because these photos never get old

I’m doing a project soon where I know the entire cast! Even now I’m doing a job with Eddie Redmayne, who I know.

Douglas Booth

Hey hey hey so I woke up this afternoon from an unexpected nap to find that my last L and L related present to myself had arrived in the mail, so take a gander at this snazzy shelf! Complete with (artificial) candles to make it seem even more sinister and shrine-like (they’re actually just there ‘cos I had nowhere else to put them, but they look alright, no?)

From left to right: The Crime of the Century, Evil Summer, For the Thrill of It, Rope, Compulsion, Swoon, Rope, Thrill Me, Compulsion, Life Plus 99 Years, two notebooks (perfect for assorted thoughts, story ideas, et cetera). And a big ol’ stack of printed articles and whatnot because I’m analogue af.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to go on as it never affected me. Sometimes I wonder if it’ll ever stop affecting me at all. Sometimes I think I’ll never stop hoping for a chance.