History also provides one strangely fitting example: In 1981, researchers for one study interviewed Tennessee women after the state enacted a counseling and waiting-period law two years prior (the waiting period was struck down in the state in 2000, then re-imposed recently). The study found that 62 percent of women said the second visit increased the cost of the abortion because of lost wages, transportation, and childcare expenses. The requirement made the abortion more expensive by 48 percent for poor women and by 14 percent for richer ones (possibly because it was more costly for employed women and those in rural areas to take time off work and travel to the clinic). Three-quarters of the women said they couldn’t name a single benefit of the waiting period, but more than half of them said the delay caused problems for them. The median additional costs of the abortion added up to $24—but this was back when the procedure cost just $50 to $175. Today, the price is between $470 and $1,320.

This June, characters and concepts from my old webcomic Parallel Dementia will return in a new webcomic called The Sword Interval.


To address a few questions I am sure some folks have:

-Doing a second comic alongside Derelict is made possible because, and this is very exciting for me, I’ll be getting a paycheck to do it through an online publisher.

-While I need a couple weeks off of Derelict right now, mostly because of some real life stuff that cropped up, the plan is to continue updating it once a week while building a buffer for the bonus pages I owe. 

-The Sword Interval is not Parallel Dementia. It’s not continuing where it left off, nor is it a reboot of the same story. While many familiar characters and concepts will be used, the plot and the world are very different and this is its own story.

-Yes, Visage is going to be in it.

I went ahead and set up shop since I’m going to be busy the next couple of days and won’t have time to get around to it later!! I’m going out of town this weekend so please account for few days of delay on shipping if you order anything this week >< I just wanted to get the shop up as soon as possible because to be completely honest I’m in bit of a financial bind right now and could use the funds ;;

Thanks again to everyone who supported me by buying prints at Fanime, and thanks in advance to anyone who supports me through my store!! You guys are so wonderful and kind to me! I’m truly grateful!!

PS!! you can get 10% off of anything in my store using a “secret” code…!
hint: it’s the name of my favorite character…(LMAO shouldn’t be too hard to guess)

I love how there’s rumors that Hoechlin was fired by Jeff for having “mediocre acting”. I’m just like, that’s not possible, because if Jeff fired people for bad acting, Posey would have been gone after season one. I mean, that slack-jawed tree stump looks like he’s having difficulty passing a large stool when he tries to do intense emotional scenes. 

Obviously, this rumor about Hoechlin was created by Jeff because he’s upset that Hoechlin left his shit show.

Never mind, I’m gonna say it anyways.

I’m not even talking about how logically/scientifically the tilt of the Earth and rotation on its axis causes seasons anyways cause we all obviously recognize that

I’m talking about how according to the Tinker Bell movies, fairies alone create the seasons. Not even just aid them, but cause them. By doing the work themselves, in creating plants and such.

Because ThAT is j ust


Fairies were first born from the laughter of the first human child. That is canon.

If fairies bring the seasons, create nature and plants, and without them–according to the Minister of Spring–the world would become nothing but an Ice Age…

there is no way humans could ever have evolved and came to be, in a completely barren world without plants and nature, at all, let alone long enough for the fairies to be born in the first place. Without fairies having existed previously and making the Earth initially habitable, if that’s supposedly their job, humans couldn’t exist. But fairies can’t exist without humans laughing them first.

The whole of the Disney Fairies movie mythology is a paradox. Every plot that deals with the changing of the seasons (and the supposed necessity of fairies in the process) is not even riddled with plot holes, but just a gaping hole where a plot should have been.




consider this:

a legit reverse acwnr verse where erwin is somehow forced to live in the underground after his dad dies. possibly because of the conspiracy theories he shared?? he uses his natural charisma to charm innocent civilians to steal from them. when he starts pulling bigger jobs on the lesser poverty-stricken folks, the mp start to make an effort to catch him, so he gets a hold of a set of stolen 3DMG through the black market to carry out his petty crimes. his leadership skills grant him a small following & while his subordinates aren’t the family they were to canon levi, he is still responsible for their well-being. & then of course an anti-expedition faction leader hires him to steal some documents/kill ‘Humanity’s Strongest’ if possible in return for citizenship above ground. 

but Nicholas Lobov doesn’t know that Erwin Smith is a ‘heretic’ - no one remembers the kid whose father was killed for digging too deeply into the government’s contradictions. so he isn’t gonna get himself killed trying to complete the second part of the job, but lobov doesn’t need to know that. 

squad leader levi catches a glimpse of the thief that piece of shit Lobov hired to kill him, witnesses him outsmart trained members of the mp, navigate the underground with clinical precision, & command his subordinates with absolute authority. he gets an idea. 

etc.etc. plot happens & erwin inevitably gets caught because he might be smarter, but levi is stronger than him in leaps & bounds.

and levi gives him a choice.

anonymous asked:

choose between Corey and Joseph

Make me choose between:_________ or _________

It doesn’t appreciate difficult situations. Not ones that were not of its own making. That the grey face had the audacity to force it’s hand is frustrating.  Still, it will decide. It doesn’t know what will happen to the one it decides against. Pain and then screaming oblivion? Or will they remain here, alive? Is there really a difference?

joseph’s mind is scrambled. He is an amusing toy for the most part, perhaps one of its favorites. They push and scrabble at each other for control and dominance, though the Keeper knows there can be only one outcome. He is shattered, ripped beyond repair. Even if he were to break free of the SOVEREIGN’S influence, he would never be able to piece himself back together. His calm control replaced by impatient chaos. He may have managed to scrape together enough to distinguish himself from the other once-men, but he is still one of their number.

As for the other–the Keeper doesn’t even know his name. It has never seemed too important. He has always been the fake, copy, doppelganger. A shattered mirror reflecting its LORD, but the monster has plans. The Keeper intends to repair him, place each shard back inside a new frame. It won’t matter that neither knew who he once was. By the time it is through with him, he will know himself as RUVIK.

The choice is obvious. It will take the one still of use.

*is way more excited for the s5 deleted scenes than for s6, because of the low possibility that we’ll see the 5x03 sex scene and every other deleted ixm scene*

torstein-of-kattegat replied to your postMuse PSA/brief whine

Torstein gets hit all the time. Torstein often loses fights and arguments. Hey he’s human! I always try to say “he swung a punch/moved to hit them” wherever possible because it leaves it open for the other muse to do what they will.

((Yeah, that’s exactly what I do too. But then way too many people take advantage of it to do things like “X jumped out of the way etc” all the damn time… Like, dude I’m letting myself get beat up here, the least you can do is return the favour…))


I promised you I’ll introduce my new neighbors and there’s the first one. My apologies for not being able to properly get her name but my Swiss cowish is rather rusty. Chances are she’s called Fiona - according to statistics the most popular cow name around here and not because of Shrek’s partner but (possibly) because of a quite popular ex Miss Switzerland. If not Fiona then maybe Bella like the second most popular, or Nina… but you got the point. Under the vespertine condensation trails of liners landing or taking off from the nearby Zurich airport, there are quite a few such farms still selling eggs, potatoes, apples (and their fresh juices)… not necessarily biological but still a nice thing to have in your neighborhood. Before you ask, no, I don’t do anything like that myself - my own office stuff is much more than enough for what I call an adventurous life. So, there’s my Swiss beer to go with that: again from the nearby village of Nürensdorf and its interesting small brewery Schlossbraui, the Nightcap! I mean, Nachtchappe in the special Swiss German dialect, a surprisingly attractive combination of thick and refreshing, bitter and sweet, more yeasts than hops and well, traditional as Swissies go and just good. Possibly because it uses for brewing the richest mineral water in Switzerland - Meltinger from the canton of Solothurn? The medieval reputation of these mineral sources was to help childless families, and beer is not THAT far away… (a certain meme in mind)

Con Trend Prediction:

>Steven Universe is just about to become the new Homestuck, judging by Fanime over the weekend

>Like right on the verge of the tidal wave hitting

>Soon cosplayers are going to surge the convention scene

>Things may get crazy because of this

>Possible backlash

I want to be as brief as possible because I really don’t have all that much to say on the matter anyway. 

Having this blog in particular has become nothing but troublesome for me. 

I have 478 followers and I talk to maybe two or three of them. I don’t know most of you and you don’t know me. I have these terrible terrible breakdowns almost daily at this point… and, despite having 478 people following me, nobody tries to give me any reassurance or help. To be honest, it makes me feel alone. I feel like I did when I was in foster care and I can’t handle that anymore

I have bad memories associated with this blog. I have bad memories associated with this name. I’m not happy with any of it. I’m not happy with myself. SO, I’m moving to a new, clean blog. 

You are not obligated to follow me. so don’t follow just because you think you have to. I would rather have 10 close followers than have 478 strangers.

I’ll probably leave this blog up as an archive, but I won’t be touching it anymore, that’s for sure.

Goodbye to Juan Uribe



Man, when this front office was hired, you knew that no player was deemed ‘untouchable.’ You knew that this front office was not going to acknowledge the fans’ sentimental vibes. You knew that the ballclub was going to trade your grandkids’ favorite players away. You damn well knew, and if you say you didn’t know, then you is a fool.

And yet, despite all the warnings and all the mental preparation, the Matt Kemp trade happened, and that was devastating. But at least that was rumored for quite some time, so it was not as suddenly painful. Worse yet, you thought that you would never have to deal with the riveting pain because nothing could possibly suck more than losing Matt Kemp.

But alas, on Tuesday, May 26th, a figuratively blunt object jabbed you in the eye sockets.

Juan Uribe–beloved Juan Uribe–traded to the Atlanta Barves.

Nevermind the return, because the internet is telling Drank that Drank should hate the return. More importantly, our beloved Juan Uribe is no longer a Dodger. That is just so, so sad.

Of course, our beloved Juan Uribe was not always beloved. Mind you, he was once a Giant–and a very typical one at that. That is, he was incredibly mediocre but god damn it he would always do something irritating at the worst possible time. Walk-off home runs against the Dodgers? Check. Go-ahead HRs in the postseason out of nowhere? Check.

And when he played an integral part in helping the Giants win the 2010 crown, you knew that Ned Colletti was salivating at the thought of bringing him aboard. That did not make it any easier when Colletti actually did bring Uribe aboard. At least his 2011 season made up for the lack of easiness, except for every time played and did something not fun aka all the time. In 2012, Dodger fans were simply calling for Uribe’s designation for assignment. If you were Juan Uribe, you had hit the lowest of lows.

But, we all know what happened right after that, right? A second chance–an actual second chance–happened. It was a second chance that was taken well-advantaged of. 2013 was a year that saw the Dodgers most productive third baseman since one Adrian Beltre. After a decade of mediocrity, Juan Uribe solidified a revolving door. In 2013, he was worth even more WAR than the entire Houston Astros. That was totally predictable.

In many ways, he is a godsend. A true rags-to-riches tale. You know that quote in that Batman movie? The one that goes, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain?” Hella cliche to use that quote.

But Juan Uribe was the opposite of that. Uribe somehow lived long enough to turn into a hero. A hero we all adore. A hero we will all remember.

A hero who could turn fucking awful bunting attempts into one of the greatest postseason moments in Dodger history.

Bye, Juan. Dis teeeeem will miss you.

okay i haven’t actually read the Planet Hulk thing. I get that they’re probably making fun of Steve’s Bucky feels again, like with the Bucky Bear, but come on they look pretty obviously in love here. Would it be that hard, instead of the possible queerbaiting because of MCU Steve/Bucky’s massive popularity, in an au, to just let them be romantically in love in this one? 

I mean idk what a “warbound” is, but come on. Can we just have this one marvel? 

I want so many Pokemon tattoos it’s kinda crazy haha!

already have luxray, but I really want sylveon, espeon, bulbasaur, possibly pikachu because Pokemon yellow was my first game <3