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Hey Reddit, around 2 months ago I became interested in Fitness because I was very skinny and had barely any muscle. My starting stats we’re 18 years old/Male/100 pounds/5'4" roughly 2 months ago.

The first month was just sit-ups and push-ups daily, and I ate fast food about half as often as I used to (was once/week, now twice/month) and whenever I wanted a snack at home, I would grab whatever had more protein in it. The first month had almost no affect on my weight or muscles.

The second month I bought 2x 20lb dumbbells and found a routine of 8 isolation work-outs, which I’ve been doing every second day since. I have been eating a bit more because I’m getting more exercise and need to eat more. I haven’t been counting my calories because I was never worried about gaining weight until recently, when I found out I was gaining weight very quickly. At most, I was eating 200 more calories daily, on average.

So after 2 months I’m now up to 115 pounds from my 100 start. I’m worried that I’m eating too much because there’s no way I gained more than a few pounds from muscle growth. 15 pounds in 2 months seems ridiculous, and I don’t know if I should be lowering my calories until I’m gaining at a more reasonable rate (5lbs/month)? Or should I just let myself gain weight until I’m at a more average weight for my age/height? Thanks for the help.

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How do you tell if a dog needs one of the bowls that makes them eat slower?

I thought of this cause of 6woofs doing the photosets tonight but I don’t know how to tell if a dog is eating too fast. My uncle’s old lab, I mean, was OBVIOUSLY in need of one. He ate in like ten seconds, he ate way too fast. While our other dog at the time, Blitz, you literally had to sit on the ground with him and put a few kibble pieces out at a time (it was annoying but we couldn’t just put his food for the day in the bowl and let him eat as he wanted because Scooby would eat his food too so we had to watch them).

My current dog eats…kind of fast? Maybe? I don’t know how to tell when a dog is eating TOO fast.


Officially back in ketosis and back down to my weight before the carbs-and-alcohol-ladder weekend I just had! Was from 218.4 before this weekend, went up to 224 in bloating, and I am now back down to 218.4 after 4 days of the egg fast. Not too shabby. Probably would of dropped the water weight sooner if I did the egg fast strictly (I did have crab legs one night for dinner) but hey, I’m here now. I feel so much better back in ketosis! My stomach is visibly less bloated and my energy is returning. I didn’t really have the keto flu this time. Maybe because I only ate out of keto for a few hours Saturday night?

Anyhoo. The egg tomorrow is technically my last day of just eggs all day and Friday and Saturday are when I eat eggs the first two meals and then for dinner I can include other things like veggies and meat!


this has been happening for the past 3 weeks but not everyday but recently it’s been happening more then often. I dont think I am eating too fast, and I can’t eat what I’m supposed to eat because I feel full right away, so I’m not like over filling myself or anything but as soon as i feel full i start to feel really uncomfortable like something is stuck in my throat  I have a lot of saliva production right away.. like my mouth gets FULL OF IT, its so fucking gross. and I go to bathroom and spit it all and its so much, sorry for the TMI but, then it leads to me throwing up everything I ate. it happening during 2 meals a day and its just ughhh. anyone have anything similar happen? 

i had a dream that i was at barnes and noble and some really nice tall guy was there and i ate lunch with him or something and i gave him my google plus profile instead of just my number or my email and i dont even remember why i think it was because i didn’t want to go too fast ho my god. and then we met up with my moms cousin and her husband and they were SO nice and idk i already knew them so that wasnt too much of a surprise to dream me for some reason. then i left somehow? and drove home? i dont even know how to DRIVE and then i was scared because i lost my purse with my phone but then i found it again and i went to rehearsals but i didnt bring my folder with my lyrics and leadsheets IT WAS A MESS BUT I MET A CUTE BOY IN MY DREAM AND I WOKE UP FEELING STRANGELY SATISFIED BECAUSE OF THE UCUTE BOY

to make three fairly hearty but barely diverse dinners which could last me maybe 5 days if that’s all i ate and didn’t share with anyone, it would cost about 80 dollars, even using the cheapest ingredients.

that is a whole day’s work at minimum wage before taxes



i could have ten meals from fast food for the same amount or less with more variety and 100% less work

things like that make me more depressed because what’s the point of trying to do anything it’s too difficult and not worth it

So last night I smoked a few dabs with some friends, went & ate dinner, had a few drinks, & I then went to the movies. now like three fourths of the way through the movie I start to get a really uncomfortable feeling & i get really hot & almost like I’m gonna barf because I’m too high or something(even tho I was completely fine moments before). so I get up & walk out without saying anything; and just as I step out of the theater my vision starts blacking out, like the way it does when you stand up too fast and get a head rush, only it was intensified. I couldn’t see anything & I reached for the wall to hold myself up but missed & crashed onto the ground. I then literally passed out for a solid minute or more & then my conscious came to even before my vision & I made my way to the bathroom & attempted to text my friend. after some water to the face and deep breaths I was fine but wtf??

Oh my gosh, we spent the morning running errands, finally stopped to grab lunch at noon, actually sat down and ate at this awesome burger place. As we’ve stood up I felt like a pressure on my pelvis, which I assumed was miss’ head from me standing up too fast and about 10 seconds later I had to stop walking and breathe through a braxton hick contraction.

I say BH because my belly was hard, but not fully hard, the places that aren’t full of baby were tense but I could still indent them by pushing gently on them, and it was only the one, that was like 2 and a half hours ago.

I hate being sick, it makes me sleep too much. And my already fucked up perception of time gets even worse. I feel like between 8 and noon was too fast, then it was noon for a million years, then it was suddenly three o'clock, now it’s three o'clock for a million years. I don’t know what to do with myself. I have eaten toast twice because I forget what time it is and forget that I already ate breakfast and that the toast I had earlier wasn’t actually yesterday, but an hour ago.

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Ive been working out and going to the gym for 2 weeks everyday and i havent gone in a week and i had fast food and i hate myself so fucking much for it

Im glad you ate…life is too short to be counting calories and its definitely too short to hate yourself….not going a week is completely alright, to eat fast food is completely alright…dont overdo the exercising as it can lead to the wearing and tearing of muscles and also 30mins is the ideal time to exercise per day….also try and incorporate more fruit and veggies into your diet because theyre packed with nutrients….eating fast food every now and then is perfectly alright….

stay strong, dont let those demons win xx love you :*

Pietro: Can you share?
Wanda: No, you’re and idiot and just ate it too fast.
Pietro: …
Pietro: Can you brainwash me a new one?
Wanda: We both know that you’re fast enough to grab one yourself.
Pietro: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wanda: Pietro?
Pietro: Hm?
Wanda: You’re an idiot.

Soooo… I had a feeling that while the Maximoff twins were waiting for Ultron to get ready to head off to Wakanda, that Wanda got them both some ice cream and because Pietro has an increased metabolism, he ate his quickly and now Wanda is rubbing it in his face. Pietro doesn’t want to annoy her because like what Agent Hill said, ‘She’s weird’.


Falling out from everything around us,
a quick drop down watches light spin tighter
feeling out the edges of our doors
and a brief step away from learning for yearning.

The blood runs all ways around you,
I just accept it and surround you.
That subtle encumbrance, I have to thank it,
though I’m equally happy you
brought that blanket.

A spiked mind on the sideline
five minutes at a time.
I rolled my eyes and you ate your lunch.
You cant punish any two who beat you
to the punch.
You can’t admonish love like you’re trying.
The only thing dying here is time.

Without some space and some brains
we would wind up as mild and bare as those
waiting on the stairs.
Though of course we would never wear the
sheets of the bleak, but
the covers of lovers.

And I couldn’t place what was happening
in the brief past because, dreaming of you,
I fell out of sleep too fast.
I remember something about reuniting on the sidelines
and in other places
as far away as we could
from all those other faces.


I’ve been anxious and hungry all day so i ate a sandwich and an apple after lunch then my sister comes home and my dad asks me if im still hungry and i said “well apples can full u very fast” and then he said “well sandwiches do that too” and my sister started laughing at me because she probably thought i was trying to sound healthy in front of her but whatever i mean i know i wasn’t trying anything so it doesn’t really matter but it still bothers me idk why

The worst thing if all is that i still feel she laughs at me and thinks im immature and dumb but at the end it doesn’t really matter because no one believes to anything a crazy (psychotic) teen has to say so it will always be just my head playing tricks on me for some reason…and its sad

  • So surprised I made it through the day.
  • Didnt fall asleep til maybe 1:30 last night, but had to be up at six to shower and get ready to go take this stupid test. Well, I wakeup at 6:50 freaking out because my alarm didn't go off. Then, my sister (who was my ride) wasn't awake yet so I was freaking out thinking I'd miss the test. Luckily, made it there and everything on time. Was there from 7:45-12:30 and almost died. I think I did decent, maybe somewhere between a 1500-1800 so not too shabby for hardly studying. Not really like these scores matter much, I'm not looking to go anywhere super difficult to get into for undergrad. Anywho got home a little before 1:00, ate, showered quick, and was off to work. Work went relatively fast luckily lol. Now I'm finally laying down and shit before getting ready to go to the gym. And of course, work tomorrow morning then have to write a whole research paper that's due Monday 😂 Will it ever end?

Yesterday, I went to Dongdaemun.  Because of homework..

First, the bookstall took pictures. and buy a book.

Read this book and write a book report assignment it is. But I want to play

So, I quickly buy a book, go to the restaurant. 

I very very hungry… so i hurriedly ate a chicken. Friends were saying eat too fast !!

But I hungry… So  I’m still ate quickly. 

After eating all.. We went to the cinema. We watched popular movie.

Movie title is !!!!


Review of this movie.. umm…

Expectations are too high, so.. I think.. Avengers 2 is not fun..

But ! Yesterday, very fun!!  with friends 

Beautiful Day

I always look forward toward Wednesdays because I get to spend them with Brandon.  Unfortunately, they go by too fast and I feel like I just woke up.  Today we went to volunteer for a couple hours, played tennis, ate lunch at the park, cut my lawn, cut his lawn/weeded his garden, and went out for ice cream. Tomorrow I have school and I’ll probably end up working on homework when I get home.  The semester is half-way over already.  Everything is going by too freaking fast, I feel like I can’t keep up!