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There is no such thing as coincidences in this world. There is only the inevitable.


It’s, um.. a single moment that takes you out of yourself. Makes you feel very tiny, or very large. To some extent one with life, or nature, or god.  Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together.


from dusk till dawndtd meme | [1/7] scenes: “everybody  b e  c o o l.”

I haven’t posted anything because inktober is draining me buT I WILL DO IT

tobirama did nothing wrong

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MAkoto in an abusive relationship and the guy says to Makoto that his muscles are too big and it looks weird and puts him to a strict diet and makoto just thinks that oh ok so i look weird, i should maybe listen to him and AND sousuke sees him one day at the coffee shop or something and his heart just stops because why is makoto looking so small and fragile

(hahaha anon it’s been like a month I’m such an asshole…) Oh god my fucking heart everything is pain. Sousuke would get so worried so fast because makoto should never look that frail and sad and… small. he looked so fucking small. Sousuke maybe then would more actively try to hang out with makoto, his abuser wouldn’t like this. Sousuke getting him help, getting him to call helplines and reporting things. Sousuke being really supportive throughout everything because it broke his fucking heart to see makoto value himself so little. ugh omg this has so much potential too bad I’m crap at writing multichap stories ahhaha. This is a free prompt I guess if anyone wants it :)

Woman of Compassion

Compassion can mean many different things, and people use it in many different ways. 

This summer, I met this girl and we clicked instantly with the talk of punk music, bands, and the love of The Breakfast Club. 

Not only did we have similar lifestyles, but also personalities. Her and I both have hearts full of love, and love with everything we have. 

I wasn’t the only one who had a shitty summer, but so did she. Heartbreak, family problems, and lost of self both filled our hearts and minds with aching pains. 

We turned to each other’s and found solace. Night and mornings she would come over and we would longboard the warm summer away. Tripping over cracks in the road, singing, talking for hours, and even just crying in each other’s arms. I have never trusted someone so fast, than I have with my Woman of Compassion. 

Why compassion?

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