Minako setting aside hours at a time to take perfectly posed and shot pictures of herself as Sailor V/Venus.

Minako posting those pictures to her official V-chan Twitter account, which has thousands and thousands of followers.

Minako holding press conferences, photo shoots, and interviews as Sailor V. 

Minako demanding the rights to her image so she can regulate what Sailor V merchandise comes out. She doesn’t give a fuck about the money (which she does get a cut of), she just doesn’t want her image being sullied by subpar merchandise. 

Minako running an official Sailor V blog where she talks with fans and promotes herself.

Minako secretly hiring a PR agent for Sailor V so that her image will remain perfect at all times.

Minako anonymously telling the paparazzi where Sailor V will be and then acting caught off-guard when they show up before flipping her perfectly styled hair and posing for the cameras. 

Minako being Minako because she’s Minako.

poppypicklesticks asked:

I love Sailor Venus, but I have to admit I always lol that nearly all of her attacks and sound like sex toys: Venus Love Me Chain, Venus Wink Chain Sword, Love Whip, Venus Love Me Chain, Rolling Heart Vibration, Venus Love and Beauty Shock. Not to mention the Love Whip. Still not as bad as Star Gentle Uterus though.

Well, she’s named after the goddess of love, beauty, and lust/sexuality after all…

Plus, you know, it’s MINAKO.

Senshi Take Toronto (Part One!)

So keyofnik started this wonderful set of drabbles about the Sailor Senshi visiting various cities aka the gargantuan amounts of friendship world tour. And so, of course, I feel the need to represent Toronto. (Maybe they are coming to vanquish the ultimate evil known as Rob and Doug Ford? Yes I think that would be awesome. Anyway.)

It would be a ridiculous 13 hour flight in, not counting the inevitable layover in BC where - because Air Canada serves crap meals - Usagi would be making it a priority to find Real Food before making their connecting flight. As we know, poor Mako would be drugged up to the gills just to be able to fly on said planes, and Ami would obviously sit with her in the lounge waiting for the other three to get back. Minako, meanwhile, has discovered the Duty Free and is contemplating both starting a shot glass collection and whether she would like maple whiskey. (The answer is yes, she would, but Rei confiscates it from her before she can open it to try.) Arriving back at the gate just in time to board, a frazzled Rei is stuck in the middle of the two blondes, forcibly hanging on to each of them to keep them from running off again.

As they spend the next two hours flying over most of Canada, Ami persuades Mako to look at the Rockies, and surprises everyone with a joke about “watching your dog run away for days” as they cross the Prairies. Which of course she then points out would be logically impossible, but there is a LOT of flat land down below.

Finally, they all land in Toronto… only to discover that Pearson Airport is actually at least half an hour outside of Toronto, and a considerable distance from where they booked their hotel. After having a run-in with a cabbie who did not speak any language they recognized, they decide to brave the TTC - Toronto’s public transit system. Of course, Minako has a giggle fit when she finds out that their slogan is “Ride the Rocket”, a phrase that bears repeating constantly, with the added bonus of draping over Rei’s shoulder and whispering it suggestively in her ear. Mako, still a little high, giggles at the whole scenario, ending with her snorting at just how bright red Rei turns.

Surprisingly, Usagi is the one to point out just how simple the TTC is - the map showing only two main subway lines and two tiny stumps. Compared to Toyko, it’s almost too easy. Three hours later, after a bus and a subway and then another bus and then a streetcar and a lot of confused walking around to get to the Gladstone Hotel, the general consensus among the girls is to never call things easy again. That, and there are a lot of rude people who like to sit in the outside seat on transit to make it inconvenient for anyone to sit beside them. Thankfully, Ami mapped out their journey in advance, so they didn’t get too lost.

Somewhat exhausted after travel, the girls check into their specially themed rooms, each lovingly picked out in advance by Minako. However, Mako is finally awake and focused again, and it doesn’t take much for Usagi to convince her that she is starving. So the girls decide to explore the neighbourhood and discover a poutine shop - serving up French fries topped with gravy and cheese. Aka heaven. Usagi is so excited by this new food that she orders two. Mako refuses to leave until she gets the recipes for all the different types of poutine directly from the hipster dude working the kitchen, for which Minako happily translates in between admiring how well kept his beard is.

In their post-poutine food-induced comas, the girls accidentally wander the opposite direction from their hotel, which they realize when they come across Trinity Bellwoods, a giant park. There are people on blankets, people walking dogs, people playing frisbee, people selling jewelry and art, even people making out in public. While somewhat bothered by the last, Rei is extremely insulted when she sees a woman offering fortune telling services for $5, who clearly doesn’t have a divinatory bone in her body. Minako, meanwhile has wandered off and already made friends with a group of guys who are drinking beer and passing around a decently-sized joint. She stays just long enough to score a beer and a quick drag, and to get details on the best places to party. Returning to the group triumphantly, she proclaims loudly “when in Canada!” in English. Ami just shakes her head, because Minako. Mako happily accepts the shared beer. Usagi tries a sip and makes a face, spitting it back out. Rei snatches the beer out of Usagi’s hand, and downs about half of it with a smirk on her face before passing the can back to Mako, pointedly NOT giving it back to Minako. The Rei Hino gauntlet has been thrown and now it is SO ON.

Before Minako can do something terribly clever and vengeful in return, Ami points out that they are not that far from the CN Tower according to her guidebook, and that they should be able to get there in time for sunset. They decide not to bother with the TTC this time and opt to walk instead. An hour later, they are on a very long elevator ride up, griping about the price of admission and why is everything in Toronto so goddamned expensive. Usagi, still slightly traumatized by another elevator ride from long ago, clings to Rei and whimpers until they safely reach the top. Minako is torn between PLOTTING REI’S DOOM for stealing her beer and trying to figure out how to get to do the Edgewalk for free (are you kidding Minako walking around the edge of the tallest tower on earth none of the rest of the Senshi want to do that and nobody wants to pay that much to do it) She settles for jumping on the glass floor, which she coaxes Usagi to do after pushing several children out of the way to demonstrate just how safe it is. Mako and Ami, meanwhile, are outside taking in the view of the city. Ami makes a mental map of where everything is in relation to where they are and where they came from (seriously the city seems to go on forever) and Mako secretly indulges in thoughts about how romantic the view over the water is, especially at sunset.

After going back down the tower, Minako tries to drag everyone to Ripley’s Aquarium but again nobody wants to pay that much just so Minako can make faces at fish again. And the Blue Jays game is out because baseball and Minako and Rei is just not a good mix and also holy fuck tickets are how much. Instead, they go for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe at Yonge and Dundas Square, where they are bombarded with street performers and some weird festival that doesn’t seem to actually have a point but has some magician on stage doing lame tricks. Surprisingly, the city feels a lot like Tokyo though it looks very different.

(Consider this “part one”…. So much more to come)

one day Minako finds a plushie
  • Jet Wolf:OMG Mike and I just did a whole thing
  • Jet Wolf:With Minako finding herself as a plushie
  • Jet Wolf:and doing a voice for it.
  • Jet Wolf:"Aren't you the cutest, Venus?" "No, you are!"
  • Jet Wolf:"I'm the plushie of love and beauty! Crescent Beeeaammm!" And the Minako throws glitter on Mako.
  • Jet Wolf:"What?? It was the plushie!'
  • Leigh:oh my god
  • Leigh:augh Minako takes the plushie into battle with her
  • Jet Wolf:YES. And positions it to where it looks like the plushie is attacking.
  • Jet Wolf:She love-me chains it to her back other times.
  • Jet Wolf:So it looks like she's giving it a piggy-back ride.
  • Leigh:She's constantly using it to make smartass remarks, too.
  • Leigh:"What! I didn't say it! BLAME THE PLUSHIE"
  • Jet Wolf:Mike: And then when they look at her, she points at the plushie to assign blame.
  • Jet Wolf:EXACTLY
  • Leigh:And of course she's an AWFUL ventriloquist so she doesn't even bother.
  • Jet Wolf:The most she tries is talking out of one side of her mouth. When she remembers.
  • Jet Wolf:And it's all in this super high-pitch, which is pretty impressive given Minako's already high pitch.
  • Leigh:Eventually the other Senshi get really, really annoyed with all of that
  • Leigh:Mako tries to steal the plushie
  • Jet Wolf:Actually manages to succeed. Rei has distracted Minako.
  • Jet Wolf:Thus Minako's quest to find the kidnapper and PUNISH HER.
  • Jet Wolf:But then Mako gets into it.
  • Jet Wolf:Starts sending ransom notes.
  • Leigh:oh my god and Minako just flips her lid
  • Leigh:She suspects EVERYONE
  • Leigh:even Mamoru
  • Jet Wolf:"My ... wait what?"
  • Jet Wolf:"Wait how DO you know?'
  • Leigh:Poor Mamoru keeps waking up with Minako on the windowsill STARING
  • Leigh:like some kind of huge demented bird
  • Leigh:Ami keeps getting weird notes from Minako
  • Jet Wolf:DIES with image of Minako giving Mamo the death stare on the windowsil DIES
  • Jet Wolf:still dying
  • Jet Wolf:can't stop laughing
  • Leigh:face pressed up against the glass
  • Leigh:it's like the ultimate nightmare fuel for Mamoru
  • Leigh:he still can't figure out how she gets the curtains open FROM THE OUTSIDE
  • Leigh:he pulls them shut every night and yet every morning
  • Jet Wolf:stop
  • Jet Wolf:stop i'm dying
  • Jet Wolf:i'm crying omg
  • Leigh:okay okay I'm done :P

oshkeet replied to your post: silvermoon424 said:omg ur a fucki…

For a second I just imagined Minako having her Sailor V account sending hate to her blog to get sympathy. Wat.

You know she would. I’m not even kidding. Whenever Minako gets bored or a while had passed without any drama, she stirs up a shitstorm with a sockpuppet account so that her thousands of followers can say nice things about her.

Because Minako.

godfatherpride asked:

Rewatching R on Hulu and finding the break-up pretty pointless. The previous arc established that Mamoru likes Usagi without the concept of destiny since he didn't have his memories in the Doom Tree arc. Would the break-up have been more interesting if Usagi dumped Mamoru instead of the opposite?

I agree that largely the break-up arc is pretty pointless. In my opinion, it’s ridiculous soap opera drama injected into the middle of the season, stretched way beyond its premise, and never resolved in a satisfying way. It’s one of the more blatant examples of the anime having to tread water while it waits for the manga to do stuff, I think. I can only assume that they thought that idea could go somewhere but it never did. And it’s a pity, too, because it does have potential as an idea. I think not THERE, exactly. After the Dark Kingdom and the Doom Tree, Usagi and Mamoru really needed some time to actually just be a couple for a while. All the emotions involved, for me, would’ve felt much more genuine and I might’ve been more invested in the drama (MIGHT have; the entire concept really isn’t my thing) had Usagi and Mamoru had more than, at best, like two weeks to actually be together.

But a dire warning from the future, Mamoru taking it to ridiculous extremes, Usagi struggling with it all, THE INNERS ACTUALLY REACTING. I don’t think I would’ve ever ENJOYED the storyline, but a few tweaks and chopping its length down considerably, and I think there would have at least been some interesting character stuff to come out of it. As it was, there were a few times something more substantial was suggested that I wish they’d followed through with. This, for example

I know you pointed out that the Doom Tree arc dealt with the idea of destiny already, and you’re not wrong, but it’s in a passive sense rather than an active one. I think there’s something worthwhile in the idea of Mamoru still wrestling with the idea of being Fate’s paddle ball. His dreams seem to be more in control of his life than he is, and really he’s not had any opportunity to deal with his identity. He remembered his past life and was then kidnapped and brainwashed about three seconds later. He gets his memories back and dies within a minute. He comes back and has lost his memory AGAIN – this time not only the past stuff, but a whole chunk of the new stuff too. Then he gets all that back only to have new dreams start with another disembodied voice giving him dire warnings and telling him what to do. I’d really have preferred to see Mamoru like “Okay I need some time to sort shit out. Did *I* sign on for all this, or did Captain Stabsalot from the year Whatever The Fuck?”

And it could lead from there to the others examining their choices as well, so the idea of fate versus choice is confronted head on and becomes a seasonal theme. (After all, if Mamo-chan is only here because he has to be, maybe everybody is. Do they all need time to sort it out? What if they decide the answer to “Am I only here because of the past?” is “yes”?). This done in tandem with the revelations about the future – a seemingly huge flag being waved on the side of “fate” – could be fascinating. At least way the hell better than SEVENTEEN EPISODES of Mamoru being a cruel and conflicting jackass while everyone stands around and does nothing as Usagi’s heart breaks every week.


Anyway, so your part two. The break-up would almost certainly have been more interesting had it been Usagi’s decision. But completely out of character. Usagi’s reaction to a dream showing her nightmare visions and telling her she must break up with Mamoru would be the polar opposite to Mamoru. Mamoru takes it all on his shoulders, makes decisions for Usagi without talking to her, and martyrs himself silently with only his motorcycle helmet to witness his lonely tears.

Usagi would be on the phone to Rei in seconds. “I HAD A SCARY VISION DREAM WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!?” Now everyone’s involved. They have a problem to solve, and they get to solving it. Maybe Usagi stays away from Mamoru for a bit while they sort it out, but she’s sending him reassuring messages through the other Senshi who are almost instantly tired of being her relay network. The longer it takes, the more schmoopy the messages become. Ami can’t even deliver them anymore. Mako has to deliver hers through her bookbag because she can’t bear to look either Mamoru or Usagi in the eye. Rei by contrast keeps intense focused eye contact for each and every flat and toneless word because if she has to suffer by god so do they. Minako edits hers beyond all recognition. Either they’ll stop making her do this or she’ll have her own fun with it, their choice.


But yeah, the very last thing Usagi would do is let some dream tell her who she can and can’t love. She has a problem, she takes it to her girls, they fix the problem together, the end.

That purse post became the top post again only for drama queen Minako and mini Venus to swoop in and be crowned the new queens of the activity page.

My blog has turned into an endless loop of Minako trying to one-up herself.