Geez, time really does fly. I started this blog in the beginning of July after just watching the first Tokyo Ghoul episode. Despite Nishiki not having much of a presence just yet, I knew that he was going to be my favorite character, if not, then at least a part of my top five. I read the manga fully in a day, and then rushed to set up this blog. To be honest, I was extremely nervous. I’ve never been able to integrate into fandoms well because I usually don’t bring friends I know from other places with me and I’m actually super shy and nervous when it comes to confronting people to roleplay. However, I’m so glad I made this blog. The Tokyo Ghoul fandom has got to be the best fandom I’ve been in; granted, it’s smaller than my prior main ones, but I feel very comfortable here, whether you’re in the fandom or not. I know I’m not always on skype to have wondrous ooc interactions with, but I do remember nearly everyone I talk to, whether it be in the tags, in my ask box, etc etc. You guys are all so cute and I spend so much time lurking on my dash, just gushing over what amazing people and writers I follow. I have yet to roleplay with so many of you as well! 

I haven’t done one of these things since I’ve had about three-hundred followers and to think that there are over one thousand of you who put up with me and my shithead of a muse amazes me! I’ve been dying to do one of these, but I’ve been so busy with school and whatnot that I have not had the time to –– so I guess this is me shoving this into my schedule somehow because this is surely long overdue. I’m not even sure what these things are called anymore, but I went with whatever. Okay, okay! I’m done rambling. If you’re not up here, it’s most likely because I have shitty memory and just so happened to forget to put your url down here. I appreciate and love everyone that I follow and everyone who follows me. You’re all cuties! So now for the thing… 

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back in high school i was mixing fertilizer from the utility shed and sugar from the kitchens and basically i was making gunpowder. then my sister comes into the empty lab i appropriated for this experiment and starts fucking smoking and of course the shit caught fire and logg story short we set the lab on fire because the stoned littlw bitch tried to put it out with her cleavage flask of vodka.

  1. Why were you making fertilizer bombs?
  2. you’re missing a couple ingredients there to actually make them explode but I’m hoping you just left those out so we don’t have a bunch of children trying to recreate that
  3. why didn’t you secure the entrances to a place storing flammable materials?
  4. don’t call your sister a bitch that’s incredibly disrespectful.

Dear Entoria,

You have come a very long way. Day after day you watch, you learn, and you practice. You are pushing your way to excellence. You may not be where you want to be when it comes to your hobbies and side hustle, but keep going. If you doubt and if you stop to see where you are, you will only slow down. You know what you have to do. You know what you DREAM of doing. No one needs to know, you don’t need anyone’s validation and you definitely need to stop looking at what other people are doing because you’re different and set apart and different and set apart people will flock to you and support you. Be bold, be strong, one step at a time and you will get there and you will look back and be thankful. Love, Entoria.

I needed to give myself some positive words because it’s hard climbing a mountain at your pace when you see some people running up the mountain. But I can’t look at someone else’s journey and think of my own. I must look at my own journey and think of my next move. If you focus on others, how far will you go before you stumble because you weren’t focused on your own life?

#kokoafaces #facesbykokoa

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HC: When Tony and Steve watch movies, Tony like to gradually begin cuddling with Steve until he's taking up Steve's entire lap.

oh gosh this is the cutest and it is so tony i cant deal with it

they’d start out about three feet apart, maybe like… just after they first start dating so tony is still self conscious of boundaries. so they’re sitting apart, and then tony would just start inching closer. when he’s about two feet away he realizes he can’t do this without being obvious, so he gets up, announcing he wants snacks, and promises to return. 

when he comes back armed with popcorn, he sits just a liiiitle bit closer to steve. after a few minutes of just sitting a few inches apart, he offers steve some of his popcorn, and uses that as an excuse to get closer, because its rude to make him reach for it, gosh. he comes close enough so that their legs are brushing, and sets the popcorn down so that its balanced on their thighs. he thinks its real sneaky because steve cant move unless he wants POPCORN ALL OVER THE FLOOR (and i mean they’re on a date anyways, tony’s just nervous as heck even though he knows that steve probably wants to cuddle him too)

he uses other methods for the next few minutes; playfully swatting his arm when steve makes a dumb comment about the movie, leaning over to whisper something in his ear when something happens on the screen that he can get away with casually mentioning. in steve’s ear.

eventually, tony is plastered up against steve’s side, and steve is PRETENDING not to notice that there is an octopus tony trying to inch his way underneath his arm, and he’s literally biting the inside of his cheek trying not to grin like an idiot

FINALLY steve gives in, tells tony he’s an absolute idiot, and pulls him into his lap so that he can rest his chin on his head and wrap his arms around his waist 

cuddles and making out follows soon after 


Just some doodles I drew of Nabile (If she was in the AU with Singer!Jazan). And yes she’s a talented singer, but she just doesn’t notice her talents just yet because she’s too busy stealing stuff >w<

Also in case no one could tell, the place setting for this AU is in Kreludor (since I’ve been in a Sci-Fi kick lately, thanks to neojammy). So I wanted to give her a makeover with something that screams REBEL, but also look like hand-me-down clothes too. I also added a locket for her because that could be one other thing that she treasures other than her friends. >w< So. that’s it for now. Enjoy Peeps~

Cool Dad. (Michael and Marcus)

Michael marched into the school, eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed.

"Oh Mr.Clifford! Wonderful to see you again!" The teacher smiled.

"Yeah, wish I could say the same for you." Michael set down at Marcus’s desk, he knew it was his desk by now because this was the fourth time he had to go to the school about Marcus being picked on.

All the kids were at recess, so Michael figured it would be a good time to come in.

"I’m sorry, sir. Please clarify?" The teacher sat at the desk across from him, which had the name tag, "Justin".

"Marcus came home with bruises all over his legs, I’m assuming it’s this Justin kid who continues to kick my son and call him names everyday?" Michael pointed to the desk across from the one he was sitting in.

"I’ve tried talking to him, I’m sorry sir but I can’t do anything more…" She sighed.

"Well you do something about it, or I will make sure to take this to the police and get a restraining order against this kid. Have a good day." Michael said, standing up and leaving the McDonald’s bag on Marcus’s desk, "and that’s his lunch." He waved, exiting the room.

Michael was determined to be a cool dad.

Welcome To Tennessee, Charlie Brown

It’s not like I meant to wait 11 months to get my Tennessee drivers license.

I’ve just been… busy.

I got the voicemail in the hallway of the venue in the middle of Illinois where I was setting up merchandise last week.

 “Miss. Fine, this is [insert female name HERE] from [insert insurance company name HERE], informing you that without a valid Tennessee driver license number, we can’t auto renew your policy.”

Because the first thing I planned to do after spending the last five days traveling was to wait in line at the DMV bright and early Monday morning. And GOSH. Miss. Fine? Policy? What IS all this grown up nonsense?!

Monday comes. Butt crack of dawn. I register my cell number with the local Nashville branch and opt to receive text updates regarding my status in-line.

 “There are 30 people in front of you.”


I drive down to the DMV, pull into the parking lot, chuckle as I see all the poor, tortured souls wrapped around the building in the cold waiting for their chance to get inside. I step in line, awaiting the text that will catapult me to the front. I check my status.

 “There are 31 people ahead of you.”


I had been there an hour. A solid hour. Nobody in front of me had moved an inch. Not only was I still deep in-line, I had be preempted.

I had too many other errands to run. Laundry to wash. Clothes to fold. A car payment to make. An iPhone charger to buy. I left the line. Awaiting the text.

 Four more hours raced past. I checked my status.

 “There are 2 people ahead of you.”


I hopped in my car. Drove down the highway. Parked in the same tiny parking lot. Swallowed my pride as I stepped into a shorter, far less impatient line where the smell of cigarette smoke permeated the air from the ashtray near the door.

My phone buzzed: “Now serving at counter 5.”

I raced to the desk before they had a chance to change their minds. I stated my business, handed them all my documents, tapped my knuckles in glee. Almost done! Almost free!

 “Ma’am, we’ll need to take your California driver’s license.”

“Oh. Like, I need to surrender it?”

 “Yes ma’am.”

A funny thing happened.

I grabbed by clutch, unbuttoned the top, slipped out the card and handed it to the nice clerk.

 “Thank you,” she said as I paid the fee and she handed me my temporary license, “have a nice day.”

 I walked out to the car. Bright sunshine. I studied the license.

And I was perplexed.

I really have been busy, and when the given free time, the first thing I thought to do wasn’t necessarily “ima go wait in line at the department of motor vehicles for five hours and pay an asinine fee to get a little plastic card that says I can drive my car.”

Part of me knew that if I went, and if I applied for my new license, I’d have to surrender the old one. And that, as strange as it sounds, scared me.  

If I did this, it would be official. That part of my life was over. The license would be gone. My life would be here now.

I’m by NO means a commitaphobe, but when what you’re committing to comes with a level of uncertainty, it’s easy to detach and procrastinate. Tell yourself that this is just a really long, weird vacation and surely you’ll be back soon.

A new license is just so… permanent.

I had one of my merch volunteers lecture me several nights ago about my job not offering me proper health benefits, and warned me that if I were to ever get seriously sick, that I’d be up a creek.

‘Up a creek.’

On the inside, I laughed.

These last 11 months in Tennessee have been a creek.

A series of disappointments, some hard jobs, a deep loneliness, un-assurance in God’s plan, wondering if I’m truly supposed to belong here.

I glanced down at that California license. At a much younger, fuller faced me who one day dreamed of being ‘anywhere but here.’

Suddenly, the sunrise began to glimmer on that grimy, old creek.

A series of disappointments led way to strength of character. Some hard jobs humbled me in ways I never knew I needed humbling. A deep loneliness forced me to leave my comfort zone and learn how to make new friends. Un-assurance in God’s plan caused me rely more on the God and less on His playbook.

We’re all so afraid of getting stuck up a dang creek.

What if God lets us get stuck because it’s the only way we’ll ever step out on the water in faith?

I still wonder if I truly belong here, and if I’ll be here for much longer, or if I’ll be here forever, or if I’ll meet a nice guy in another state and marry him, or if Jesus knew what He was doing when He called me to GO 11 months ago and there really is something here I just haven’t seen yet. 

And just because I have something as binding yet insignificant as a license doesn’t mean I can’t just move on and get another one someplace else eventually, but it also means that for however long God has me here, He gives me permission to live my life and be okay.

I handed over my license because I want to allow myself to have a life again. One that’s not defined by who I’ve been or what I don’t know, but a life that is completely present in what God is doing NOW, and how because of His sovereignty I can trust that there will be immense beauty to be discovered in the rest.

The creek doesn’t matter as much as your will to conquer it does.

Sometimes it starts with handing over a license.

For reference:

I know I have my disclaimer that I don’t recommend anyone do entheogens because it’s a serious business and you may not come back the same - in fact that’s the point of them - and you have to be very careful with fungi when making sure they are the correct ones, let alone set, setting and dose.

That said, Fly Agaric is, at least in the UK, not a controlled substance.  Which is why I will happily state such things as in the previous post. 

Fly Agaric is not IMO, a recreational entheogen (if there is such a thing, which I really fucking doubt) and every time I take it, I enter into contact knowing that there is a slim possibility that I may die. Not because the substance will kill me, but because acknowledging my death seems to help manage even the roughest trip.

(And by manage, I mean, not go screaming insane.)

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Val In the comics Roy gets his hands cut off as arsenal which is what he is right now. What is Roy gets his hand cut off and he has to leave to get fit for a prosthetic arm. This could be saying goodbye to him. Maybe this happens because of a trap set by SCPD the episode before (public enemies). He could always come back later and it would make sense for Thea to become speedy as a tribute to him

WOAH. I LIKE THIS THEORY but poor baby Roy<3

I think I just had the most ridiculously Washington, DC commute home ever.

Let me set the stage: I am walking home in the rain because the buses were not running on schedule, and I am coming up on the Hilton hotel near Dupont (where President Reagan was shot.) and there is a crowd of people gathered. Which means there is likely a protest happening.

As I get closer I see that they are holding signs that have both Hillary Clinton and those grotesque fake pictures of “aborted fetus” on them and I seriously here the words “liberal agenda" "Benghazi" and "its not a choice, its murder." within 15 seconds.

As I make my way through this crowd I see a middle aged white probably gay man, holding the hand of his (probably) partner (who is a middle aged black man.) yelling at one of the sign holders about how he “actually saves lives in war torn countries by…….” (at this point I’ve walked to far to keep hearing.) and as soon as I think I am out of the crowd I get approached by a sign holder. (I quickly respond with “You ought to be ashamed.” And keep walking). He is now yelling at me…

The story ONLY gets better in my opinion…. Because a guy turns to me and says "Damn, you think all of these people would have chilled after pot became legal.” and he just grins and I can’t help but laugh.

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okay but dean getting really fond of genie!cas so as usual he does his self-sacrificng thing and sets cas free so he doesn't have to stay against his will. he's surprised (but relieved as hell) when cas chooses to stay anyway.


Dean would set Cas free and Cas would determinedly stay with Dean and refuse to leave him even when Dean keeps telling him he doesn’t have to stay now. 

And at first Dean can’t really believe that Cas is staying because he wants to, but eventually he comes to realizes that Cas really does love him. 

The Maze Runner: Gally - Awfully Messy; Part 2

Part One

Gally x Reader

Request by: otpaction

“Alright, so we’re all clear on what to do?” You say excitedly, keen to go and tear Gally and the rest of those slintheads down.

“Shuck yeah, let’s do this!” Teresa says confidently and you make your way to the Homestead, hoses and buckets in hand.

You creep through the creaky floorboard covered room, mud and paint slosh over the sides of your containers and occasionally drip on the floor but neither of you are fussed because soon the whole Homestead will become one messy disaster.

You tip-toe past a few more bedrooms until you’ve come to the right place. Gently setting down your buckets, you open the door with a slight creak. You hope they’re all asleep, and to your relief; they are. All snug as a bug.

You turn back to the others and gesture for them to come in, they nod and waddled forwards as you do yourself. You all group up together by the front of the room, careful not to splash anyone accidentally who lay asleep on the floor, legs splayed and arms spread.

But then Minho bumps into the back of you, almost sending you and the paint you carry, all over Gally who seems to be asleep right in front of your feet. You try to regain your balance, and you think you do until a noise from outside startles you and the bucket slips form your fingers, spraying its contents all over Gally and his blanket-cocoon.


Minho and the others charge forwards, splattering and smooshing all the dirty, messy liquids all over each Glader in the room. They all wake up looking terrified but once they wake up completely they become enraged.

“Y/N!” Gally shouts as he tries to wipe the paint off his face, not doing a very good job. It streaks down the sides of his face

“I –that’s for before!” You shout angrily, but soon your spark of intimidation and bravery goes out as soon as Gally stands up; his body towering over you.

“Are you sure you want to do this again, Y/N?”

You scrunch your eyebrows in confusion and look up at his misleading face, trying to understand what the shuck he meant by that. “Excuse me?”

His hands reach out to you but you manoeuvre around them and head straight for the door, retreating from the battlefield. You run out of the Homestead and escape to the forest, hoping you have some kind of camouflage in the trees. You hear footsteps and immediately fall into a crouch, hoping he doesn’t spot you.

He walks past the bush you hide behind, and then walks back again. He leaves the forest and you watch him walk away and then around a building. You stand up from your hiding spot and think of another place to hide, something a little more comfortable than this bush at least.

But you’re stopped short, Gally has found you.

In one swift movement, Gally pulls you into him and shakes the paint off his body, then wipes it onto yours. He presses his cheeks against yours leaving dabs of green on either side. As you fight against his grip and try to escape, he only pulls you back tighter before your squirming leads to being pinned on the dirty ground. He grins down at you, and your no longer terrified… but instead highly amused.

“You’re such a shank, you know that? Honestly, you already got owned today and you decide to try again?” Gally shakes his head; paint flies.

“It worked, didn’t it?” You ask sassily, a drop of paint splatters onto your chin.

His eyes stare down at the paint as he removes a hand from your arm and rubs the green drop across your chin, his thumb brushing against the bottom of your lip. You probably closely resemble a pea by now, you forgot the paint was green. Really, really green.

His eyes drop to your now lightly tinged-green lips and he huffs, “Probably…” His head dips closer and when his lips touch yours you gasp inaudibly in surprise. Your free hand presses against his chest but soon rises to cup his jaw. This was a whole new side to Gally… and it confused you but… you had suspected there was something more to the both of you, you just hadn’t dared.

You keep your hand on his face as he lifts his lips from yours, his eyes close for a moment after. He then flops to your right-side and drags his hands over his face, “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have done that.” He groans.

“Why not?”

He turns to you, sort of surprised and sort of hopeful. “I thought… I don’t know, I thought you and Minho had a thing going on or something…”

You blink in confusion, “Really?” You giggle, “What made you think that?”

Gally blushes slightly, “I –er, well you went over to his team.”

“I went over there so I could attack you because you called me cold-hearted.”

“You planned this with Minho too…”

“Stop arguing with me; I don’t like Minho in that way. Nor do we have a thing.”

“Oh.” He says, as he stares up at the sky, looking relieved and peaceful. You never thought Gally would ever show his gentle side, as he always has this tough wall around him. And somehow, you think, you broke it down. Even if it’s just a little, it’s at least something.

You smile up at him, “You know Gally, around this time the kissing should be happening.”

A/N: Hope you enjoyed Part Two!

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How can I become a full time youtuber. This my dream job besides other things that ties into that. I already have conceits and videos planned but I'm just afraid. What to do?? Hello

It is literally going to feel like your starting from the bottom, because youare. But you must be consistent with youtube, make great quality videos, be yourself, and promote yourself. Don’t be afraid ..there will be a bunch of people who will want to support you!! It is very intimidating at first and it still is .. I’m not even where I want to be, but you just have to stay focused and visualize the success coming. There is really no set answer to that question. Learn the tricks and trades of YT as well.. (how to properly tag your videos so others can see them when they search for things, how to make good thumbnails/banners, being creative with editing, working google adsense) there is a lot lol. Just do your thing!

Never fading fairytales (Vikklan one-shot)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, I have returned and I’m bringing a long and fluffy one-shot!

So once more this is from an AU I made up and absolutely adore working on with vividslice - this time Vikk is a knight who, with his trusted and loyal dragon friend, Bubbles, saves prince Lachlan from an evil demon who held him captive and treated him…quite badly, I should say. I really hope this one-shot makes sense to you without having further knowledge of the AU because I’m rather proud of this one. Also I have a bunch of concept art of this AU so that should be coming soon ;)

Pairing: Vikklan

Setting: ehm…I explained the AU already but it doesn’t have a name, so…

Word count: 1800+ words (I’m on mobile so I know no exact number…long story)

AU created by vividslice and myself.

I hope you enjoy! ^^

Icy blue eyes, like spectacular shards of diamond shimmered in the shady gloominess of the temporary hideout that the pursued trio took shelter in, as they hesitantly fluttered open and then shut again. Lachlan, the owner of said bright eyes buried his face back into the fabric of his saviour’s shirt shyly, no heavy metallic plates or thick leather straps making it uncomfortable as said apparatuses have been thrown on the ground a few feet away long ago when the prince franctially bandaged the other up, needing to get rid of everything that got in the way in the proccess. The two slept huddled together, their dreams guarded by the mighty-looking dragon who lay beside them.
The younger smiled as he felt Vikk stir slightly, waking up. Slender fingers ran through sunshine coloured locks, lightly caressing the taller’s scalp with small movements, making the latter boy purr slightly in delight. The blonde’s body was limp, almost as if still asleep, even though he was very much awake, his body and mind eagerly soaking in all the new sensations and acts of gentleness and care, the feeling of security, warmth and happiness he had never felt before but in Vikk’s arms. Everything he was feeling that moment seemed foreign to him - during his years of suffering and slavery he had never felt safe or loved, he had never been in love either and thus he couldn’t quite understand the reason why this knight, this almost complete stranger who showed up at his prison of a castle to risk his very life and save him, made his heart flutter and fill up with warmth and make his world spin and seem so much more beautiful than ever before. And what he understood even less was that he had let him in, he let him wrap his arms around him and sleep snuggled against him…and he felt safe. The boy of royal heritage sighed contently as he held the shorter even closer, but loosened his tight grip when he heard a groan, thinking that he might have caused pain by accidentally moving his hands over a fresh wound. However, the groans continued along with the slight movements pushing their bodies yet closer together.
“Bubbles…what do you want?!”, groans turned into scolding words as Vikk turned his head towards his winged companion without removing his arms from around the prince’s lithe form huddled against his own.
In response, the dragon stopped poking his shoulder and let out a rather cheeky-sounding hurr, eyes gleaming with slight mischief.
“What?”, the young knight asked again, confused and slightly offended by his loyal mount making fun of him “Are you jealous or something?”, he asked back with a grin.
Bubbles just rolled her eyes, faking annoyance and put her head down, turning away from the cuddling two. She had a quite developed opinion on how her friend, despite being a heroic and celebrated knight, was in fact a really childish, oblivious and shy soul. “Oh, you little dork, you!”, she thought to herself, wishing she could actually talk “Stop drooling over this fancy guy and just tell him how you feel and then kiss him or whatever! Like, come on, can’t you see he’s head over heals for you too?!” But sadly, being a dragon comes with the slight inconvenience of not being able to verbally communicate with these goofy bipedal creatures, called humans, and thus Bubbles could do nothing but watch her friend fallen hopelessly in love with the royal boy he risked his life for but appearing too shy to confess.
The blonde’s slender form was unmoving once again, indicating that he was back in his realm of dreams, watched over by his - quite literally - knight in shining armour, whose gaze swept along his hastily hidden bruises and half-healed scars, deep mocha orbs filling with gentle love and heart-clutching bitterness.
“Look at him, Bubbles…”, the smaller boy sighed with distress “He’s so battered and bruised, bears so many scars of mistreatment…he had to go through so much pain…I want to help him heal so much. Do you think he would let me?”
He didn’t expect an answer, yet he heard a low purr edging him on to keep talking.
“I love him, you know…Who am I kidding, you always notice these things before me.”, yet another sigh and the fierce warrior now fighting his own doubts and shyness looked up at his faithful companion with the question hidden deep in his eyes “Do you think I should tell him?”
He got his answer in the form of a reassuring poke on the shoulder by a wide nose, the dragon’s replacement for kind words, certainly meaning “yes”.

Vikk turned his attention back to the blonde in his arms and marvelled in his peaceful, sleeping features before leaning closer to him, brushing his lips carefully against a bruise on his forehead and breathing a feather light kiss against the tortured skin. “I wish I’d been here to protect you, my prince…”, he mumbled, sorrow filling his voice, vivid images of what hellish agony the other must have had to suffer flashing through his mind.

If anything, he didn’t expect those sky blue eyes to shoot open, causing him to jump a little in surprise. However he remained completely silent and motionless as the taller moved around a bit until they were at the same eye level, faces inches apart and short, excited breaths mingling.

“So…”, the royal boy started, face lit up in a lively smile “did I hear you right? Do you love me?”

“Uhm…I-…ye-yeah…”, he felt his cheeks burn hotter than lava and anxiety clutched his every hopeful thought hearing that the only emotion evident in the prince’s voice was curiosity.

“Hmm…I don’t mean to hurt or offend you, but I don’t know if I love you too, I’ve never been in love. Is there a way I could find out?”, as out-of-place and ridiculous these words sounded, they were said with the most sincere regret for not being able to give a satisfying answer, accompanied by the delightful gleam of crystal blue eyes filled with honesty and interest.

“Well…I might know something…”, the hesitant words were spoken with care and in a low tone, the knight fearing that his voice may fail him out of embarrassment and the despair of his hopes shattering.

“Oh, and what would that be?”, still nothing but childishly curious, eager and a smile toying with his lips, the blue eyed boy awaited the answer with slight impatience.

But his answer never came in the way he anticipated it to – instead in the form of soft lips gently, sweetly pressing against his own, tamed to unimaginable lightness by being terrified of rejection. Eyes tinted similar to the brightest of skies fluttered shut and the younger pushed into the kiss with slight force, smiling against velvet lips as euphoria, like electricity, bolted throughout his body, making his senses spring to life and feeling as if fireworks – no, whole supernovas were exploding in his chest. And, without any words needed, in that very moment, he was sure he was irrevocably, hopelessly and unimaginably in love with Vikk.

“So…?”, the shorter asked, dreading that what he might hear would break his heart.

The blonde didn’t respond straight away – he had no intention of teasing his beloved hero, but he took his time to move closer to him, taking away the tiny bit of space that somehow still remained between their bodies, foreheads leant together and arms tight around one another. Orbs of light azure glowed with unquestionable love and affection as Lachlan spoke the words the other yearned to hear.

“I love you too.”, and with that, he pulled the older into another loving kiss, not leaving him time to reply.

Meanwhile, Bubbles smiled to herself, keeping her head turned away but still knowing about the two lovers being caught up in each other. You might expect her to be jealous, but she wasn’t the slightest bit – oh no, she was incredibly happy because she just witnessed her best friend find his soulmate and she even had a little part in that.

She was careful to occupy herself with her own thoughts and shut out the conversation of the two humans – she wasn’t meant to hear such private conversation and she knew it.

Vikk nuzzled the other’s golden locks lovingly, making delightful giggles erupt from him and stopped for a moment to gently plant a kiss onto his scalp.

“You know what?”, the blonde asked, eyes closed while enjoying the caring attention of his lover.


“I feel bad I’ve never been in love before…it’s great.”

“Oh, Lachy”, the knight chuckled with a hint of bitterness in his voice “being in love isn’t the same every time.”

“Well…”, the response had a cheeky tone to it as the taller pressed their noses together with a swift motion “being in love with you feels wonderful and that’s all that really matters to me.”

“Weeeell”, Vikk grinned, mocking the other “you should have said that then.”

“You’re a jaaaaaaaag!”, the prince complained, but their playfighting was soon drowned out by their own laughter.

“That reminds me though…you were eavesdropping!”

“Me? When?!”, Lachlan acted offended at the seemingly false accusation.

“You pretended to be asleep when I told Bubbles I love you. You were eavesdropping!”

“No, I wasn’t! It’s not like I had a choice!”, his defence was fierce and loud, yet evidently playful.

“You could have given a sign of being awake.”

At this point, the one of royal heritage decided to stop talking and change his strategy to pouting cutely, making the dark haired boy giggle.

“Are you not going to talk to me anymore, my prince?”, he had a hard time restraining his laugh while all he got in response was a shake of the other’s head.

“Aaw, but Lachy…”, the slowly rising red taint on the younger’s face just made him giggle eve more before he pressed his lips gently against the flushed cheeks as the act of requesting truce. “Come on, my precious, don’t be like that”, he mumbled against smooth skin, breaths sending ticking sensations to slowly paint a smile onto his soulmate’s features.

But as soon as their little playfighting was over, Lachlan moved again, resting his head against his saviour’s chest, enjoying the feeling of slender digits threading through his hair carefully.

“Vikk?”, voice not hushed one bit, the blonde spoke up without moving his head.

But, instead of a melodic, deep voice he loved so much, replying, they both heard a slightly annoyed, non-human grunt from behind them, it’s source being none other than Bubbles.

“I think she wants us to shut up and go to sleep already…”, the knight chuckled with cheekiness beyond hinted in his voice.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.”, the answer held the same amount of mischief and happiness,making Vikk’s heart flutter knowing how lucky he was to hold his beloved prince in his arms.

“Goodnight, my prince.”

“Goodnight, my knight.”

And the two newfound lovers shared one last, sweet kiss before heading to the realm of dreams together – their first night they shared in the line of thousand more ones to come.

What a day

So, long story short:

Ben’s been having some strange issues lately with weight loss and weakness, and I decided to take him in to Urgent Care to get some bloodwork done. We get there, they can’t seem to get any blood from him because its running too slowly. After about 10 pricks and an hour and a half they let us know he is dehydrated.

About 20 minutes later they come back, tell us his blood sugar level is at a hospitalization level and that I need to take him to the hospital immediately.

15 minutes later Ben is set in a room, hooked up to 4 liters of saline fluid in the ER, has 4 vials of blood drawn and we’re sitting there waiting for his blood sugar to drop.

7 1/2 hours later we find out he has type 2 diabetes and we got him in just in time— any longer, and he would have slipped into a coma.

Diabetes is not a new thing for me. My dad has type 2 diabetes, and it nearly killed him 4 years ago. I’ve seen the terrible things diabetes can do when it’s left untreated.

In the back of my head I keep thinking about how much money this is going to cost us, but I’m just glad this is something we can handle and not something worse. I’m glad I took him in to Urgent Care even though I’m sick. I’m glad I listened to my own instincts that were screaming DIABETES and had them test him.

I’m exhausted. 

The next 24 hours I’ll be monitoring, setting up meal plans and scheduling follow up appointments. I should have been at work today— but they sent me home because I didn’t have a voice. I should be at work tomorrow.

I’m going to bed. It has been a very, very long day.

At 41 weeks pregnant (1 week overdue), the question I am most often asking myself is “is this a contraction or gas, or is the baby just moving around again?”

Also, I am tired of people asking me if the baby came yet. It is NORMAL for first time pregnancies to go past due by two weeks. Yes, my baby is a big one and on Wednesday we will probably set a date for induction and stuff because of that. But holy wow, my own relatives aren’t this demanding; my mom checks in with me to see how I’m doing each day but she doesn’t ask me if the baby came because she knows I will LET EVERYONE KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENS.

Now I kinda want to keep it a secret for like a WEEK after baby comes.

Bye bye Tumblr

I’ve been on tumblr for years but it’s time to branch out. The reason I haven’t been on much is because I’ve been wanting to take blogging more seriously and invest the time and money into it. I’ve set up on blogger where I will posting from now on only. I will keep this tumblr up for a month or so and then i’ll delete it as I no longer have use for it anymore.

The new blog will be very similar but will have more content, reviews, I will update more regularly and hopefully some exciting things in the future. I would love to work with some brands, up and coming or well known and host some giveaways so if you have a company in which you would like promoting or are looking for bloggers to work with, please email me at:

Thank you to everyone who’s followed this blog from day 1. I never thought people would really look at it but the 3000+ followers has proved me wrong. I hope some of you will continue to follow me on the new site otherwise i’ll be all alone! 

Milly Amy x


Is the title of the new set I’m going to show you. The first picture is already online and I am very excited because there are some photos from this set that I really love 

All pictures come from Southbank, London. I took them in a rainy day and, sure, this is the reason why I decided to call this set “The sound of the rain” 

Fujifilm X100, self made black and white preset

Enjoy it