because the point is they loved each other more than anything

AsaNoya headcanons/AUs

One time whilst Asahi was going down on Noya, Noya accidentally got his hands stuck in Asahi’s hair and so he had to remove his bun to continue. Every time he did so after that he would remove his bun, and it got to the point where he removed his bun in the middle of a match and Noya had to excuse himself since he had accidentally been conditioned to associate the two.

Sometimes when Asahi is a playfully upset with Noya he purposely makes himself taller so that he can’t get any apology kisses and it winds Noya up more than anything.

Noya realised he had fallen for Asahi after they won a practice match. He had jumped up and Asahi caught him, holding him up to his own height as they laughed about it together and when they finally came down from the thrill of the win, they were left gazing into each others’ eyes. His heart was racing like crazy when he realised how close they were, and at that moment he figured that maybe he loved him.

The team all notice how they look at each other, and whilst Noya is certain they all ‘ship’ them as they do with Koushi and Daichi, for example, Asahi is completely oblivious and doesn’t even realise that that’s what he’s feeling for Noya.

Asahi telling Noya that he loves him for the first time and Noya getting pissed off and bursting into tears, because why would he even say that a week before he leaves to go off to university?

Asahi taking the train back from university every other week so he can spend it with Noya but the terms and conditions are that he picks him up from school so he looks cool in front of the first years being taken home by his university student boyfriend.

The two of them hiding their relationship from their parents for the longest time but Asahi evenutally telling his mother in a nervous flurry that he’s in love and his mother inviting Noya over so the family can get to know him as Asahi’s boyfriend instead of just Asahi’s friend.

Asahi being teased over the fact that he’s looking around 5 or 6 years older than his actual age and Noya flipping absolute hell as he tries to beat those teasing him up. Asahi meanwhile has to call Daichi to come and help them, and after sorting it out Daichi blames Asahi for not holding his boyfriend back as he tried to shred a kid.

AU where Asahi works on a farm and Noya is that kid who takes a shortcut home by running through his field and scaring the sheep. One day Asahi catches him and tries to confront him about it, although he’s painfully nervous about it, and it only gets worse when Noya points out that the stuttering and blushing is cute.

AU where Noya works in Starbucks and is dared to hit on a stranger, and not only does he pull the classic “careful, you’re hot” but also calls out, “Latte for Asahi! Is there a number that comes with that pretty face?” leaving Asahi wanting to be swallowed up by the ground and Tanaka absolutely howling.

AU where they don’t get close during high school and leave without keeping contact but four or five years later Tanaka and Noya go to a night club/bar, and Daichi and Koushi take Asahi to the same club just incidentally following a failed relationship. Asahi’s not really into it so he stays by the bar until he’s absolutely smashed and a ‘stranger’ takes him to dance. Things gradually escalate and they end up ditching their friends and going home together, only to wake up the next morning and recognise each other. Cue Noya purposely embarrassing Asahi, and Asahi quietly suggesting that before they do that again they should probably go for coffee at least once.

Noya having intense night terrors whilst he’s over at Asahi’s house and having to climb into bed with him and cuddle close and Asahi just getting protective and holding him as close as possible as he sings softly into his ear to calm him down

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I hope you feel better Sarah! ❤️️ meanwhile, LUNARRY for the ship meme!

Thank you, lovely ❤️️ YESSSS

  • when I started shipping it if I did: tbh it’s been so long I don’t really remember exactly when I started shipping it, it wasn’t like a sudden realisation or anything, but it was definitely before HBP came out because I remember reading it for the first time and being completely taken aback that Harry was suddenly into Ginny, like wtf where did this come from he should have been with Luna and I was still heavily in denial and thought it might still happen in DH
  • my thoughts: I’m still so sad they weren’t canon I think they would have been so good, I think they really balance each other out - they’re different but their differences complement each other. I think they give each other what they need more than anyone else - Luna just sees Harry for who he is and she constantly gives him hope when he’s at his lowest points, and Harry’s pretty much the only person in the series who gives Luna unconditional acceptance, even when he personally doesn’t understand her he doesn’t mock her or treat her differently. They treat each other with such respect and care and I genuinely don’t understand how even if you don’t ship them you can’t see the potential foundation for a romantic relationship. ALSO I’ve never understood why people think it’s a bad thing or a reason why they wouldn’t work that Harry feels sorry for Luna at the end of OotP? I mean, throughout that book Harry is angst-fest: party of one. And it’s totally understandable after everything he’s been through. But that moment is the one moment when he actually stops to think and care about someone else’s pain. Other problems have to be pointed out to him: Hermione has to explain why Cho’s upset, and Ginny has to remind Harry that she was possessed by Voldemort. But Harry actually takes the time to think about what Luna’s going through and empathise with her. He also remembers that she can see the Thestrals and asks why - he actively takes the time to see if she’s okay. If that doesn’t show that Luna brings something really good out of him then I don’t know what does.
  • What makes me happy about them: That the films took the time to show their friendship and its importance to Harry, and that I can enjoy Dan and Evanna’s chemistry. Also that Tumblr’s introduced me to so many other Lunarry shippers, I am no longer alone in my little tugboat.
  • What makes me sad about them: That they’re not canon :( :( :(
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: When Luna’s eccentricities are portrayed as completely over the top. When Luna’s just ‘pretending’ to be quirky but is actually super secretly sexy and savvy. Also when it’s all about Harry ‘saving’ Luna rather than it being an equal relationship. A minor annoyance is when Luna’s eyes are described as blue rather than grey. 
  • things I look for in fanfic: Harry and Luna as equals, who respect and care about each other. Luna believing in the impossible but not losing touch with reality. 
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Ummm I guess Rolf/Luna could be cute since he’s not in the books you can basically make him whatever, and although I don’t ship it I do understand the appeal of Neville/Luna. I don’t dislike Harry/Ginny, per se, I just don’t think it was very well written and the whole “everyone is legally one big Weasley family” ending irritates me. Personally I’d rather Harry ended up with someone completely different.
  • My happily ever after for them: After Hogwarts they grow closer as friends and write letters while Luna travels the world to study magical creatures and Harry works on rebuilding the country after the war. When she gets back Harry realises that he has feelings for her; he stumbles awkwardly over trying to tell her, but she already knows and just takes his hand and that’s it he doesn’t need to say anything else. They date for a while, and it’s while they’re doing something completely mundane like getting lunch or shopping for new curtains that Harry looks at Luna and thinks he wants to do this for the rest of his life and sort of blurts out, “Will you marry me?”. And Luna doesn’t even look up, just says, “Yes, of course. Now, do you think a flower pattern, or maybe spots?”. I used to headcanon them as having three children - James, Lorcan and Lily, but since Luna’s mother’s name was revealed I got this idea for a fourth child, a little girl called Pandora who’s born a few years after her siblings and is the spoiled baby of the family.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: both at different times; mostly Harry, but when he has nightmares Luna is
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: they cuddle up next to the fireplace in the evenings to read The Evening Prophet together; Harry reads it out to Luna, who interjects to tell him why something’s wrong or what they’ve missed out, and they usually just end up in a heap laughing

let’s just touch base on something real quick: cheedo and the other wives aka her sisters.

throughout the entire film in their scenes she’s always seen as kind of holding onto them as if she’s afraid to be separated from them – which i think is a mindset she has that she might lose these women who are her family so she holds onto them as tight as she can. 

cheedo has a deeply ingrained bond with these women, i feel she might be closest to dag though just because of how many time they’re shown together in the film (i could be wrong but that’s just my personal headcanon is she’s closest with dag). 

she really looks up to each and every one of them because they’re where she wants to be at some point in her life. they all have this inner strength she’s only just found that she does carry and she respects them so much for having finally found it. 

cheedo loves these women more than anything, they are literally her sisters.
and i like to think of furiosa as this psuedo-mother of theirs tbh, but that’s a headcanon for another day.

Letter to the girl who thinks she can comment on my long distance relationship.

OK so I have a list and I am going to number my points because I really think its necessary. 

1) He may be 3000+ miles away but honestly you cannot judge him or me to be “in it for the stuff” and that we will just sleep around when we get bored and no one will know, because I have been more faithful to him than you have been to your boyfriend, 4 times really??

2) We are both from working class families both have part time jobs and both are in school, neither of us got anything handed to us and we are both saving tooth and nail to visit each other so no no one is after the others money.

3) We both bonded over stuff we have in common like diabetes and a love of sports and the hypocrisy of the US dress code system in schools and the extortionate amount of money it costs for health care among several hundred other things that I will not list here because I want to finish this letter before I turn 30. So no its not some randomer. 

4) I know several dozen people in the company he works with casually and if any of the higher ups knew we were dating they would be nothing but happy for us we just don’t want to announce our relationship all over the internet because of people like you who’s opinions we don’t want, and we are both very private people and don’t want our friends asking the creepy “So how does that work?” questions like you did. 

5) Yes the company he works with is the reason he met, I have worked with a few of his colleges at conferences before and his boss, and am friends with his bosses Mom (NO none of them know about us, see point 4), we started talking on some random Facebook post when I was in hospital for a week in fucking agony and none of you assholes even messaged to see if I was OK, and he kept me laughing and feeling a little better that whole time. 

6) Your statistics are rather wrong its more likely for LDR couples to last longer in a relationship and to have happier more fulfilling relationships than not. And when I quoted several friends who were in LDRs saying they were happier with the person that they had started off in a LDR with and were now married to, cohabiting, or engaged to, than they were when they were dating someone who lived less than 30 miles away from them. Why? Because in an LDR you have a kind of give and take you are more forgiving of their little quirks and you get to spend more time loving them when they come to visit, You ask more questions because your trying to get to know them better when your further away rather than closer. 

7) We sure as hell know how to make up for lost time. 

So finally in closing, back the fuck off. Mind your own damn business. If I wanted your opinion I’d have asked for it. No one messes with sugar and insults my best friend in the same breath and gets away with it. Hope you enjoyed the jolt of reality I gave you when you finally stopped interrupting my conversation with a friend. 

On a scale of 1 to 19(since today's my 19th birthday)

I rate my parents(especially my mom right now) a 2 because they were cool enough to allow my girlfriend to spend the weekend at our house, but my mom insists that we sleep in separate rooms and my dad doesn’t have the backbone to argue with her even though he claims he doesn’t give a shit. Tonight, she has taken this to the point of sleeping on the couch to ensure we don’t attempt to sneak into each others arms. UMM HELLO?!?? IT’S NOT LIKE WE CAN GET PREGNANT. Also, we’ve been together for almost 20 months and are both in college, so it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Plus, we are in a ldr, so this is our only time together. hard22love thanks for putting up with all this crazy with me. I love you more than anything❤️

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But what if kaylor really was real at some point. And maybe not completely real but I'm sure at some point in their friendship/relationship there was some sort of sexual tension because of all the media attention and let's be real they were really really close physical friends. And they haven't been seen together in a while now so what if it was real or somewhat real at one point and then they both just simultaneously combusted from everything and now it's awkward and they can't be seen together

I can imagine lots of jokes have been made between them after all the rumors started. Or who knows, maybe Karlie was really freaked out by it because it isn’t something she was used to and that’s why Taylor tweeted the next day.

Either way, I personally don’t think anything has ever been going on between them (as much as I would love it because I ship them). But I just don’t think I see it.

I think they have seen each other a lot more than we think, but make it easier on themselves by not going out too often. 

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❤️. Because, to put it simply, Teresa is the love of his life. She's made him believe in love and that there is more to life than just himself. It makes him feel human, and he owes her everything for that.

Send ♥ if your muse is in love with mine and tell them why.

“it makes him feel human”

ay…. that part hits right in the feels. was there ever a point these two weren’t meant for each other? they’re fucking magnets. made for each other, i swear. like everything in their lives led up to it

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I too like CDs for music and stuff but it's like if ur only gonna watch em once y bother wasting money and space :\ if anything I hope either CBS NBC or AMC picks it up if possible its better than CW and ABC or TNT USA it would be cool for it to get adopted by HBO then u would get more cursing better sex and blood and therefore more viewers and it'd probably turn TVMA xD but I'd love for them if renewed to amp it up MANY notches and not wait a yearly hiatus for each season :\

Because they give you more for getting the DVDs. I don’t want to download something only to have it fucked up. Netflix is getting bad at keeping certain things up, Hulu blocks things after a certain point in time. I would like to have a physical copy that isn’t limited.

Not CBS, they just dropped Stalker (the other Kevin Williamson show that people would now.), CSI (I just found this out, they’ve cancelled it and have a TV movie to roll it up), and Battle Creek. They’ve picked up another spinoff of Criminal Minds. I don’t trust them. NBC wouldn’t want it, too dark for them, possibly. AMC or A&E I wouldn’t mind seeing. Both could, theoretically, hold them up. They like the smaller seasons that Following does as well. Could it be possible to move it from FOX to FX or FXX?

HBO still gives things the boot. Carnivale is a good example. They would have to bring in some big bucks to support the buy. No, no. The yearly hiatus was, I think, more for Kevin to do projects in between seasons. It sucks, but it’s understandable. Now, if they would just, stop, pushing it off!

first month and counting 

Sometimes I ask myself what my biggest fear is. It’s funny how my answer would always be cockroaches haha but at this point of my life, nothing saddens and scares me like the thought of losing someone I really love - sometimes more than myself.

They say that love is a game of give and take and best suited are the ones who understand this. But it’s a different story with you, for it has never been about who loves the other more, for indeed we have always been about loving each other to the best of our abilities and never expecting anything in return. It is in this sense of love and togetherness that we have built a life together and I am forever grateful for everything that we have. For the relationship we’ve built. 

I’m not gonna make this long (we both know we have 2 final exams tomorrow). I’m just simply saying I love you in a kind of different way. Haha. Thank God I took the risk, because it is all worth it. No regrets!! Thank you for being everything I needed, wanted, and hoped for. I love you so much. I hope you know that. :)