because she really is the one showing the path

In Waves of Golden Light by NicolasAlexanderOtto

"After quite a delay mostly due to band stuff and university I finally got around to editing one of the more complex shots from my recent trip to the Saxony Switzerland with JanPusdrowski. This has actually quite a funny back story. This very spot was brought to our attention by a wanderer who told us about it because we looked to her as if we were capable people and knew what we wanted from the sunset in store. So she send her daughter off the beaten path to show us this spot. But the best thing about this was, that during the last half an hour of sun a huge number of tourists were occupying the spot we had in mind previously which would’ve made shooting increasingly difficult. So she basically saved one of the more memorable sunsets I was able to shot until now. Really like the cloud formations diagonally extending from the sun and the gentle evening light illuminating the foreground. Hope you like it as well. "

Okay on one hand I’m really sad about the clexa kiss and on the other I’m really glad it happens. Because I am hard core bellarke. Because I honestly dont think Lexa is the right person for Clarke right now. Shes leading Clarke down a bad path. Not to mention that how can they love eachother if both of them have this “Love is Weakness” ideal? But I’m really glad it happens because its a huge step forward and it really needed to happen on a popular show. Also perhaps it could spark something between Bellamy and clar

2x13: Guilt, the 'Greater Good' and Morality in The 100

Okay, so, some poor unsuspecting anon wandered into my ask box and sparked some thoughts off on Abby’s line about ‘floating the man you love to keep your people safe’ and naturally this branched off into a discussion about Abby and Marcus’ ways of thinking and the scene that’s sort of framed around that line because I think that as a whole it’s so, so important, so yeah, that’s sort of what this ended up being about.

I love that scene. I love that scene so much. Because once again this show does something that it can do incredibly well when it wants to; it gives us development, deep, lasting development for two characters and at the same time, that insight into what this narrative can actually be if it’s viewed in the full way that it’s supposed to be. This ended up being a lot less about Kabby and a lot more about the narrative of this season and the questions it’s thrown up about guilt, redemption, the greater good and really, in saving humanity, how much humanity any of these people actually have left. This episode was really well written and that scene in particular I think is quite telling about this season and its theme as a whole and it proved to be quite interesting to dig about in. Which is to say I got completely carried away and, as per, there’s some fairly dense meta under the cut.

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n. (/ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/)

  1. A mythical creature; beautiful, otherworldly
  2. The possibility of something new; a better world, a different way of life
  3. A choice with no regrets; that life is not yours but the fact it could have been is good enough