because the point is they loved each other more than anything

jupiter ascending is beautiful

when mila kunis confessed her love for space werewolf gravity-defying-galaxy-heelys-wearing Channing “The Thumb” Tatum, the crowd ERUPTED. when eddie redmayne screamed it was like being screamed at by your baby. the baby you brought into this world and love more than anything

was there a plot? MAYBE!!!!!! PROBABLY! definitely at one point! was this mostly just a space fashion show with a lot of sfx? WELL….BLESS

channing tatum becomes a bird wolf. the space princess queen of the earth made out with a bird wolf while wearing galaxy heelys. and theres NO REASON he was part wolf except for the fact that the wachowskis understand that every audience is at least 42% furries

mila kunis sticking a pad on channing’s open wound was oscar-worthy. the abrasax family is perfect and beautiful and may or may not be all fucking each other. sean bean is a bee named stinger?????? literally thats his name

who knew that we would be getting a movie that was so anti-capitalism and so pro-incest. i believe in god now



by Cal Gildart

Cal can’t recall a time when he has not actively drawn or designed, but he has never pursued it as anything other than a hobby because it was always a choice between words and pictures,and he chose the latter.

Cal has always loved Swiss minimal design and vintage style, so he used that as the inspiration to design prints of football legends both past and present. Unfortunately, he was pointed in the direction of someone who was not only doing this, but doing it much better than he was. He had to think and reassess what would be his niche. As it turns out, there wasn’t one type of illustration he was particularly good at, so his designs depended entirely on whatever has inspired him. 

LichTENstein is a homage to legendary pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. There is a lot more he wanted to do with the style, but he thought that having a set project would give him a reason to hold on to it. To illustrate each picture, Cal uses Adobe Illustrator, essentially through rotoscopy and has several images set at the side of his main canvas to use them as a reference point for the stylization. He then manipulates the image into a way he believes is best. 

Cal chose the players pictured above randomly with the exception of Zinedine Zidane. He chose the French maestro as his first picture because he creates a pose that shows football as an art form. Working with that idea, he wanted each player to do something characteristic with the ball.

"There might not be anything original about emulating the styles of renowned artists. But I want my reinterpretations to reflect me and those who’ve inspired me artistically; what’s the point in having influences if you’re not going to do them justice?"

For more of Cal’s artwork you can follow him on Twitter, as well as his Behance. You can also purchase his artwork here.

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Will you be mine?

Prompt #14

Author’s Note: In honor of it being the day of love, hearts, and chocolate (at least for me!), I thought instead of sitting around moping with a can of ice cream and all sorts of junk food I thought why not make good use of time and write a fanfic. Inspired by our lovely Dersha babes. Of course being that I still have to put a couple of finishing touches on my project, I made this fic a little short. But…anyway this fic was a spur of the moment idea set sometime in season 4 or 5 (as we WILL have one). And I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it. The title should be a hint as to what may happen *Smirks*

 “Let’s get it Devils!” Devil Girl Billie exclaimed, bursting through the lockerroom doors. The rest of the girls followed, chanting the same thing over and over. Devils! Devils! And Ahsha couldn’t blame them for being this excited. Their team was on fire tonight! Scoring double shots left and right. They were unstoppable tonight. She knew her father would be pleased with this victory. It was the fifth one this month. And if the Devils continued shredding the Bulls like they were now, they would definitely beat the Conferences. Leading to the playoffs. A glow rushed through Ahsha’s body at the thought. Another championship.

Which would make another year without a ring…From Derek that is. She’d been hoping so bad that he’d propose to her before the season ended but clearly that wasn’t going to happen. Not that she was complaining or anything but still she longed to be Mrs. Roman more than anything. I mean if the Devil called Jelena could tie the knot why couldn’t she? It was what she deserved after 3 years together after all. Ahsha tried not to let her latest dilemma show, plastering a fake smile across her face as she pushed through the girls making her way to her locker. Besides she had far more things to worry about. This was her first flower-gram as Captain and she needed to look relaxed not anxious and nervous like she felt now.

Every year the Devil Girls held a flower gram event where fans donated a desired amount of bouquets to their favorite Devil Girl. Each bouquet represented the number of care packages that would be sent to an orphan in a chosen Caribbean country. The amount of flowers donated always totaled up to at least 500, going over the required limit. This year Ahsha was pushing the girls to get over 850. It was a lot to ask from her team but when you thought about it….that hungry child wherever he/she may be deserved it.

While other people might not care but she did.  Grabbing the glass bottle hanging from her locker wall, Ahsha took a sip. It was the least she could do before going out there in front of a crowd of over 5,000 people. Sure she was used to all the attention by now but… it was still a little nerveracking.  “Expecting anything from Mister in the flower-gram?” Kyle asked suddenly popping up in front of her. Ahsha jumped back startled, nearly choking on her water. “Ky you have got to stop doing that! Its seriously dangerous especially when I’m drinking”, Ahsha scolded in mock seriousness, her eyebrows scrunched up together in the most serious look she could muster. But even for her that couldn’t work. Kyle was just too Kyle for you to try that with her.

“Girl please with that mess,  I can come up to you whenever I want to”, Kyle waved off playfully. “So…tell me are you?” Kyle pressed, without missing a beat. Ahsha had tried to dodge the question but it was obvious that Kyle just wasn’t going to stop. “Yes, Kyle I might just be expecting a flower gram from a certain point guard”, Ahsha teased blushing a little, her cheeks growing warm. She turned back to her locker in an effort to hide her face before Kyle started teasing her about having the “reddones” as Kyle liked to call blushing. “A flower-gram? The guy probably bought out the entire stock”, Kyle repeated jokingly, with a shoulder nudge. She knew her friend knew that was most definitely true. Derek was the kind of guy that would say his “sorry’s” with roses, bring her to dinner with roses, they just were his signature touch. It used to be carnation but after Ahsha mentioned that she felt a little dizzy from the white ones, he switched to roses. It was sweet. For a player anyway. Or ex as Ahsha liked to remind people.

She hadn’t seen a sliver of the man whore Derek she’d met years back during her rookie year. A lot had changed. Derek had grown. And specifically their relationship had grown. It was a lot stronger from their breakup about 2 years ago. And though it still felt like a vague memory, Ahsha still recalled what it felt like not to have Derek by her side and she didn’t want those feels any time soon.  “Well anyway, that’s all this is about Kyle”, Ahsha reminded pointedly, trying to pull the subject back to more important matters. “Right…like how many bouquets I get. Hopefully about 36, I’m expecting a huge haul from the truck drivers down the block”, Kyle agreed jokingly, her blue eyes twinkling at the corners. Not even Ahsha could scold her when she got like this. Her smile was contagious. 

“Well that’s nice. Think about those children when you receive them because…”, Ahsha started but was quickly cut off by her friend. “I know ,I know because their all hungry and dying and need all the help they can get. You’ve read me that lecture at least a hundred times”, Kyle waved off immediately before Ahsha began with another hour long speech on the importance of the flower grams. She got why her friend was so nervous but didn’t see really why. It wasn’t like the Devil Girls weren’t going to raise enough packages anyway. Every year they always raised over the boundaries. They owned that thing. No doubt about it. 

“I know but…still..” Ahsha started up again only to be cut off once more.  “But whatever you’ll do fine just don’t shit your pants and try to smile and you’ll do fine. Its not like you can hide behind me this time. You ARE captain after all”, Kyle reminded quickly dabbing a little lipstick on her bottom lick. She quickly ruffled through her curls, straightening her hair into a somewhat decent look. She wasn’t going out there looking like shit. This was a charity thing. Somewhat. 

“Right. No time for screw ups”, she nodded, quickly pulling herself together. She didn’t bother adding an extra coat of lipgloss that would only make her lips too bright on the Jumbotron. She’d thankfully learned that the hard way. “Exactly”, Kyle replied in agreement. Her friend pushed a strand of hair that fell over Ahsha’s eyes back. “Just smile that pretty little face of yours and pretty soon it’ll be over”, Kyle coached, her southern drawl coaxing through her speech. Ahsha simply nodded. She’d done many things similar to this before but for some reason this seemed more surreal which made her stomach churn even more. Just smile, breathe, relax; She inwardly advised herself. Just as she was about to consider whether or not to throw her jersey dress on, the announcer was already calling out the girls to the floor. “And now, ladies and gentlemen. Your Los Angeles Devil Girls. Give them a hand and welcome them to the floor”, the announcer went on, trying his best to talk through the loud amount of cheer coming from the crowd. 

Games always got like this, it just made Ahsha feel more at home knowing that fans were like this. Not that they didn’t get crazy at times but still…Ahsha heaved another sigh, silently crossing her fingers behind her back. Kyle threw her a small wink before rushing out through the curtain. Ahsha followed close behind. The minute her face came from behind the curtain a camera flash instantly popped onto her face. She blinked a little continuing to the floor as if it were nothing. It was common for younger girls to camp by the main curtain catching shots of their favorite Devil Girl. She was used to it by now no matter how many times the flashes happened. 

Ahsha cautiously made her way to the main court taking her spot in between Billie and Ashley, making sure to stand in a perfectly straight line. They’d rehearsed this at least a hundred times days before the game. They would go in alphabetical order counting the number of bouquets sent to each Devil Girl and the one with the most bouquets won a special Devils wreath that would hang in her locker. Ahsha kept her arms down her sides, pulling her fingers subtly as she stood. She tried to pull a smile under the beaming stage lights but it seemed to droop when Jelena switched with Ashley standing only a few feet next to her. “Its funny you came. I thought you would be too busy working on a routine.  Since you have no life and all”, Jelena muttered through gritted teeth, straining a tight smile over her pursed lips. 

Ahsha tried not to roll her eyes. She knew that was exactly what the girl had been hoping for. Lately Ahsha had become more of a common name around the arena than Jelena. It was just a fact. The ex queen of Devils Arena wasn’t queen anymore. She was done. Case closed. Finito. That was just what things had become. “You know I could never miss the flower-gram. I wanted to be here first hand when you got no bouquets. That way I could give you some of mine”, Ahsha replied through her teeth, looking straight ahead. She waved eagerly to the crowd. It was hard to get catty when you were standing in the middle of a stadium with at least a hundred people staring at you. Jelena turned to her with a look of disgust. “As if I’d want a pack of fake flowers. For all I know you could have sent those to yourself. Sorry but I’m too precious to receive fake ones”, she bragged evenly, batting her pale green eyes sweetly. Ahsha chuckled through her smile. Her rebuttal was at the tip of her tongue. But she hesitated when Devil Girl Mason stepped in the front microphone in hand.

“What’s happenin’ Devils Nation!!!!” Mason cheered brightly, pausing for applause. Ahsha straightened her shoulders a little, aiming a smile at one of the fans holding a mini camcorder. “Okay, okay so lets get right to it with the flower gram. I know some of yall can’t wait to hear me say your Devil Girl’s name”, Mason continued right along, her expression calm and relaxed. Ahsha did’didn’t know how she could pull it off. It was like she was made to be a TV broadcaster or something. “But before we start, let’s give a rowdy welcome to our new captain this year, Ahsha!” Mason exclaimed suddenly, turning to Ahsha. But Ahsha remained still like she hadn’t heard her name being called if it hadn’t been for the glaring lights directed at her she wouldn’t have gotten the clue. “Who blew the roof off this season. Girl were sooo grateful to have you with us. Come on let me hear another round Devils Nation!!!” Mason gushed cooingly, blowing a kiss in Ahsha’s direction.

Ahsha grinned feeling herself blush a little. She wasn’t exactly used to all this attention. Unless you counted the times when her and Derek went out but …this…this was far, far different. The crowd went into another surge of applause. Roaring whistles coming from all parts of the stadium. Damn! She thought in amazement. Did they like her that much? This was all very new to her but year by year she was overcoming the odds with every season and opportunity she took. Ahsha glowed in the bask of the moment managing to pull a modest smile. “Rah rah rah. Who the hell cares”, Jelena muttered under her breath, making sure that Ahsha heard her. But Ahsha could care less. She knew the girl was only acting like this because she was jealous as hell. Jelena was just a hater. Plain and simple.

“Anyway, back to this. The flower gram. This years donations will go to the Aid-in-Africa Foundation. For bruised orphans in need. We’d like to thank all of those who donated for this wealthy cause. The Devil Girls appreciate your giving”, Mason explained, reading off from the script Ahsha had rehearsed with her a few days back. Ahsha was happy to see that she no longer stumbled on her words like she did before. She found herself focused entirely on the beginning part of the Flower-Gram. When Mason started listing off the names starting with the B’s , Ahsha drifted off a little the minute Derek walked onto the front panel. She was trying her best to stay focused but the man looked to damn delicious. His jersey clung to his broad chest in all the right places, exposing his bulging muscular arms. It would be hard to steer her attention back to Mason with him staring straight at her like that.

A smug smile traced across his lips when he fell upon her gaze. She knew he was doing this all on purpose. And if she didn’t look away pretty soon they’d be engaged in some steamy eye sex that God knew when would end. In fact Ahsha was so immersely distracted by his presence that she barely heard when Mason called out her name only until she repeated it suddenly. “And last but not least ladies and gentlemen its time for our captain, Ahsha Hayes. I know yall are looking forward to this, at least I am”, Mason added with a charming smile, her teeth gleaming under the lights. Ahsha turned to her instantly, trying not to draw so much attention that she hadn’t been listening. 

Mason stepped to the front and Ahsha did the same, keeping her hands locked her hips. Her fidgeting/sweaty palms felt more secure and less shaky. She was on the Jumbotron now after all, no time for that silly bullcrap. “But before we start did I mention that our captain brought in the most flower grams this year”, Mason announced with an even brighter smile. Ahsha felt herself grin self consciously. She’d been expecting that after all. What was new. If anything she knew where half the portion of her flowers came from. A certain Devils point guard. As the heavy applause poured in, Ahsha subtly glanced down to the freshly waxed floor trying to stop the blush that was already spreading across her neck. Which was hard considering all the claps she was getting. Devils Nation had a way of making her red that and Derek too.

Holding her hand up to cease the circus, Mason went on. “Thanks to our captain at least 90 orphan children in Africa will be able to receive care packages from Devils Arena”, reading off from a tiny pink card. The applause stirred up. “There were at least 44 different bouquets sent for her throughout the week. But…but…we received a very charitable donation this morning. Specifically a flower cart filled with at least 50 or more bouquets”, Mason explained, her green eyes dancing as she spoke. It was clear she was amused by the thought of someone sending in a flower cart rather than doing it the traditional way. Derek, was the first name that came to mind. He was usually the type to do something like that. Flashy yet sweet.

Ahsha found her heart jolt when Mason requested that the cart be brought out. Oh, Jesus! Ahsha thought anxiously. Her palms started sweating at the sides of her stomach and she felt her arms droop a little. This was a little much and unnecessary but hey what could she do about it now. It was too late! Before she knew it a large cart full of bright lavender and pink tulips was being hauled out by 2 of the Devils players. Now she would’ve assumed it was Derek. No doubt about it but something about the cart felt off. For one thing they were tulips. Derek never gave her tulips he knew her favorites were orchids. While she might accept a carnation here and there but tulips not so much. And on a closer look she noticed that half the tags attached to the cart were written LAMI in bold red letters. That strangely sounded familiar to her. Something about the acronym meant something to her.

But before she could piece things together Mason ended up explaining it for her. “Now these were sent over anonymously by a cellmate at the L.A Mental Institute. Unfortunately there’s no note attached but we were told that this cellmate is very fond of our captain and wanted for her to get these”, almost as if she’d read Ahsha’s mind, Mason threw her a dainty smile. Ahsha’s eyes reeled in realization. She suddenly knew who these were from. German. He was the only person she knew who’d locked himself up into that institute who sent her cards every so often begging for her to reconsider. He just didn’t seem to understand that her life was far better without him in her life. With Derek. As if on instinct her gaze turned to him. They shared a knowing glance. They both knew it had been German. She received fanmail from him at least once a month among other things. He was just hard to throw off. Sort of like some clammy turtle that wouldn’t let go. Though she had the minute he’d locked himself up. German was just a vague memory to her that didn’t trigger much of anything. Unless you counted deranged murderer.

Then you thought right.


Ahsha pushed through the heavy black curtain speeding a little to catch up to Derek. The player had rushed out the minute the game had ended. He seemed a little off mood after that whole flower gram thing. And she couldn’t blame him German Vega had a way of pissing people off in more ways than one. Pushing past a group of girls that had clustered up to take a group selfie, Ahsha found herself standing directly next to Derek. She didn’t know exactly where to begin but…tried anyway. “Nice job tonight. You guys were reigning”, Ahsha started cheerfully, cautiously looping her arm through his. He slowly turned to her. His face stricken sort of like he’d been in deep thought about something.

“Thanks”, was all he said in reply. Ahsha could tell he was in no mood for small talk but continued anyway. “I was really proud of you for that shot. You made us win. Wanna go to the Play…”, she gushed even more, squeezing her arm tighter around his. She was about to suggest that they head over the Playground for drinks but he cut her right off. “Sorry, I’m not really up for it. I have practice early tomorrow and I need to get some rest so if you don’t mind”, he cut off, trying his best not sound too harsh but come off sincere. Ahsha stood back a little. Derek never once rejected an invite to spend time with her. Not even for early practices. He was always up for some time with his girl. This was the first she was hearing of this. Ahsha was about to question him if it had anything to do with German’s flower gram (though she knew it probably did) but he walked off before she could.

Ahsha frowned a little feeling a bit left back. Her arms fell to her sides. She certainly hoped he’d get over his little moodswing by tomorrow. ‘Cause she didn’t have time for that.


Raquel adjusted the glass vase towards the center of the table, making sure not to trip over the wine rack as she did. Their was a glow that loomed all over her face mixed with excitement. What was about to take place here was something that she couldn’t wait to hear about. I mean sure she’d been sworn to secrecy not to mention anything to Ahsha but now that she thought about it. It had been worth it. Because only a few days later her and Kyle would be reliving the tale from the eyes of Ahsha . And that was totally worth it. 

“Bubbly fountain. Check. Chocolate teddy bears. Check. And Ahsha’s favorite cherry cream pie. Check”, Raquel listed off, looking around the table to make sure that everything was there and present. She just couldn’t help the giddiness that welled up inside her. It was just soooo beautiful. And to think something even more beautiful was about to take place. Raquel turned to check the temperature on the wine cooler, making sure that it was at neutral. That way the ice didn’t melt to death. Unaware that someone had walked in Raquel went on aligning the crystal beads at the edge of the table. “Something special happening tonight?” Ahsha’s voice questioned suddenly. Raquel nearly jumped back. She hadn’t been expecting her to come so soon. Ahsha’s large chocolate brown eyes glistened with curiosity. If it weren’t for the fact that Raquel had been sworn to secrecy she might have let it slip what was to take place. 

“Um…yeah. One of the owners is meeting up with one of his mistresses tonight. I have to make it look good or else I’m fired”, Raquel lied nervously, she fiddled with the silver string wrapped around her pinkie. She was a bad liar but for once Ahsha seemed to buy her lie. Walking over to her friend. “So does that mean you can’t stay for drinks”, Ahsha wondered glumly, her expression saddened a little. “Sorry no. I have to get this finished up. And then I have to pick up Miguel from after school. So…”, Raquel replied, hesitating towards the end. Her green eyes fell to the table. The truth was she didn’t have much left to do except for leave and let Derek lead the way. But being her perfectionist self she’d ended staying a little later than intended. She mentally kicked herself for doing so. That should teach her for next time. 

“Oh”, Ahsha mumbled out, her face streaking hurt. That alone made Raquel feel bad. “You know what why don’t you head into the fridge and pour yourself a drink. I’ll have the meeting moved up to the upper floor”, Raquel offered, seeing a way for her to slip out of the scene. She motioned towards the mini fridge that was behind the bar. Ahsha’s broke into a smile. “Really? You’d do that. But what about all this…?” Ahsha asked, her eyes falling to the fancily decorated table. Topped with two steaming plates covered with a silver tray. It looked to her like somebody would be missing out on a quite a dinner. “Yeah sure, besides the upstairs room has a better view of the arena”, Raquel shrugged admittedly. Ahsha smiled gratefully. For once that night, it felt like things were getting better.

She’d felt a little in the dumps after Derek had rejected her Playground invite. Maybe now she could drink her guilt away. Hopefully not too much that she couldn’t drive herself home. Raquel relieved a little when Ahsha headed towards the back of the bar leaving her behind. She swore this was the last time she would agree to help out anybody in their romantic surprises. That was it. She reached for her bag which had been hanging on the counter. Throwing it over her shoulder, she gave Ahsha her pleasantest smile before heading out the Playground. She couldn’t wait to hear the juicy details from this night. Cause there were sure to be tons. Ahsha felt herself sink a little into the stool. She hated being alone. It was one of the things that had sucked from being an only child. Not having anyone to play with or talk to. Loneliness drove her crazy.

Whipping out her phone from her purse, Ahsha began to dial the first 3 digits to Kyle’s number. Only to notice the No signal icon beaming from the corner of her phone. That was weird. She usually found connection in the Playground, she thought confused. She was about to restart her phone when she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She frowned but shrugged it off thinking it was just her imagination. But when she heard two more shuffles from a few feet away, Ahsha squirmed a little. She had the paranoid feeling that either German had escaped the institute or Oscar had gotten out of jail to seek revenge on her. But ending her frantic query was a deep masculine voice abruptly speaking up into the empty room. “I turned the signal off that way I could have you more to myself”, the familiar voice rang.

Derek, the voice registered instantly. She knew his smooth cocky tone anywhere. Turning halfway, she nearly fell back at the sight of Derek. He was sporting a tight black vest over a white long sleeved shirt that captured his tall frame in all the right places. He didn’t bother where a tie as that would only things seem more formal than they really were. But overall he looked hot damn delicious. Ahsha was grateful she hadn’t drank anything as that would be spilling all over the floor from her mouth falling open. She pushed her hand up to close her mouth. Trying to act as normal as possible. Pushing a strand that had fallen from her bun back, Ahsha would never guess how nervous Derek was right then. He had never done anything like this. Never been the one to get down on one knee. But tonight that would that all change. Tonight he was beating all the odds and securing a life with the woman he loved. Just the thought was exciting.

In an effort to break the silence, Derek coughed a little. “So I was just about to have dinner. Want to join me?” he offered, graciously giving her his infamous smile. Would she ever!!! The man looked too good to resist. If this was what he’d had in mind all along, Ahsha was more than grateful for having thrown on her jersey dress at the last minute. It seemed to fit perfectly with this highly luxurious atmosphere. She nearly stumbled forward while trying to hop off the stool. She was too busy staring deeply at Derek. He always knew the best way to surprise her even when she least expected it. Placing a hand on her back, Derek pulled out a chair for her. Ahsha felt herself blush a little at his chivalry. He was too sweet. Once assuring that his lady was properly seated, Derek sat down across from her. 

And with a light finger snap flames shot from the candles. It was like a daze. Ahsha never felt herself more mesmerized than ever. He had her full attention. “Thought you might want something special for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t want you to think I didn’t care”, he explained, his hand brushing into hers. Ahsha grinned. She didn’t care that she probably looked like some over excited teenager. That didn’t matter right now. This did. “You have no idea what this means to me. I just thought you …forgot”, Ahsha expressed, finishing off in hesitation. Her eyes fell to the tablecloth. “Are you kidding not with the flower gram. Not with everything else I had planned”, Derek joked, hinting a little to what was to come next. 

Ahsha tilted her head at him puzzled. Little did she know what he was about to do. Now Derek had originally planned on doing this sometime after dinner, after they’d danced a little but the moment just felt so right. And he chose to go with it. Slowly and suddenly, Derek found himself pushing out of the chair, moving closer to Ahsha’s seat. She looked up at him even more. Trying to guess what this man could possibly be up to. But to her surprise he knelt down before her, his right knee out and with one hand jutting out towards her. Ahsha suddenly figured out what he might be up to. Her insides swirled in excitement. This is what she’d been waiting for. Could it be… would it be…? She inwardly questioned herself. 

“I was going to do this after dinner but…I just couldn’t wait to ask you the question”, he started off sincerely, his fingers tightly clasping around the little black box that was in his palm. Ahsha’s hands shot up from her lap making their way above her mouth. “Will you be mine?” Derek questioned sincerely. Ahsha was about to point out that she already was his though she knew what he meant but Derek obviously wasn’t done. “Will you be the only woman in my life? Will you be the sole and only mother of my children? The only woman to make me laugh, frustrate me, love me. I guess what I’m saying is…”, Derek continued, before pausing to pull out the box. And ever so slowly he opened it up before her. “Will you Ahsha Angela Hayes, marry me?” he finished sincerely, his eyes deeply searching hers. 

He’d expected her to respond rather frantically but the way Ahsha jumped up you would have thought her pants caught fire or something. Her eyes beamed excitement, jolt, and just pure joy. “Ohmigod! Ohmygod! I’ve got to tell my mother. I’ve got to start wedding planning. Of course we have to have the Girls perform at our engagement party. And Kyle and Raquel are going to be bridesmaids. We can even have the ceremony at…”, Ahsha rambled on profusely, walking back and forth as she did so. She was already getting creative juices as the ideas poured to her. Derek already guessed that her response was a yes but he just needed to hear her say it. To be sure that he wasn’t getting ahead of himself.

“But first you’d have to answer my question first. Ahsha will you marry me? Even though I must just drive you crazy”, Derek repeated, adding the last part for good measure. Ahsha laughed, giggling in between. Her smile broadened even more as her eyes fell to the ring. It was awfully familiar. “Is this…the…Viola Vendetta ring I saw in that Elle magazine two months ago that…”, Ahsha stopped, taking a step towards the ring. Her finger traced the outer areas of the ring. Unlike a traditional diamond ring it was shaped like a flower with sprinkles of diamond lining the outer parts. It was beautiful. Made her want to squeal right there. “You’ve wanted for almost 4 weeks now. Yes it is”, Derek replied finishing off her sentence. Taking notice of her intriguing gaze, Derek continued.“I had it shaped into an orchid since I know those are your favorites. Almost took a month for it to get here. But luckily your man got connections and it arrived just in time”, he explained, broadly beaming a bold smile.

He could feel a warm rush heaving in his chest. This must be what most men felt like when they proposed to the woman of their dreams. Complete and whole. Sort of like he’d won the lottery only it had been the one person who understood and loved him. That was all he searched for and Ahsha gave him just that. 100%. “So will you?” Derek repeated for the third time that night. Ahsha stepped back a little, a sly grin tracing her lips. She crossed her arms a little. “I don’t see why not. Its not like you could find anyone else like me”, she joked smugly, her cheeks blooming a little. Derek matched her grin with a smirk. “You’re right no one else can cook like you do”, Derek teased knowingly. Ahsha mocked a look of hurt, pressing her hands to her chest. “If that’s a compliment I’ll take it”, she replied grinning. “You’re welcome Mrs. Roman. I wouldn’t have it any other way”, Derek replied, purposely adding the Roman part. And without another wait, he slowly slipped the ring onto her finger. Smugly eyeing her as he did so. Ahsha stared at in awe, the jewels looked even more gorgeous up close. “You’ve got wonderful taste Mr. Roman”, Ahsha noted boldly taking his hand into hers as he got back up. He smirked. “Oh I know”, he shrugged playfully, pulling her into his arms in a twirl. He placed a small kiss onto her shoulders. Ahsha found herself melting a little at his kiss.

She was grateful he’d rented out the Playground that way they wouldn’t get caught when things took a turn later that night. Because she had the idea they probably would.


Later on that night, Ahsha found herself tightly wrapped in bed with Derek’s arms tightly locked around her waist. She’d been quite busy the minute they’d gotten home from dinner. Not just sexually but she’d called practically her entire contact list excitedly informing them that she was officially engaged. To Derek Roman. Her baby cousin Sandra found it hard to believe but after sending her a snapshot of the ring she had nothing else to say. In fact she was meeting up with her mother, Kyle, and Raquel to start wedding planning. You could never start too early. This was her first wedding (and possibly her one and only) and she wanted to have things perfect. Just perfect. After all she had her dream man. All that was missing was the dream wedding.

Ahsha bit her lip nervously, quickly scribbling down a note for her to make an appointment at Noni Ella’s for tomorrow. She’d of course cancelled rehearsal for  tomorrow as well. She still needed to come up with a routine for her engagement party that was going to be grand. Just grand. But in the meantime the girls could rest up in preparation for the most ambitious routine they’d ever performed. She was sure of it. 

But even though all this pent up energy and excitement in her, she just couldn’t help the nerves inside her from tensing a little. In about a month she would be married and living the true fairy tale but a part of her just felt it was all surreal like she was dreaming and at any moment now she would wake up and realize that it was all a fraud. Nothing more than a fraud. She turned to Derek. Pulling away from his tight clasp. “Derek…”, she whispered in small voice, tapping his shoulders in a effort to wake him up. His eyes popped open, slowly turning to look at her. “Huh…?” he mumbled still half awake.

“Why do you love me?” she asked uncertainly, biting again at the corner of her lip. She knew it was an odd question to ask at such a time but couldn’t help herself. She wanted to know. “What?” Derek repeated confused. I mean sure he/’d heard her loud and clear. But had no idea where this was coming. “I mean why did you choose to marry me. I mean you could have any girl you want. Why me? A plain old regular Jane like me”, she contested innocently, her eyes gazing up at him. She wasn’t expecting no bullshit like “Just because I do”. She was expecting a full explanation as to why he loved her sooo strongly. Derek half smiled before sitting himself up pulling her face to his as he did so. “First, you are not no plain jane. You might try to be one but you’re not. Baby you’re gifted, special. I don’t know how to explain all I know is you’re the only woman who is real with me”, he started off, tightly grabbing at her waist. It didn’t help that she had nothing else on but her lace black bra. No panties just that. So she could practically feel the heat flaring from the two of them. That would be a sure distraction at any moment now.

“I mean you’re sexy, crazy, talented, real, bossy, and for some reason that just fits with me. We just fit. I wish I knew a better way how to explain it but I do. I love you Ahsha. I just do”, he listed off running through all the sides of his girl he’d seen over the years, pouring out his thoughts and feelings through that one sentence. That was how he felt and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it. Ahsha’s grin started poking at her cheeks before spreading widely to her ears. “I love you too Derek”, she whispered back, sliding her fingers through his. She leaned in for a kiss and just like that he had her flipped over in a heartbeat. Ahsha giggled a little. One of the advantages of being engaged was that she wouldn’t get into too much trouble if she ended up pregnant before the wedding. It wasn’t her fault at the least. Derek just…always had her in a knot. He was just hers. Like she was his. 

And she couldn’t be more happier at the realization. 

I thought my mom was open minded to everything, I guess not. She is homophobic, she saw my google background of Zankie and she started saying how inappropriate they were and how I shouldn’t be watching “that” kind of stuff. I mean, I don’t know what she means by “that” because what Zankie have is beautiful and more powerful than some relationships I have ever seen. Am not mad at her because I had my suspicions before, I mean she left the living room when there was a Klaine kissing scene she didn’t say anything until today. 

Here is my background: (I don’t see anything inappropriate about the pictures, all I see are two people in love and happy with each other.) 

Thanks mom for proving my point as to why I don’t share stuff with you anymore. Even my brother was like “what’s wrong with that? They like each other so what? Is no different than you and dad. I don’t see anything wrong” and he is nine years old for goodness sake. Thanks little bro. 

dear freethemaddness

i’m not an artist so i can’t draw you, not that your kind of beauty can be put on paper. but i can write beautiful words and with my beautiful words , i can try to describe you to the world. i can try to tell people how fervently i adore you, how you made me want to live life to the fullest. i’ve said it before and i will say again, you met me at the lowest point of my life and you definitely picked it up. people will start thinking i’m like in love with you but i could care less because i’m soo in best friend love with you. you’re half way across the world but you still make me smile more than the friends i know. we can be assholes to each other but also act like we’re in love and that’s fine by me. i can’t really say anything more just that i am so very happy i know i’ll meet you one day and we’ll take over the world. 

all the love, caitlyn xx

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describe your relationship with vanessa

vanessa and i have been on and off for over a year and a half, and although everybody loves to point fingers and presume that the break ups are because of a lack of love, and other crap, its not. the bottom line is that vanessa and i make each other happy, and i love her more than any other person on this planet. but have a relationship in this industry is difficult, mostly because of the media, but also because of rumors and the fact that i’m surrounded by woman all of the time, and vanessa men. of course we’d never do anything to hurt each other, but sometimes it all gets too much. but apart from the actual relationship vanessa is the most beautiful, kindest, and sweetest person that i’ve ever met. i really do love her to pieces, and im certain that that will never change.

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1,4,7,13,18 randomly chosen!

1. Last kiss: I’ve actually never kissed anyone before sooo… :/
4. Last song you listened to: Indestructible by Disturbed
7. Ever been cheated on: Nope, I’ve never been cheated on because my boyfriend is literally the best guy in the world and we love each other more than anything!
13. How many people have you had sex with this year: none, I’m a virgin
18. Met someone who changed you: of course, every time I meet some one they influence my life some how! It could be the way that I think about something, to saying something they say, to seeing the world from their point of view! I’m changing and growing every day so why stay put in my stubborn ways when I could open up and let people show me how they see the world!

Thank you for sending me the ask anon!


This is a rant and nothing more, feel free to not read. If you continue, remember it was by your own choice.

I have been wondering something for a while, but first now has it been so intensely focused on my mind that I’m unable to sleep, and see no other way to solve this problem, than to share it here, where the least people I know (or anyone at all) follow me. 

In the almost 20 years I’ve lived, I have noticed that the opinions of people depends on each individual person. But for some reason, some people still think that their opinion is the universal truth, and should be shoved down the throats of others. And to be honest, these kinds of people are the ones that bugs me the most. 
Now, you may think I refer to racists or terrorists or the like, but to be honest, it can be just about anyone. I have family members who will proclaim their opinion, starting with “It’s just the sad truth that Muslims are…” or friends who’ll say “Well, it’s common knowledge that Americans…” and I am extremely offended by this, when the common man (which in my opinion, is everyone — I don’t care if you’re the president; doesn’t make you more human than me!) tries to manipulate the world into thinking that there is only one truth. Because in my opinion, there is no universal truth; there are a filter of many. 

I’m not saying that we should agree with all opinions, as example, I think child molesting is wrong; I think abuse of animals, or any being incapable of defending themselves is wrong. 

The point behind this was; I can’t stand when people act towards others, as if they were a lesser human than themselves, simply because this other person doesn’t share your opinion or belief.
I live in Denmark, where we have just experienced one of our first terror attacks ever, and though it’s minor, compared to other countries, it’s frightening. But when I hear in the news that some elderly woman think we should start putting lights in our windows, like we used to do when there was a war raging on, I say no. I’ll save my candles for when there’s thunder outside, thank you very much. I will not treat this random fit of a crazy man, as if he has actually accomplished something. I choose to ignore it.
What I think people don’t realize is that people doing crime - no matter how small - are attention whores, most of the time. So when they make their random cries and laughs and screams “Oh look at me!” I say “Luck them up and go away”. Don’t make a shitload about it in the news, simply pretend it didn’t happen. Otherwise you give these people what they want; Attention. 
You think terrorists would do what they do, if they thought they couldn’t get a message across? If they thought they couldn’t control us in the least through these actions? 

So when people scream terrorism, I say “Oh, you mean grown-ups throwing a tantrum?” Because that’s what I see.

When I hear about people yelling about how “the black people” aren’t given as many roles as “the whites”, I can’t help but shrug and say “So what? Would the movie have turned out better with a lesser skilled actor, simply because she/he had another tone in her/his skin?” I’m not saying racism isn’t happening, because it is, but seriously, we’re in 2015. Isn’t it time that we act like the “bigger species” and accept that we’re all human? There is no “black people” or “white people”, there are simply people.
I’m a writer-in-work, and I never write skin tone on anyone, unless it’s an important factor for the character, because I shouldn’t decide if your romeo is black or white, or “yellow” or “red”. I don’t decide how the people you read about look, even if they’re my creation. And does it even matter what skin tone they’ve got? Would Johnny Depp be hotter if he was black? Or would Will Smith look hella fine like that, if he was white? 

Not even animals treat each other this poorly! They have different colored fur, scales or skin, and I see those fucking around everywhere anyway! Even had a horse who made out with a bull once, didn’t seem to bother them that the one had horns and the other didn’t. 

Do you see a fox biting another fox to death, simply because the other one is gay? I don’t. “Oh, but that’s because animals are only heterosexuals”, some might say, but listen up douche, that’s a lie! 
Have a friend who once had a pair of rats, whom was gay. When one of them died from a butt-cancer like disease, the other died from a heartbreak short after. So don’t tell me animals don’t screw around across genders, because they do! And some of them don’t, that’s alright! Some doesn’t even fuck at all, that’s okay too! And even if they didn’t mess around with each other, aren’t we the ones going around saying “But we’re not animals, we’re humans”? Then what the hell does it matter whether a horse primarily humps another horse of the opposite specie? 

I think it’s ridiculous all this attention we pay to all the bad things that happens in the world. Doesn’t mean we should stop fighting it, but there are other ways than to go out and shout “nearly 50% of all women have been raped!”. Wow, thank you for restoring my faith in the world there pal, instead of simply punching a sucker in the face when someone is /actually/ about to be raped, or teach your kids that if they ever hurt another human, you will fucking cut off their tiny Willy Wonkas and feed it to the sharks, or put a cork in it, if she can’t keep her aids infested hole to herself. I’ve heard about places in America, where the victim is told to yell “fire”, if they’re ever to be attacked on the street, because if they yell “rape”, chances are people flee the other way. How twisted is that? 

Just like it’s ridiculous to hear people complain about other people, who is the opposite of them, simply to feel better about themselves. I’m sick of having to be silent about the fact that I’m proud about being white, because I’m a hella fine looking pale, little cutie! And that’s alright for me to say, just like it’s alright for you to say you’re proud about being black. Good job! I’m proud of you too! Even though I don’t get what we’re both fussing about, we’re both human, so shouldn’t we be proud of that instead?

I’m skinny as hell, and people constantly assume I have anorexia or the likes, because “oooh, she’s thin, she’s one of those model-wanna-be’s.” But the fact is, no, I’m not. I have a hard time gaining weight, just like I imagine bigger people have a hard time loosing it. But I’m not a big person, so I won’t even pretend that I know anything about the struggle, because I don’t. 
And that’s another thing I think we need in the world; the ability to say “I don’t know”. Way too many people I know, who doesn’t know shit about something, are more than eager to play Doctor-know-it-all, simply because they saw 10 seconds of a program about it once. 

These are all my opinions, and I’m entitled to them, just like you’re entitled think I should shut the fuck up, if that’s your opinion. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to enter your backyard and shoot you, simply because we disagree. And I’m not even a fully grown woman yet, and yet I meet surprisingly few grown-ups who can handle the fact that others disagree with them. 
It’s alright to disagree, you know? Even among friends! Me and my bestie disagree on a hella lot of stuff, doesn’t mean she stops being my bestie. Because she is able to show me the other side of things, so I’m able to take multiple angles into consideration. 
Just like when people say “if you don’t like this thing, then we can’t be friends”, where I can’t help but think “You don’t like this shit? BOOH-YAH! More of it for me!”. 

Again, I’m posting this here because I partly hope no one I know will see this, but at the same time, I hope it will make people think, despite only a few will actually see it, since I’ve got a small number of followers (I love you guys, even though I don’t know what you’re doing here, I hardly ever post anything original? <3) but still, I needed to get this out of my system so I could sleep. 

You’re entitled to think I’m an asshole, and I’m entitled to think I’m right. Doesn’t mean we should kill each other or beat each other up because we disagree. 
Hugs to all. Spread love, don’t feed the hate. We’ve got the news for that shit.

PS: BTW; Markiplier just got 6 million subs! Go say congrats and whatevs :D 

You broke my heart and walked away like nothing happened. I’m used to the fact that you’re gone. I’m just indifferent now. I don’t have too many overwhelming feelings anymore, just bits and pieces of old memories that make me wince every now and then because it cuts like glass.It’s almost depressing to think that at one point, we thought that we were inseparable and that nothing could tear us apart. You even said it yourself. Isn’t it funny how the person who claimed us to be inseparable was the same person who tore us apart? Yes, you. The one who made me feel like I’ve never felt before. The one that I loved more than anything. But also the one who left me with nothing. Not even closure, not even the truth. I think that’s what I really need. I’m doing fine, really. I think I’m getting better without you. Sometimes I think maybe we’re not for each other because I was taught that love never gives up. You gave up on me. All the things, thoughts, and emotions I invested on you. You gave that all up. I wanted to be everything you needed but I just wasn’t enough. You replaced me but I’m erasing you and I’m happy. I was taught that love never gives up, but now I’m giving up on you like you have up on me. I guess it means I don’t love you anymore.