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1. How old are you?
22 but I look like I’m 16 T_T
2. How many groups you stan and what are those groups?
99% energy concentrated on EXO :D OTHER GROUPS
3. Three ships:
SuTao, TaoHun, Baekyeol (ONLY THREE!?! BUT I SHIP A LOT OF THEM!)
4. Your most favorite fanfiction?
T_T I actually don’t read fanfiction…’cause I can’t really find any. I tried skimming through asianfanfics but most of them are yaoi and I prefer reading EXOxYou. I read scenario one shots sometimes though…
5. Your most favorite Korean film?
Miracles in Cell no. 7. OMG. Heartbreaking film. 200 Pound Beauty is good too!!
6. Your most favorite drama (Korean or Japanese)
It’s Okay, That’s Love, Marriage Not Dating, You’re Surrounded, City Hunter, Princess Man, Liar Game (japanese ver), Gokusen
7. Your most favorite book (in general obviously)?
History of Love by Nicole Krauss
8. What things changed after you discovered kpop?
LIFE. Tao, you life ruiner. Sehun, you too. Jongin…you took T~T weeps HECK EVERYONE IN EXO. YOU LIFE RUINERS.
9. Favorite ultimate bias’s body part?
Eyes (this is not fair):

Happy Trail :):

10. That member who is not your bias but is constantly driving you crazy:
Fetus Sehun

Name: Lila

Gender: Female


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I’m starting to think that if I want to enjoy agent carter in peace I need to keep it blacklisted also when I’m not doing it because I don’t wanna be spoiled because wow this website’s attitude about pretty much anything keeps on baffling me every damned time especially considering the terms in which you… discuss possible issues in a show versus labeling it as total crap because it doesn’t meet a certain quota of things you wanted in it


*soft-resets for 50 TIMES…*


Samwise Gamgee A Summary