30 DAY -  T O K Y O G H O U L - CHALLENGE (modified)

Day 2: A character you would eat if you were a ghoul 
Modified: A character too precious for this world
[ Hinami Fueguchi   笛口 雛実  ]

(+ 21.05 Happy Birthday to Hinami!)


There it is.  There’s that elusive but satisfying smile I think about every
time I close my eyes.


Bella was GOOD. All the other things added up to that whole — kind and self-effacing and loving and brave — she was good through and through.

On Dean and Bucky, Castiel and Steve

I think I understand what bettydays​ said when she told me she tends to fall for the ships of certain personality types.

Dean Winchester and Bucky Barnes could be AUs of the same character.

Take one out of spn verse and put him in mcu and vice versa, and I’ll bet you’d get very similar reactions out of each of them.

Boys who’ve had a tough life with a huge protective streak, who are willing to compromise themselves to save the ones they love.

Same thing with the doubting soldiers Steve Rogers and Castiel.

In whatever ‘verse you place these characters, they will always find each other, always want to protect each other…

…Always love each other.


What happens when he grows tired of her? We both know he will. He always does. She’ll be the girl who gave up her dreams and can’t get them back. Because by then it will be too late.


SO when steven was a new born, he sort of imprinted on Amethyst. No one knows why but he would cry and scream if Amethyst wasnt holding him. He wouldnt let anyone else touch him. This was a very good thing for Amethyst though, since she felt ignored now that Steven was around, all pearl and garnet ever talked about was steven. But since the center of attention only wanted to be around her she felt loved by this tiny little human meat child. Her and steven became really close, she bathed him, changed him, played with him and even breast fed him.

As he got older he came to like the others but him and Amethyst share a bond that he doesnt even remember because he was to young at the time and she is afraid to tell him yet.  So she plays the sister role, even tough secretly she played the mother role in the beginning, 

She will still secretly refer to steven as ‘’ my baby” when talking alone with Pearl, Garnet or Greg. 

when people complain about steve’s uniform in the first avengers movie because it’s too colorful and comic-booky but like his outfit in a:aou because it’s darker colors and looks cooler

????? im sorry

i wasn’t aware that captain america….the man in a red white and blue costume……meant to be a symbol for america and the flag….who is also a COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO………………………WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAVE HIS CLASSIC SUPERHERO COSTUME…… 

Mouthful of innuendo

A couple of days ago I reblogged this post and people actually wanted to see this happening so I did it. I hope you people like it!

#i bet she wanted to feed him

Mouthful of innuendo

“Again?” Soul turned on his heel and he saw his meister in a beautiful dark blue dress. “The last time Shibusen threw a ball, you disappeared. I thought you changed.”

   He smiled gently toward her and faced the dark city only lit up by streetlamps and the light from within the homes of Death City residents. “I have.” He spoke softly. “Just needed to cool off. The room’s like a sauna.”

   “You got a point there.” Maka joined him by the railing and placed her plate of food on the flat surface. He glanced and he saw pasta on lettuce, dumplings and… raw salmon. His eyebrow twitched at the sight. She doesn’t like raw fish the slightest. The smell makes her nauseous and he remembered one time he accidentally slipped and dropped salmon on her face, she ran into the bathroom refluxing.

   She stabbed her fork into the pasta and rolled it around her fork. “It’s nice.” She lifted her fork and ate the pasta from her fork.


   She finished chewing and swallowed before she faced her puzzled weapon. “It’s nice. With peace finally being restored.” Her gaze moved away from him and toward the dark moon in the sky. “Even if it came with a price.”

   Days had gone by since the moon was sealed, and every night when the moon would appear, he often found her staring off sadly toward the dark moon with thoughts of their friend who left far too early. Chrona was someone precious to Maka, which is why it hurt him so to look at her. That day, she lost someone very important to her and he hated it with a passion. For her to hurt so pained him because it was painfully obvious he would forever be caged in the friendzone. Never something more. He’d made it as obvious as he could at the celebration he was into her, but she brushed it off so easily by changing the subject.

   “It’s not over yet.” He grabbed her attention and smirked wide toward her. “We’ll figure something out. It wouldn’t be cool to leave a friend sealed away on the moon, right?”

   It worked since a small smile grew on her face. “You’re right. We’ll figure something out.” She stabbed her fork into a piece of raw salmon and lifted it toward him. “Now open up.”

   Soul’s eyes fluttered and he backpedalled away from the fork. “Wow.”

   “What?” Maka retrieved her fork from his lips. “You like salmon.”

   It wasn’t the salmon that was the cause of his troubles. “Didn’t you bring two forks?”

   “No.” Her eyes darted away from his and she looked back inside where couples danced and legal meisters and weapons drunk expensive champagne. “I didn’t think of that.” Her blond hair whipped in her face as she faced her weapon again. Her emerald eyes sparkled like the stars in the night. “I don’t mind if we share, do you?”

   His mind flashed back to her rosy lips caressing the metal of the fork as she brought the pasta inside of her mouth.

   Was he fine with indirectly kissing his willing meister? Hell yes.

   “Nah, it’s fine.” He leaned toward the fork and opened his mouth and Maka moved the fork into his mouth. His lips met the metal and his heart twirled, thinking his lips indirectly met hers. She removed the fork from his mouth and he chewed the salmon thoroughly.

   This was beyond him. Beyond his wetdreams involving his hot meisters. New doors were open and he could picture himself lying on his bed with his head resting on Maka’s exposed thighs. Maka dressed in black lacy lingerie and a plat full with raw fish she feeds him.

   How he want that to be true.

   Soul felt awesome. Being alone with his meister who he has a large crush on and being fed his favourite food item. The simple fact that Maka hates raw fish with a passion and unexpectedly grabbed him salmon and is now feeding it to him, meant the world to him.

   She pierced the last salmon piece and held it up toward him. Soul opened his mouth and―

   The balcony doors slam open and Liz appeared looking distressed. “Maka.” She quickly panted her name. “It’s Blair.”

   “Oh no!” Maka exclaimed and dropped the fork on the plat. “I’ll be back.” Maka pulled up the hem of her dress and both the young women disappeared inside of the hall.

   Soul sighed heavily and picked up the fork.

   Of course the lovely moment had to be interrupted by something. The little freedom he had from the friendzone was a glance into a world of being Maka Albarn’s boyfriend. How he would love to be her b―

   “I’m glad you two finally took it to the next level.” Beside him joined Tsubaki and rested her elbows on the railing. “Black*Star especially since he just won 100 dollars.”

   Soul cocked his eyebrow quizzically toward the woman. “What?”

   “You and Maka. Feeding someone food is a very intimate act to Japanese people.” Tsubaki tilted her head and her eyes fluttered. “You did know that, right?”

   “N―” He stopped.

   Intimate act. Maka is Japanese. She knows Japanese things.

   Oh. Oh. OH!

   He shoved the last piece of salmon into his mouth and quickly swallowed it. “I got to go.” Soul ran inside in searched for the meister who appeared to feel not so platonic about him.

   Time to break out from the friendzone!