because the point is they loved each other more than anything

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Yeah, I'm always going to ship C@ryl, canon or no. I love their relationship, how it's progressed & how they respect each other. I don't ship either w other characters just because. Neither NEED a ship. C doesn't need romance to be loved & appreciated, IMO, & right now, no one is more worthy of her than D. If C@ryl does or doesn't happen, it won't be bc of a random NR interview. NR doesn't say anything insightful or original abt his own character, I'm not expecting it for C@ryl, tbh

Hi anon!! xx

I agree to some extent

Shipping isn’t about onscreen canon, or validation. It’s about sharing the love we all have for the ship.No expectations means no disappointment. People who desperately want to try and prove something by wanting onscreen canon are completely missing the point of what shipping is about in the first place.

Neither character needs romance. They can both stand on their own. Neither needs romance to have happines. Romance is merely a small part of how hapiness may be achieved. 

I agree that Daryl Dixon is the most likely candidate to be paired with Carol for a romantic relationship right now, however, I don’t think she should be limited to just him as a prospective potential partner, though I realise she’ll either get with him, or they’ll keep both single and string the fans along forever more. I also agree that Norman has very little to say about his character. On one hand I would defend him and argue he needs to be interview by better journalists who are prepared to venture beyond the usual     ” So when is Daryl gonna find love, or, what’s your favourite superhero walker kill?!”, but then on the other, I personally have to step back and think “Well, right now, what else is there to ask about this character”. Norman isn’t that insightful because what he says in interviews, and what we see onscreen…………well, there’s a significant difference in my opinion, and I find myself more and more disinterested in the character I once placed in my top 2 with each passing episode.It’s a real shame.

I respect that some people can’t ship anything but Caryl, and that’s totally fine. Personally, I can easily ship Carol with ANYONE. I literally mean anyone because I put her at the top of my priorities and always look for opportunity to ship her with anyone if that would make her happy. I don’t love Caryl any less. I just find having multiple ships for Carol is something which appeals to me personally. I don’t see why she should have to sit around all lonely just because TPTB don’t know whether to piss or get off the pot. I sometimes feel like this constant ship trolling of Caryl is holding her back because they don’t want to make it happen, but they like the attention it gets for the show. it annoys me but I’ve accepted it’s just business for the show and they won’t care about frustrated fans as long as they get the money, attention and media coverage they are looking for.

Regardless of any media comments, I don’t think either Carol or Daryl are in a place for romance right now………absolutely NO. They’ve both got some personal issues to deal with and overcome before they can even THINK about romance. It’s not on their minds, and they aren’t ready. I DON’T want them in a relationship right now because it would be an unhealthy one with regards to the romantic aspect. Leave romance out of it and they’ve got one of the strongest, most unique bonds imaginable, but until they jump over these personal hurdles (identity crisis, emotional issues, history of abuse, lack of self esteem and confidence, being closed off, intimacy issues etc etc) then I don’t think romance is the best thing for them. Perhaps they might deal with that in 6A, and early 6b and perhaps open up to the idea of romance in latter 6b……………..but I set my expectations low. Right now, I don’t think it’s happening, but I love to read both positive and cautious posts. 

Going back to my first comment. Caryl doesn’t NEED to happen for me. If it happens, that’s merely a bonus to my shipping experience. Two months ago I was freaking out and all “omg it’s not happening I’ve wasted all this time and my life is overrr blaaahhh!!”, but now I’m much more relaxed.

This ship is so beautiful, it’s like it’s already winning.It’s easier to just not care about canon and be happy with what we’ve got.

I can’t remember the exact phrasing but Melissa McBride sometimes talks about “not arriving before you get there”, and this is something, in the last few days I’ve come to understand and try to act out. One day we will get our answer for sure. It will either be YES. Or it will be NO. Until then, I think we should all just make the most of what we’ve got .

*Enjoy shipping, enjoy fandom, enjoy fanart, enjoy fanfiction, enjoy tumblr, enjoy posts, enjoy smut if you want, enjoy talking with each other and forming lasting friendships over a ship, just ENJOY IT!*

It’s like I miss you, but I don’t want anything to do with you. And now, it’s to a point where every time we speak, my heart breaks and it aches so much more than usual. I still love you, probably always will, but maybe it’s not meant to be, but maybe it is, because so many times have we tried to let each other go, only to find a way back to one another.
But I’m not exactly sure what to do anymore, so I won’t do anything. It’s like you don’t want us to be together, but you don’t want us to be with anyone else. What will it take for you to be happy? For you to be satisfied? I will never know. We can’t keep hurting each other anymore, because I’m tired and I know you’re tired of us always putting each other through this time after time. Again, I will always love you but I can’t do this anymore. It’s time to let go, permanently this time.

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"I shouldn’t be in love with you!"

Shout at my muse to see how they respond

      When they had begun their conversation concerning her eventual return to her kingdom, Zelda had hardly thought it would escalate so far that they would begin raising their voices at each other. Although the princess had not yet reached the point of yelling, Link certainly had and his words caused her train of thought to come to a sudden, grinding halt, stilling her tongue and leaving her unable to do anything but stare with an expression revealing far more emotion than she was accustomed to allowing: shock, disbelief, sorrow… longing, hope, love.

      “I shouldn’t be in love with you… because you can’t stay here…” His voice dropped back to normal levels, coated with dejection.

      Suddenly, unbidden, tears sprang to her eyes because she knew. She would one day leave and return to her home and she knew what he felt and the words she spoke next never should have left her lips because she knew only heartache could come of it.

      “I… I shouldn’t be in love with you either.” And the tears fell, trailing down pale cheeks as she lifted a hand to her mouth to muffle her sobs.


Giant nerdbaby who deserves a whole lot of better things than she’s getting right now B|

No but really, We’ve known each other for like, eight months at least at this point, and I’m so glad we started talking because like, you’re really really awesome and amazing and adorable and you’re just really gr9. I love talking random things with you on Skype whether or not you hurt me by sending cERTAIN PAINFUL MEMES FOR OUR MUSES but then I try and get you back with the feelings and then it backfires on me with it being NOT pain and more frickfrack for our muses than anything >_> THERE WAS AN ATTEMPT THERE, OKAY. A VERY BIG very faily ATTEMPT.

But no yeah, you’re awesome and ilu and I hope we stay friends for a v v long time okay yes good uwu

Crime and Punishment

Do the crime, do the time. I was raised on this belief, and I value it highly. My parents stood by this principle staunchly, but fairly, even if it inconvenienced them. Our education, our sense of right and wrong and the consequences of each were more important to them than anything they may have planned. And I try to stand by it in raising my own son. But I catch a lot of shit from his mother, and not because she wants to coddle him, but because it inconveniences her, interrupts her plans, her peace. I am a firm believer in diplomacy, of being rational and adult when discussing disagreements, but I have found that with her, anything outside her view of the world is simply wrong, and must be changed to conform to her wishes, or suffer the consequences.

Case in point: The other day, our boy went to the park while I went to pick her up from work. He was supposed to stay there until we returned, and I would swing by the park to let him know to come home for dinner. However, upon returning home, I went to the park and he was not there. A search of the neighborhood did not turn him up. Of course, there was a few moments of concern, but finally he came home within a reasonable time. I asked him where he went, and he stated he was at the park - he lied, and I called him out on it. I was angry that he was not where he was supposed to be, and decided he should be grounded for a week, and no video games, etc. His mother instantly got upset, as this would inconvenience her weekend plans, and my attempts to reason that he needed to understand there were consequences for his actions only angered her more. I was being unreasonable, messing up her plans.

Is that fair? I try to be a good parent, a responsible parent and do the right thing, but I almost always get voted down. And if I try to stand my ground, even with calm and reason, it erupts like a chilean volcano. Is it any wonder I sometimes look forward to the impending split? I am reduced to just trying to keep the peace, keep things reasonably sane for the sake of our son until the time comes we can part ways and move on….

Death do us apart
Short book story written by Robert Silverberg which describes us the life of a marriage, Marilisa and Leo, with just one problem, he is immortal while she is just one of us he enjoys eternal life, he is a hundred or more years older than her, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other.
While their points of view in live differ because of ages, they can overcome that obstacle with love, but is it true that love can do anything?
Personally I think that there are several factors that can affect who you love or who you are.
Leo is like the perfect man every girl wants, why? Simple, he is the personification of a caring, lovely and perfect husband.
While she has more revolutionary ideas, such as marriage, kids and her career.

He reached out to me because I loved one of his photos. We chatted for quite a while and became friends. Then we met up, had more good conversations. We clicked to the point we even sound like an old married couple when we’re at events together even though we’ve only known each other for a couple of months. We cuddled platonically, and even slept (without sex) together a few times. It’s comfortable. We’ve had sex once just the other night.

His life got turned upside down recently. He feels lost, so he doesn’t want to be anything more than friends. I’m good with this, even though our chemistry’s such that it would probably be great as more. I’ll just be there for him during his rough time, like a good friend should be, without expectations.

Because of his upheaval, he runs hot and cold. One minute he’s happy and we’re laughing, the next he’s over thinking his life and depressive. If I try to console him because I’ve been where he’s been, he gets condescending and dismissive with a side helping of defensiveness. Add into the mix a dash of Asperger-like social skills and misanthropy, and well yeah…he confuses the hell out of me.

—  42, Female