arm around your and kissing the top of your head. “Do you want to talk about it?” he spoke in a hushed tone as you began to cry again, just thinking about the nightmare.

“You all died, I had a nightmare and you all died” you cried into his chest. Each syllable you spoke feeling like knives against your throat. “Sssh, y/n it’s okay, we’re not dead, and we’re not doing to die” he soothed placing his head on top of yours, placing his hand onto yours and squeezing.

It wasn’t long until you felt your eyes go heavy as you leant against Pietro’s chest. “Go to sleep Princess” Pietro mumbled himself starting to feel a bit tired. Once he was certain you were asleep he spoke again. “I hope one day I get the courage to tell you I love you”



“You just did”

Imagine Selectively Mute!Seb knowing how to sign because he has learned that throughout the years, and it’s always handy when he wants to communicate with someone who knows BSL as well. And then when he meets Jim and starts working for him, he makes up a sign name for him, just like he had a name for himself. It’s not letters individually, but more a coallision of two words mashed together.

Jim is so determined to know what Sebastian keeps calling him, and combined with the fact that it is useful if he can communicate with his employee properly, he starts taking online courses to learn how to sign. He hopes that it will help him understand what Sebastian calls him, but with his lack of experience (even after weeks of studying the language) he still doesn’t have a clue.

Sebastian eventually tells him. Like, he actually tells Jim what it means. One night Jim is rambling on about trying to figure out what Sebastian is calling him ‘behind his back’ because it’s definitely not my name, I know how to spell my name and you don’t do it like that and they’re in bed and Sebastian is pressed to Jim’s back and holding him tightly, his lips to the shell of his ear. And when it’s finally gone quiet because Jim is tireed of rambling, the sniper simply whispers “Little Bird” and Jim is so overwhelmed by both Sebastian’s beautiful baritone voice and bu the sweetness of the nickname that he sheds a sudden single tear and turns in Sebastian’s arms to give him an excruciatingly slow and tender kiss :)

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Do you think Justin challenged Brian while Mikey and the gang were satisfied (sometimes) with the false image they created of him?

I’ll say yes to the first part, and no to the second. Yes, absolutely, Justin challenges Brian in entirely new ways. He understands him in a way few others do, and is able to very quickly see there is more than met the eye with Brian Kinney and, as Debbie said, gets in under the wire. He pushes, challenges, and inspires Brian in brilliant ways and obviously had a profound impact on his life. Absolutely zero argument from me there.

But Brian’s friends also have a profound impact on his life. They also support him and push him and inspired him. They are there for him to celebrate his successes and to support him in his times of need. They cheer him on but also call him out when necessary. They aren’t afraid to stand up to him and challenge him. And sure, maybe there are times they buy into Brian’s image – but let’s remember, when the series began, Brian only really seemed to be especially close with Lindsay and Michael and was still developing his relationships with the others. Of course it’s going to take them some time to see the man beneath the sex god persona – that’s often all Brian would let them see. But don’t worry, dear anon. They catch on. And they may have played along, because they know that Brian is never one to reveal his inner emotions and he’s more comfortable keeping up that facade, but they know. They knew what an incredible man Brian is and how much he loves them. They know everything he’s capable of. They know he’s far more than an oversexed club boy. They love him and believe in him. And it’s because of all their support that Brian not only survived, but thrived. The Brian we saw in 5x13, so much more emotionally mature and content and at peace with himself, with a great deal of his self-loathing and insecurities erased, would never have been possible without all the love and influence of all his friends. And they love him because they know him.

Now, I realize somebody could hand wave that all away as just talk, so I decided it would be fun to back it up with some cold, hard facts. Below the cut I have listed all the times Brian’s friends either challenged him or revealed they could tell there was more to him than the image he presented of himself. Because this list is quite lengthy, I actually limited myself (GASP) and did not include the instances where they revealed how much they cared for him, because if I did, there’s a good chance this list would be twice as long as it already is. But if you want to see some proof of that, I highly suggest checking out one of my favorite QAF gif sets of all time. Ready for the evidence? Here we go.

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oh, it's surprising that out of all of the badass charas, you chose shin-ah as the most badass one in any in that ask meme. kinda curious as to why..

His powers have two abilities: far-sight and paralysis. If being able to see far and dynamically wasn’t badass enough, he just has to activate and look at his opponent to bring them down, like wow, hurry and gain control over that power because hot damn.

Then it’s not enough that he has those powers, oh no, he’s an expert swordsman who can maneuver his way through a battle without using his powers because while that paralysis power is powerful, it’s not really handy in an actual battle because OOPS HE’S PARALYZED, TOO. On frontline battle, he is in the same position as Hak, a regular fighter with a blade weapon who can hold his own without supernatural powers. 

Shin-Ah’s got some pretty impressive stuff going. 


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It’s always a good idea to keep your camera handy when travelling, because who knows what interesting photo material you might stumble upon.

I wrote this for a newbie and decided to post it on here too because it’ll probably come in handy again and it might help others.

My answer to the questions: 

I see that a lot of you are really convinced that those two are a couple, could you tell me what makes you so sure about it? 

what makes you think that it’s not just cute moments and a cute friendship but that there is more? 

so how do you know Harry and Louis love each other and are together?

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Okay, so you got a Disney cartoon about siblings who go to stay with their greedy cheapskate great-uncle for a while. These siblings have a big book full of useful information, which comes in handy because they deal with an abnormally large amount of supernatural or just plain weird stuff. Some of the supporting cast includes a big oafish assistant to the great-uncle, a funnily-accented rival to the great-uncle, and a cute pink character that lives with the siblings.

Now, did I describe this…

…or this?

(disclaimer: I’m not accusing Alex Hirsch of ripping anything off, and I love both shows)

Private || Skylar

PM: Do not analyze my lingo, Hunt. I am my own dictionary. Either love it or let me be free.

Well i don’t often get these type of victories. Not even instant coffee, because he’d have to learn how to filter river water first before he could even use it. Are you two asses really competing again? Who did what this time and why? Also… this isn’t going to end with him being a missing person or tales on who he got poison ivy on his ass from leaves, is it? It’s a good thing I actually purchased a medical kit a little bit ago. Always keep that handy because I feel you both will be in the ER over something stupid. Also, why would you want to be in the woods alone with him? You’re like leading him to his demise at that point.

Fine. I won’t analyze it, but I will judge you on it. That’s just pretty much inevitable at this point. 

That’s because you don’t actively try to pick out peoples’ flaws and weakness so that you can take advantage of them like I do. Although you should really start to do so since it’s fun and I highly recommend it. You do have a point. Although I’ve been warned by him about denying him his coffee, so it’d be a good thing that he’d be out in the middle of the woods, all by himself. Of course we’re competing again. What else do you expect us to do in this place? But this time it’s just more a series of personal challenges, so we’re trying to limit the collateral damage and not involved too many other people. Although I make no promised that either one of us will come out of this unharmed, so just hang on to that medical kit. Well, I want to make sure he doesn’t cheat by leaving and checking himself into a hotel. Plus, I like to use every opportunity to torture him.

sometimes it is tempting to have Nadine cut her hair again IC just so I can go back to using this

A girl in my friend group managed to get a copy of last year’s exam 2 for physics. She didn’t bother sharing it with any of her friends. Then once she got an A, because the exam our professor gave us was practically the same, she went on and bragged to us about how she had that exam and it happened to be pretty much the same… When obviously she didn’t share it with us. But she had the nerve to brag to us about how well she did, even though it’s only because she had that exam handy to study from. (We know this because she always complains about how much she sucks at physics.)

I would really love to rat her out and have her grade reduced or have her grade not count toward the curve or something. But I wouldn’t do that and there’s no saying he would do anything anyway.

But needless to say, we all hate her. And it’s a safe bet that we probably won’t share future exams with her if we get our hands on any.

I mean, damn. You could have just not told us you had that exam and you would have been fine, girl. But no. You had to rub it in everyone’s face. She’s lucky that she’s a bio major and the rest of us are chem majors, meaning we won’t have other classes with her next year. But if we did, I would not be sharing with her. That’s just something you don’t do. I was so baffled by this when she told all of us.

The only time I’ve not shared past exams I’ve found is if the person who gave me the exam specifically told me not to share their exam with others. My friend Paul gave me all his exams for biochem I. I didn’t tell anyone I had them. Because why would I tell them and make them upset at me if I wasn’t allowed to share it with them anyway? For that class it wasn’t a huge deal anyway, because the professor did provide the old exams, just without answers. So my advantage was miniscule. But still, I didn’t tell them.

I got an A-/B+ on that particular exam, which can only be curved upward or stay the same. But still. Not cool. I would have loved to get a solid A.

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☪ : what do you hate about your language?

It’s not really needed that much to be honest like sure a lot of Welsh people speak it but I never really use it. The only times I ever had were when I was talking with my friend IRL around my English “friends” who were being rude to her and I always asked if she was okay etc and they couldn’t understand us (I KNOW I SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT IN FRONT OF THEM BUT… I needed to make sure she was alright). Sometimes I speak with my family and I use mostly English with some Welsh words but it never really feels right. I don’t really enjoy using it all that much tbh


HWU Challenge: Day 7 - Favourite Dorm(s)

Upgraded Screenwriter Dorm and Platinum Dorm

The Upgraded Screenwriter Dorm because I NEED IT!
Look at all the beautiful writing spaces and books. That place would be paradise, if I could find the bedroom. …seriously, where is the bedroom? But it looks cozy and warm and comfortable and basically the perfect place to write, which ticks all my boxes.

And the Platinum Dorm… Well, it’s just generally awesome.
There’s a pool, a guitar, a study, an entertainment area, a bedroom, a place to put all my trophies…
Plus, it’s really handy when reorganising my entourage because I can put any of them there if I need to empty a dorm or two.